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Fictional character, a comic book superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics add

Category: Literature (150)

Launched in 1950.

Countries: United States (75%), United Kingdom (9%), (7%)

Main connections: Superman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises

Linked to: Batman Incorporated, Fox Broadcasting Company, Hanna-Barbera, HarperCollins




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Batman is not significantly changed by the late 1950s for the continuity which would be later referred to as Earth-One add something


Batman was one of the few superhero characters to be continuously published as interest in the genre waned during the 1950s add something


In the late 1950s, Batman stories gradually became more science fiction-oriented, an attempt at mimicking the success of other DC characters that had dabbled in the genre add something


The space aliens and characters of the 1950s such as Batwoman, Ace, and Bat-Mite were retired add something


Wertham's criticisms raised a public outcry during the 1950s, eventually leading to the establishment of the Comics Code Authority add something


Sheldon Moldoff - In 1953, Moldoff became one of the primary Batman ghost artists who, along with Win Mortimer and Dick Sprang, drew stories credited to Bob Kane, following Kane's style and under Kane's supervision


Batman comics were among those criticized when the comic book industry came under scrutiny with the publication of psychologist Fredric Wertham's book "Seduction of the Innocent" in 1954 add something


Batman meets and regularly works with other heroes during the Silver Age, most notably Superman, whom he began regularly working alongside in a series of team-ups in "World's Finest Comics", starting in 1954 and continuing through the series' cancellation in 1986 add something


Homosexual interpretations have been part of the academic study of Batman since psychologist Fredric Wertham asserted in his "Seduction of the Innocent" in 1954 that "Batman stories are psychologically homosexual add something


Rinehart and Company, Inc., 1954. pg add something


The Silver Age of Comic Books in DC Comics is sometimes held to have begun in 1956 when the publisher introduced Barry Allen as a new, updated version of The Flash add something


Robert Lowery (actor) - In 1956, he guest starred in "The Deadly Rock," an episode of "The Adventures of Superman" which was the first time a Batman actor shared screen time with a Superman actor, although Lowery and Reeves had appeared together in their pre-superhero days in a WWII anti-VD propaganda film, "Sex Hygiene


Joe Giella - When the era historians call the Silver Age of comic books began with the resurgence of superheroes starting in 1956, Giella began inking science-fiction stories, including the feature "Adam Strange" in "Strange Adventures", and Batman stories pencilled by the likes of Sheldon Moldoff , and Carmine Infantino


Mr. Freeze - From the time of his first appearance in 1959 onwards, Mr. Freeze was portrayed as one of many "joke" villains cast as stock enemies of Batman


After the introduction of DC Comics' multiverse in the 1960s, DC established that stories from the Golden Age star the Earth-Two Batman, a character from a parallel world add something


In his memoir, "Back to the Batcave", West notes his dislike for the term 'camp' as it was applied to the 1960s series, opining that the show was instead a farce or lampoon, and a deliberate one, at that add something


The 1960s television series Batman has an arsenal that includes such "bat-" names as the bat-computer, bat-scanner, bat-radar, bat-cuffs, bat-pontoons, bat-drinking water dispenser, bat-camera with polarized bat-filter, bat-shark repellent bat-spray, and bat-rope add something


The late 1960s "Batman" television series used a camp aesthetic which continued to be associated with the character for years after the show ended add something


Bob Kane - As Kane's comic-book work tapered off in the 1960s, he parlayed his Batman status into minor celebrity


Jeffrey Hayden - Hayden directed dozens of TV series, from early 1960s ones such as "Burke's Law", "Batman" and "The Andy Griffith Show" to popular shows decades later such as "Knight Rider", "Magnum, P.I." and "In the Heat of the Night"


Joe Flynn (US actor) - He was a frequent guest star on 1960s TV shows, such as "Batman", and appeared in several Walt Disney film comedies


Will Murray (writer) - His essays have appeared in books ranging from S. T. Joshi's compedium on H. P. Lovecraft, "An Epicure in the Terrible," to Jim Beard's survey of the 1960s "Batman" TV show, "Gotham City 14 Miles


