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Angus Robertson

Scottish National Party Member of Parliament for Moray add

Category: Politics

Born in 1969.

Countries: United Kingdom (44%), Scotland (33%), (22%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Scottish Parliament, Member of parliament, Alex Salmond

Linked to: Scottish National Party, University of Aberdeen, House of Commons of the United Kingdom, Scottish Parliament




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Angus Robertson was born in 1969 add something


Before his election in June 2001 he was the European and International Affairs Adviser to the SNP Group in the Scottish Parliament add something


Robertson was the Election Co-ordinator for the Scottish National party's successful 2007 and 2011 Scottish Parliament election campaigns add something


In May 2007, he became SNP Leader in the House of Commons, following Alex Salmond's election as First Minister of Scotland add something


Following the 2015 general election and the election of Salmond as MP for Gordon, it was confirmed that he would continue is his role as leader in the Commons add something


In September 2015 he was appointed to the Privy Council and as a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament add something


In August 2016 he was given the Grand Decoration of Honour in Gold for Services to the Austrian Republic add something


On 13 October 2016, he was elected Deputy Leader of the SNP, replacing Stewart Hosie add something


In 2017 he sought re-election as the MP for Moray and lost to Scottish Conservative candidate Douglas Ross add something


He resigned his position as SNP deputy leader in February 2018 add something