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Global telecommunications equipment company, headquartered in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, France add

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Founded in 1996.

Countries: France (26%), United States (24%), (22%)

Main connections: Nokia, Rudi Thomaes, Nortel

Linked to: Gateway, Inc., ITT Corporation, Motive, Inc., S.A.




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AT&T spun off Lucent Technologies in April 1996 with an initial public offering add something


In 1998 Alcatel Alsthom shifted its focus to the telecommunications industry, spinning off its Alsthom activities and changing the company's name to Alcatel add something


Nexans - Nexans was founded in 2000 as a business unit of the telecommunications firm Alcatel after its acquisition of a number of companies in the cable sector


Microsoft voluntarily joined the lawsuit in April 2003, and Alcatel was added after it acquired Lucent add something


Taliya - Using software and hardware technologies produced by Siemens, Alcatel and Ericsson as well as a consultant namely Tele2, Taliya started its activity in February 2004 as the first pre-paid cell phones independent network


In April 2004, TCL Corporation and Alcatel announced the creation of a mobile phone manufacturing joint venture: Alcatel Mobile Phones add something


Aruba Networks - In 2005, it entered into an agreement to provide OEM equipment to Alcatel-Lucent


Alcatel-Lucent acquired Nortel's UMTS radio access business at the end of 2006 add something


In 2006 Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith were awarded the National Academy of Engineering prize, for work on charge-coupled devices which transform patterns of light into useful digital information add something


Patrice Caine - Thales has major involvement in the UK rail industry as a result of the Racal merger and the 2006 acquisition of Alcatel's Rail Signalling Solutions division and transport business


Serge Tchuruk - He was the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of Alcatel until the end of November 2006 and was the chairman of Alcatel-Lucent until his resignation in October 2008


Facing intense competition in the telecommunications industry, Alcatel and Lucent Technologies merged on November 30, 2006 add something


Alcatel-Lucent was formed when Alcatel merged with Lucent Technologies on December 1, 2006 add something


Alcatel-Lucent needed funding for the Franco-American business, which made annual losses from 2007 to 2011 add something


During 2007 the company acquired Canadian metro WDM networking supplier Tropic Networks, Inc.; enterprise services gateway products developer NetDevices; IPTV software company Tamblin; and the telecommunications consulting practice Thompson Advisory Group, Inc. Alcatel-Lucent acquired Motive, Inc., a provider of service management software for broadband and mobile data services in 2008 add something


E-Plus - In March 2007 E-Plus outsourced deployment, management and maintenance of its network to Alcatel-Lucent and thereby transferred 750 employees to the latter company


Camus joined the company in the third quarter of 2008, alongside Ben Verwaayen as CEO, after Alcatel-Lucent's first CEO Patricia Russo and first Chairman Serge Tchuruk resigned add something


Ben Verwaayen - He was Chief Executive Officer of telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent from 2008 to 2013


In 2009 they received a Nobel Prize for their invention add something


Passport Carrier Release - After the sale in 2009 of most Nortel's assets, the passport SW is still used in several products of Alcatel-Lucent, &Ericsson and Kapsch


In May 2009 Alcatel-Lucent's stake in Thales was acquired by Dassault Aviation add something


Reflections Projections - Sponsors for the 2010 conference included Alcatel-Lucent, Andreesen Horowitz, Bazaarvoice, Cerner, Chopper Trading, Country Financial, Facebook, Factset Research, General Electric, Palm, IGT, Infosys, Intel, Interactive Intelligence, Lockheed Martin, Medtronic, Microsoft, Orbitz, Palantir Technologies, Riverbed Technology, Salesforce, Selerity, VMware, ViaSat, WMS Gaming, Wolverine Trading and Yelp


Alcatel-Lucent has its head office in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, France since June 2010 add something


Alcatel-Lucent announced the acquisition of OpenPlug on September 1, 2010 add something


OpenPlug - Alcatel-Lucent announced it had acquired OpenPlug on September 1, 2010


In 2011 it was added to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index add something


Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories - In 2012, the ownership of Genesys transferred from Alcatel-Lucent to a company controlled by the Permira Funds with participation from Technology Crossover Ventures


Bharti Airtel - On 31 May 2012, Bharti Airtel awarded the three-year contract to Alcatel-Lucent for setting up an Internet Protocol access network across the country


In May 2013, Newegg and Overstock won a victory in United States circuit court in which an Alcatel-Lucent shopping cart patent was invalidated add something


The third part of the case, involving several user interface-related patents, is scheduled to begin on 21 May 2013 add something


Michel Combes - On 19 June 2013, Combes announced plans to focus Alcatel-Lucent's operations on networking products and high-speed broadband in order to cut costs by billion euros by 2015


In 2014 the presence is only in Vimercate , Trieste, Rome add something


On October 1, 2014, Alcatel-Lucent announced that it had closed the sale of its subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to China Huaxin Post & Telecommunication Economy Development Center add something


In April 2015, Alcatel Lucent announced their merger with Finland-based Nokia in a 15,6 billion euro deal add something


Nokia - On 14 April 2015, Nokia confirmed that it was in talks with the French telecommunications equipment company Alcatel-Lucent regarding a potential merger


Regulatory approval was obtained in October 2015 add something


Nokia - In November 2015, Nokia announced it expects to complete its transaction to acquire a majority share in Alcatel-Lucent in early 2016


The acquisition is expected to be completed in early 2016, and is subject to regulatory and shareholder approval add something


Shareholder approval will be announced in early January 2016 add something


Shareholder approval was announced on January 4, 2016 add something


Nokia - As of January 7, 2016 Nokia holds about 80 percent of the Alcatel-Lucent shares


On November 3, 2016 & Nokia completed the acquisition of the company and it was merged into their Nokia Networks division add something