Dick Sprang - Sprang's work was first reprinted in 1961, and "nearly all subsequent Batman collections have contained at least one of his efforts


Bruce Thomas (actor) - "'Bruce Thomas"' is an American actor known for portraying the character of Batman in a series of commercials for General Motors' OnStar service that aired from 2000 to 2002


A yellow ellipse around the bat logo on the character's chest was added in 1964, and became the hero's trademark symbol, akin to the red and yellow "S" symbol of Superman add something


By 1964, sales on Batman titles had fallen drastically add something


In the 1964 publication of Donald Barthelme's collection of short stories "Come Back, Dr. Caligari", Barthelme wrote "The Joker's Greatest Triumph add something


Carmine Infantino - In 1964, Schwartz was made responsible for reviving the faded Batman titles


Ben Cooper, Inc. - The company licensed the Batman character in 1964


The debut of the "Batman" television series in 1966 had a profound influence on the character add something


Riddler - A 1966 album by The Marketts titled "The Batman Theme" featured a Dick Glasser instrumental song titled "The Riddler"


Neal Adams - The duo, under the direction of editor Julius Schwartz, would revitalize the character with a series of noteworthy stories reestablishing Batman's dark, brooding nature and taking the books away from the campy look and feel of the 1966-68 ABC TV series


The "Batman" television series, starring Adam West, premiered in January 1966 on the ABC television network add something


The Kinks performed the theme song from the Batman series on their 1967 album Live at Kelvin Hall add something


Although both the comics and TV show were successful for a time, the camp approach eventually wore thin and the show was canceled in 1968 add something


The series ran for 120 episodes, ending in 1968 add something


In 1969, Dick Grayson attends college as part of DC Comics' effort to revise the Batman comics add something


Starting in 1969, writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Neal Adams made a deliberate effort to distance Batman from the campy portrayal of the 1960s TV series and to return the character to his roots as a "grim avenger of the night add something


Few stories were true collaborations between O'Neil, Adams, Schwartz, and inker Dick Giordano, and in actuality these men were mixed and matched with various other creators during the 1970s; nevertheless the influence of their work was "tremendous add something


In the 1970s and 1980s, "Brave and the Bold" became a Batman title, in which Batman teams up with a different DC Universe superhero each month add something


In the 1970s he finally grew up, went off to college and became the hero Nightwing add something


In the late 1970s, when Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster began receiving a "created by" credit on the Superman titles, along with William Moulton Marston being given the byline for creating Wonder Woman, Batman stories began saying "Created by Bob Kane" in addition to the other credits add something


Regardless, circulation continued to drop through the 1970s and 1980s, hitting an all-time low in 1985 add something


Bill Finger - Comics historian Jim Steranko wrote in 1970 that Finger's slowness as a writer led Batman editor Whitney Ellsworth to suggest Kane replace him, a claim reflected in Joe Desris' description of Finger as "notoriously tardy


Frank Miller (comics) - Miller created a tough, gritty portrayal of Batman, who was often referred to as the "Darknight Detective" in 1970s portrayals


Ramona Fradon - In 1972, she returned to DC, with assignments drawing "Superman", "Batman", and "Plastic Man"


From 1973 until 1986, Batman had a starring role in ABC's "Super Friends" series, which was animated by Hanna-Barbera add something


At the time of Finger's death in 1974, DC had not officially credited Finger as Batman co-creator add something


Olan Soule was the voice of Batman in all these series, but was eventually replaced during "Super Friends" by Adam West, who voiced the character in Filmation's 1977 series "The New Adventures of Batman" add something


A second Robin, Jason Todd, appeared in the 1980s add something


Carrie Kelly, the first female Robin to appear in Batman stories, was the last Robin in in-universe chronology, joining up with a retiring Batman in Frank Miller's "Dark Knight" series in the middle 1980s add something


