# Saciol: How to contribute

Get started

First, choose a person you're interested in. Then start reviewing his profile, check out the timeline and have a look on photos and videos pages. If you want to correct or add information, click on a add button, and start editing.

Start by quick contributions! Active Datas are limited to 600 characters and much of them need to be reviewed and corrected, as they were automatically produced from Wikipedia material. Use short sentences. Add dates and connections. Start experimenting.

The more you contribute, the more you will earn points that will give you access to additional contribution features.

Understanding Active Datas

An Active Data is the smallest element of knowledge we use to produce knowledge information. Each Active Data is necessarily attached to one person and dated.
It can also be localised and incorporate connections.

Here is an example of an Active Data attached to French painter Paul Signac:

In March 1889, Signac visited +Vincent_van_Gogh in @Arles (FR).

» This Active Data will locate Paul Signac in Arles (France) on March 1889, and connect him with Van Gogh

» This Active Data will automatically be re-used by our algorithms in 5 different pages. See Paul Signac, Vincent van Gogh, Arles, France, and 1889.

How to add or edit Active Datas

There are a few rules to know while editing or adding Active Datas. The main one is that, if not dated, a contribution will be rejected. You will also have to know a little bit of Saciol specific syntax to increase the effiency of your contribution.

Please use these formats for names, dates and locations:

+Vincent_van_Gogh or +Van_Gogh (Vincent_van_Gogh)

2011 or March 2011 or 11 March 2011 or 11 March 2011 at 05:46 UTC

@Palo_Alto (USCA) or @Paris (France)

Please note that text into brackets is hidden for publishing. Brackets are only to be used to add structural elements not to be displayed to the reader.

How to add or edit images

To add an image to a profile, just click on any add button, choose Add image in the contribution menu and upload your file. State the type of media you are uploading, specify the license attached to your file and write an Active Data to depict it.

Examples matching our standards of writing (respectively for paintings and photos)

#The_Mona_Lisa (1503, oil on poplar wood)

+Barack_Obama in @New_York (USNY), May 2012

You can edit the Active Data attached to an image by clicking on its add button.

How to add or edit videos

Saciol only accepts YouTube videos for the time being. Click on any add button, choose Add video in the contribution menu and paste your video URL.
An automated check will be done to verify if the uploaded video relates to the profile being editing, then you'll be able to attach an Active Data to this video