# Saciol: About

Project description

Saciol (http://www.saciol.com) is an encyclopedic social network that differenciates from traditional encyclopedias in many aspects:

  • It is fully multimedia and open, accepting photos, videos, and in a short term: newspaper articles and personal works;
  • Any information added to saciol is classified and structured;
  • It aims to provide an easier and quicker access to information, while enriching the information delivered to the user;
  • It handles fast checking means, contributions evaluation means, that dramatically reduce vandalism and factual errors;

This is achieved thanks to a new technology that automatically agreggates, structures, cross-connects and organizes information (we call it Active Data) and to a specific, twitter-like syntax to handle user contributions (our standards of writing).

We believe that organizing every element of knowledge in a structured way will result in increasing the sum of all knowledge available in the world.
We also think an encyclopedia of this kind should be opened to any sort of contributions. That's why we made Saciol fully multimedia, including text, photos, videos, blog posts and other documents.

Inspired by Wikipedia, Saciol needs the collaborative contributions of users to enrich its content, but does it in a way which allows easy contributions with pre-formatted editing facilities for text, photos, videos and sounds.

Project development

Saciol has been developing his Active Data Technology since November 2011 and has started feeding in saciol.com since March 2012. In May 2012, the project received a first round of funding from a business angel. As of December 2012, the Active Knowldge Data base includes more than 3 million entries, and is growing every day thanks to Saciol contributors and to its automatic robots.

Saciol is owned and operated by Saciol SARL, a company based in France.


Saciol uses a copyleft license for all text published on the Web site. Copyleft means that every single author, editor, illustrator, mapmaker, factchecker and photographer who puts their work into Saciol gives you the right to read, copy, print, save, download, read aloud, project, modify, email, distribute, sell, photocopy and correct their work however you want to. The only restrictions are that if you distribute it, you must give attribution to the creators, and if you derive new work from it, you must give the same rights to users of that work. Anyone can use Saciol text content according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Images and videos are available under various licenses. Anyone can contribute their own or other people's text, images and videos as long as the work is their own or available under a compatible license.

How can I join the project ?

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