In 1980 then-editor Paul Levitz commissioned the "Untold Legend of the Batman" limited series to thoroughly chronicle Batman's origin and history add something


In the 1980s, Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing add something


Jim Aparo - He drew "The Untold Legend of the Batman", the first Batman miniseries in 1980, inking John Byrne's pencils in the first issue and providing full art for the second and third issues


James Gordon (comics) - Likewise, in the 1980s "Detective Comics" storyline "Blind Justice", the world at large incorrectly supposes $ Batman is dead and Gordon comments to Bruce Wayne that Batman has earned the right to retirement if he so desires


University of California, Berkeley - The Naked Guy and Larry the Drummer, who performed Batman tunes, appeared in the late 1980s and early 1990s


University of California at Berkeley - The Naked Guy and Larry the Drummer, who performed Batman tunes, appeared in the late 1980s and early 1990s


In the final issue of "Brave and the Bold" in 1983, Batman quits the Justice League and forms a new group called the Outsiders add something


Jim Aparo - When "The Brave and the Bold" was cancelled in 1983, it was replaced with a series called "Batman and the Outsiders", a superhero team led by Batman


The team-up of the characters was "a financial success in an era when those were few and far between"; this series of stories ran until the book's cancellation in 1986 add something


Poison Ivy (comics) - Later on in the 1986 series of the Batman comics, she wore only a few vines to cover up a small amount of her breasts


Additionally, Batman is no longer a founding member of the Justice League of America, although he becomes leader for a short time of a new incarnation of the team launched in 1987 add something


Gerard Jones - From 1987 to 2001, Jones wrote comic books for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Viz Media, Malibu Comics and other publishers, including such series as "Green Lantern", "Justice League", "Prime", "Ultraforce", "El Diablo", "Wonder Man", "Martian Manhunter", "Elongated Man", "The Shadow", "Pokémon", "Batman" and, with Jacobs, "The Trouble with Girls"


The Batman comics garnered major attention in 1988 when DC Comics created a 900 number for readers to call to vote on whether Jason Todd, the second Robin, lived or died add something


Earlier drafts of the 1989 Batman movie with Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight were based heavily on their work add something


In 1989, Batman returned to movie theaters in director Tim Burton's "Batman", starring Michael Keaton as the title character add something


In 1989, the first issue of "Legends of the Dark Knight", the first new solo Batman title in nearly fifty years, sold close to a million copies add something


The character's presence has extended beyond his comic book origins; events such as the release of the 1989 "Batman" film and its accompanying merchandising "brought the Batman to the forefront of public consciousness add something


The third Robin in in-universe chronology, Tim Drake, first appeared in 1989 add something


To help fill in the revised backstory for Batman following "Crisis", DC launched a new Batman title called "Legends of the Dark Knight" in 1989 and has published various miniseries and one-shot stories since that largely take place during the "Year One" period add something


Pat Hingle - Along with Michael Gough, who played Alfred Pennyworth, he was one of only two actors to appear in the four "Batman" films from 1989-1997


Kim Basinger - Basinger played Vicki Vale in the 1989 blockbuster Batman, directed by Tim Burton.


Batman Returns - Burton originally did not want to direct another Batman film because of his mixed emotions toward the previous film in 1989


Harley Quinn - This change was made in order to keep some on-screen continuity with the 1989 film in which the Joker was killed by Batman, and rumors circulated that Jack Nicholson might reprise his role in a nightmare sequence caused by the Scarecrow's fear toxin


Many of the major Batman storylines since the 1990s have been inter-title crossovers that run for a number of issues add something


Scholars William Uricchio and Roberta E. Pearson noted in the early 1990s, "Unlike some fictional characters, the Batman has no primary urtext set in a specific period, but has rather existed in a plethora of equally valid texts constantly appearing over more than five decades add something


Writers Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, and Alan Grant worked on the Batman titles during "Knightfall," and would contribute to other Batman crossovers throughout the 1990s add something


Jim Aparo - Aparo continued to draw Batman stories in "Detective" and "Batman" until the early 1990s


Paul Gulacy - During the 1990s, Gulacy worked primarily on Batman and such science-fiction movie properties as "Terminator", "Predator", and "Star Wars", and co-created the Valiant Comics crime series "Grackle"


Jim Aparo - His published work in the late 1990s and early 2000s include a Batman Annual , a G.C.P.D. miniseries, a Speed Force Special , an issue of a Deadman miniseries that revisited his "Death in the Family" story, and a single page of "Legends of the Green Flame" written by Neil Gaiman in which he had a final opportunity to draw the Phantom Stranger for publication


Carmine Infantino - In 1990, he followed Marshall Rogers as artist of the Batman newspaper comic strip and drew the strip until its cancellation the following year


Mike Collins (comics) - Through the 1990s, he worked primarily for DC Comics on their key titles - "Batman", "Superman", "Flash", "Teen Titans", "Wonder Woman" and the "Justice League"


Jim Aparo - In 1992, Aparo returned to do pencils, inks, and lettering for his Batman stories, but was soon returned to contributing only pencil art


Robert Urich - In 1992, Urich hosted the CBS TV special "The Bat, the Cat, and the Penguin", which was a behind-the-scenes look of the upcoming motion picture "Batman Returns"


Tim Burton - Released in 1992, Batman Returns grossed $282.8 million worldwide, making it another financial success, though not to the extent of its predecessor.


Batman Returns - "' Batman Returns"' is a 1992 American superhero film, directed and produced by Tim Burton, based upon the Batman character appearing in comics published by DC Comics


He served briefly while Wayne recovered from spinal injuries caused by Bane in the 1993 "Knightfall" storyline add something


In 1993, DC published both "The Death of Superman" storyline and "Knightfall" add something


The 1993 "Knightfall" story arc introduced a new villain, Bane, who critically injures Bruce Wayne add something


The 1994 company-wide crossover "Zero Hour" changes aspects of DC continuity again, including those of Batman add something


Joe Chill - After 1994's "Zero Hour" storyline, DC Comics stated that Batman did not catch or confront the man who murdered his parents after having seen in an alternate timeline that Chill hadn't done it after all


Dick Sprang - In 1995 and 1996, he produced two limited-edition lithographs depicting the Batcave and the Batman cast of characters


Jim Carrey - In 1995, Carrey starred in the Joel Schumacher-directed superhero film "Batman Forever", in which Batman tries to stop Two-Face and the Riddler in their villainous scheme to drain information from all the brains in Gotham City


Batman Forever - "' $ Batman Forever"' is a 1995 American superhero film directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Tim Burton, based on the DC Comics character Batman


Batman once again becomes a member of the Justice League during Grant Morrison's 1996 relaunch of the series, titled "JLA" add something


Batman Begins - After a series of unsuccessful projects to resurrect Batman on screen following the critical failure and box office disappointment of "Batman & Robin" , Nolan and David S. Goyer began to work on the film in early 2003 and aimed for a darker and more realistic tone, with humanity and realism being the basis of the film


Sal Buscema - From 1997 to 1999, Buscema did a small amount of work for rival DC Comics, including penciling Batman, Superman, and Superboy stories, and inking Creeper, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and other characters' stories


Batman Begins - It strays away from the lighter fare of Joel Schumacher's 1997 Batman film, "Batman & Robin", which contained camp one-liners throughout


Bob Kane - Kane died on November 3, 1998, from natural causes, leaving behind his wife, Elizabeth Sanders , an actress who appeared in three Batman films; and daughter Deborah Majeski


Deprived of many of his technological resources, Batman fights to reclaim the city from legions of gangs during 1999's "No Man's Land" add something


Dick Grayson - This was Robin's first appearance in his original costume since the end of "The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians", aside from "The New Batman Adventures" 1999 episode, "Legends of the Dark Knight"


Harley Quinn - "The New Batman Adventures" series adapted "Mad Love" as the episode of the same name in 1999, making it the second "animated style" comic book adapted for the series


Arthur Adams (comics) - Throughout the 2000s, Adams provided cover images for various DC Comics, such as "Superman", "Batman" and "


Brooke Burns - In 2001, she appeared as Vicki Vale in one of several "Batman" commercials for OnStar, opposite Bruce Thomas's Batman, reprising the role made famous by Kim Basinger in the 1989 Tim Burton-directed "Batman" film


Ed Brubaker - He would continue to work on various series starring the Batman character until late 2003


Brian Azzarello - In 2003, upon being assigned to write both the "Batman" and "Superman" titles, Azzarello told the "Chicago Tribune", "DC is giving me the keys to both cars in the garage, the Mazerati and the Ferrari


Christopher Nolan - In early 2003, Nolan approached Warner Bros. with the idea to make a new Batman film


Riddler - It is a theme further explored in the 2003 " $ Batman Adventures" story "Free Man," where Riddler, officially ruled a free man, sells communication technology he developed to an electronics firm only to be pursued by shadow assassins; he turns to Batman for help, only to break down when their trap succeeds and Riddler is seized by an overpowering sense of survivor guilt


Batman Begins - Bale was cast on September 11, 2003, having expressed interest in playing Batman since Darren Aronofsky was planning his own film adaptation


In 2004, a new animated series titled "The Batman" made its debut with Rino Romano as the title character add something


Catwoman - Catwoman was adapted along with a number of other Batman related characters for the 2004 animated series "The Batman"


Dick Grayson - Grayson is depicted as the principal character in the 2004 fan film "Grayson", a trailer for a fictional film in which Grayson investigates the apparent death of Batman


Catwoman - Halle Berry starred in a stand-alone Catwoman film, 2004's "Catwoman", which was a box-office flop, and bears little to no resemblance to the Batman character


Jim Aparo - His final work for DC during his life was the cover of the trade paperback "Batman in the Eighties", published in 2004


Christian Bale - In 2004, after completing filming for "The Machinist", Bale won the coveted role of Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins", a reboot of the Batman film series


Another happened in the summer of 2005, when painter Mark Chamberlain displayed a number of watercolors depicting both Batman and Robin in suggestive and sexually explicit poses add something


In 2005, DC launched "All-Star Batman and Robin", a stand-alone comic series set outside the existing DC Universe add something


In 2005, "Batman Begins" was released to theaters as a reboot of the film series; directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as Batman add something


In 2005, writers resurrected the Jason Todd character and have pitted him against his former mentor as the murderous vigilante the Red Hood add something


The "Batman" movie franchise was rebooted with director and co-writer Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" in 2005, "The Dark Knight" in 2008 and "The Dark Knight Rises" in 2012 add something


Batman Returns - Danny Elfman, "Inside the Elfman Studios: The Music of Batman Returns", 2005, Warner Home Video Elfman's work schedule was 12 hours a day, 7 days a week


Tim Booth - He began taking acting lessons during this time, and appeared in a small role as Victor Zsasz in the 2005 film "Batman Begins", having previously starred in a production at Bolton's Octagon Theatre


Seth Fisher - In 2005, Fisher pencilled the five-issue "Snow" story arc of the Batman series "Legends of the Dark Knight", written by Dan Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams III


Frank Miller (comics) - Miller returned to writing "Batman" in 2005, taking on the writing duties of "All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder", a series set inside of what Miller describes as the "Dark Knight Universe


Batman Begins - "' Batman Begins"' is a 2005 superhero film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman, co-written and directed by Christopher Nolan


Starting in 2006, the regular writers on "Batman" and "Detective Comics" were Grant Morrison and Paul Dini, with Grant Morrison reincorporating controversial elements of Batman lore into the character add something


Superman - In 2006, Bryan Singer directed the feature "Superman Returns", and in 2013, director Zack Snyder rebooted the film franchise with "Man of Steel"," "with an expected sequel to feature Batman


Paul Dini - In 2006, Dini became the writer for DC Comics' "Detective Comics"


Adam Hughes - May 15, 2006; Accessed September 8, 2010 He uses Sharpie markers to fill in larger areas, which he feels would be too tedious to render in pencil, such as the costumes of characters like Batman, which he believes should be rendered in black rather than blue


Chip Kidd - Veronique Vienne, who wrote an eponymous book about Kidd in 2006, described Kidd's Batman fandom as a "childhood obsession and lasting adult passion


Bill Finger - A DC Comics press release in 2007 stated flatly that, "Kane, along with writer Bill Finger, had just created Batman for DC predecessor National Comics


Jim Carrey - In 2007, Carrey reunited with Joel Schumacher, director of "Batman Forever", for "The Number 23", a psychological thriller co-starring Virginia Madsen and Danny Huston


Grant Morrison's 2008 storyline, "Batman R.I.P." featured Batman being physically and mentally broken by the enigmatic "Black Glove" and attracted news coverage in advance of its highly promoted conclusion, which would speculated to feature the death of Bruce Wayne add something


The Dark Knight (film) - And in 2008, Christian Bale's Batman found his in Heath Ledger's demented dervish, the Joker


Captain Marvel (DC Comics) - Following the success of Warner's film noir-inspired Batman film "The Dark Knight" and the commercial failure of its lighter, family-friendly "Speed Racer" during the summer of 2008, August departed from the project after being forced to make the film's script more in line with "The Dark Knight"'s serious tone


Trump International Hotel and Tower (Chicago) - The final confrontation scene between Batman and The Joker in the 2008 film "The Dark Knight" was shot at the construction site of the partially completed tower


He assumed the mantle again in a 2009 comic book while Wayne was believed dead, and served as a second Batman even after Wayne returned in 2010 add something


Geoff Johns - December 7, 2009 It will be the first in a series of graphic novels that will redefine Batman


Joe Chill - In 2009's "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader-" by Neil Gaiman, Joe Chill is seen as the bartender attending Batman's funeral


Adam Kubert - His last work for his latest tenure at DC was the "Batman and The Outsiders Special," released in February 2009


In June 2009, Judd Winick returned to writing "Batman", while Grant Morrison was given his own series, titled "Batman and Robin" add something


As part of DC's 2011 editorial mandate, he returned to being Nightwing following the "Flashpoint" crossover event add something


Due to editorial mandate coinciding with DC's 2011 relaunch however, Grayson is restored as Nightwing with Wayne serving as the sole Batman once again add something


London May - In the Fall of 2011 May was cast as a "Court Room Thug" for Christopher Nolan's third Batman blockbuster, "The Dark Knight Rises" and spent a day filming with Nolan and the cast


The relaunch interrupts the publication of "Batman, Incorporated," which resumes its story in 2012 with changes to suit the new status quo add something


"Batman Incorporated" was be relaunched in 2012 to complete the "Leviathan" storyline add something


Hedy Lamarr - According to actress Anne Hathaway, the portrayal of Catwoman in the 2012 Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" was based on Hedy Lamarr


The Dark Knight Rises - Alternatively, politically-conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh alleged that the film was biased against 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney due to Bane's name being a homophone for Bain Capital, the financial service company Romney used to head, despite the fact that the character has existed as a major Batman foe since 1993


Dents - Examples include the unlined black gloves worn by Daniel Craig portraying James Bond in the 2012 movie, Skyfall, the black gloves worn by Michael Keaton portraying Batman in 1989 film, Batman, and the purple suede gloves worn by Jack Nicholson portraying the Joker in the same film


Christopher Nolan - In 2012, Nolan directed his third and final Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises"


Alfred Pennyworth - In the 2012 film "The Dark Knight Rises", Bruce Wayne leaves the residue of his estate to Alfred, listing him in the will as "'Alfred J. Pennyworth"'


In the April 2012 issue of Playboy, long time Batman writer Grant Morrison said that "Gayness is built into Batman add something


Ben Templesmith - In April 2012 DC Entertainment announced that Templesmith will be one of the artists illustrating a new digital "Batman" series whose stories will be set outside of the regular DC continuity


Christian Bale - He reprised his role one last time in the finale "The Dark Knight Rises", which was released on 20 July 2012, which made Bale the longest-lasting actor to portray Batman on film to date


Lego - In August 2012, Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks joined a cast already including Chris Pratt in the lead role and Will Arnett as Batman


In 2013, a new CGI-animated series titled "Beware the Batman" will make its debut add something


Boomerang (TV channel) - A portion of the library is licensed to The Hub as of 2013; this license includes the WB animated series produced in collaboration with Steven Spielberg on the 1990s , and most properties involving Batman and Superman


Josh Brolin - Brolin was a top contender for the role of Batman in Zack Snyder's sequel to the 2013 film "Man of Steel", but the role was given to Ben Affleck


Dick Grayson - In the 2013 Digital Comic $ $ $ Batman Beyond 2,0 it is revealed that Terry has now left Bruce's employment since leaving high school and is now working for Grayson as Batman with Dick taking on the role of support for Terry


Jax-Ur - In the 2013 digital-first series "Justice League Beyond 2,0", taking place in the Batman Beyond Universe, Jax-Ur was revealed as the father of a young boy in the Phantom Zone who was using Kryptonian technology against an older Superman


Zack Snyder - Cavil will reprise his role as Superman and announced in August 2013 that Ben Affleck would play Batman


Man of Steel (film) - In August 2013, Ben Affleck was announced to be playing Batman, while Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in December 2013


On August 22, 2013, it was announced by Warner Bros. add something


Ben Affleck - On August 22, 2013 it was announced that Affleck will play Batman in the 2015 "Man of Steel" sequel


Sean Pertwee - In 2014, Pertwee was cast in the American TV series "Gotham", a series presenting an origin for the characters of the Batman franchise


Adam West - Near the end of 2014, Adam West will be voicing himself in LEGO Batman 3


Gotham (TV series) - In early March 2014, David Mazouz was cast as Bruce Wayne, while Camren Bicondova was cast as Selina Kyle


Benjamin McKenzie - McKenzie returned to Fox and portrays James Gordon as a young detective new to Gotham City in the Batman prequel "Gotham", which premiered on Fox on September 22, 2014


Adam West - On 9 October 2014 West was a guest star on the "Huffpost Live" show talking about his Batman role and the upcoming release of all 120 episodes of his Batman series


The Lego Movie - On October 10, 2014, "The Hollywood Reporter" revealed that, due to the popularity of Batman from "The Lego Movie", the character will get his own spin-off film


In February of 2015, the Florida Ledger attributed the death of Stephen Merrill "due to an uppercut from Batman add something


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - In 2015 it was announced that he'd joined the cast of "Suicide Squad" as the Batman villain Killer Croc


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - The following month, Snyder confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con International that the sequel to "Man of Steel", now set for release in 2015, would feature Superman and Batman meeting for the first time in a cinematic format


As of August 16, 2015, Robinson died when a motor vehicle struck him at a stop which caused many people in the Baltimore area such as Baltimore Raven's Ray Lewis to express their grief and loss over Robinson's death add something


Ben Affleck played Batman in the 2016 film Suicide Squad add something


In June 2016, the DC Rebirth event relaunched DC Comics' entire line of comic book titles add something


Affleck will reprise the role again in the upcoming 2017 film "Justice League" and will direct and star in an upcoming Batman film, set in the DC Extended Universe add something


Arnett will reprise the voice role in the upcoming 2017 film "The Lego Batman Movie" add something


DC Comics ended the Rebirth branding in December 2017, opting to include everything under a larger "DC Universe" banner and naming add something


On October 23, 2018, Dante Pereira-Olson was cast as a young Bruce Wayne in the upcoming film "Joker" add something


On June 20, 2019, it was announced that the character would receive his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame add something


In August 2019, it was announced that Kevin Conroy would make his live-action television debut as an older Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" add something