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Downing Street

Office of the UK Prime Minister. add

Category: Politics

Founded in 1861.

Countries: United Kingdom (78%), Ireland (6%), (6%)

Main connections: David Cameron, Tony Blair, Nikki Sinclaire

Linked to: East India Company, Labour Party, Buckingham Palace, Foreign and Commonwealth Office




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In 1861 the houses on the west side of Downing Street gave way to new purpose-build government offices for the Foreign Office, India Office, Colonial Office, and the Home Office add something


It entered government hands when purchased by the East India Company in 1863, and became occupied by the marine and railway departments of the Board of Trade add something


It was originally Number 13, but was partially re-built and re-numbered following the demolition of Number 14 in 1876 add something


It was badly damaged by a fire in 1879, and underwent further changes as a result add something


During his last period in office, in 1881, William Ewart Gladstone claimed residence in numbers 10, 11 and 12 for himself and his family add something


Francis Sheehy-Skeffington - Vane subsequently travelled to London where he met Lord Kitchener in Downing Street on 3 May 1916


In addition, on 26 November 1920 construction commenced on a substantial wooden barricade, high, were erected at the end of the street add something


New York Times, "Build wall around Premier's house", 27 November 1920 add something


The barriers were taken down in 1922 with the creation of the Irish Free State, but vehicle access has been curtailed since 1973 when metal barriers were placed across the entrance to the street add something


Edward Spears - On 22 May 1940, Spears was summoned to 10 Downing Street


In 1974, the Metropolitan Police proposed erecting a semi-permanent barrier between the pavement and carriageway on the Foreign Office side of the street, to keep pedestrians off the main part of the street add something


Harold Wilson - When Labour won more seats than the Conservative Party in February 1974 and Heath was unable to persuade the Liberals to form a coalition, Wilson returned to 10 Downing Street on 4 March 1974 as Prime Minister of a minority Labour Government


The public right of way along Downing Street has not been extinguished or subject to a gating order under the Highways Act 1980 add something


In 1982 access was more fully restricted with railings and a demountable gate add something


Margaret Thatcher - In July 1986 the "Sunday Times" reported claims attributed to the Queen's advisers of a "rift" between Buckingham Palace and Downing Street "over a wide range of domestic and international issues"


Since 1989, entering Downing Street has required passing through a security checkpoint add something


This was replaced by the current black steel gates in 1989 add something


David Cameron - In 1991, Cameron was seconded to Downing Street to work on briefing John Major for his bi-weekly session of Prime Minister's Questions.


After the 1997 General Election, in which Labour took power, a swap was carried out by the then-incumbents of the two titles, Tony Blair being a married man with three children still living at home, while his counterpart, Gordon Brown, was unmarried at the time of taking up his post add something


"'9 Downing Street"' was named in 2001 and is the Downing Street entrance to the Privy Council Office and currently houses the Chief Whip's office add something


Angus Deayton - In 2003, he guest-starred as Downing Street's top spin doctor in an episode of the BBC comedy "Absolute Power", starring Stephen Fry and John Bird


Matthew Rycroft - During his time in Downing Street, in 2004, he was made a CBE


Although the Downing Street government buildings and grounds are a designated site under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 for criminal trespass, the actual street was not included within the boundaries of the designated area add something


David Hope, Baron Hope of Thornes - In recognition of his contribution to the church, Downing Street announced on 25 January 2005 that Hope was to be created a Life Peer; the title was gazetted as "'Baron Hope of Thornes"', of Thornes in the County of West Yorkshire, on 6 April 2005


Travis (band) - On 13 July 2006, the members of Travis stuck a giant post-it sticker on the front door of the Downing Street home of British Prime Minister, Tony Blair


Mary Wilson, Lady Wilson of Rievaulx - As of 2007 she lived in Westminster, a short distance away from Downing Street


Tony Blair - On 14 March 2007, Blair appeared as a celebrity judge on Masterchef goes Large after contestants had to prepare a three course meal in the Downing Street kitchens for Blair and Bertie Ahern.


Caroline Flint - Flint renewed her attack on Gordon Brown in a newspaper article on 7 June 2009, she told "The Observer" that she was not ashamed of the glamorous photoshoot which had upset Downing Street


Margaret Thatcher - At the Conservative Party conference in 2010, the new Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he would invite Thatcher back to 10 Downing Street on her 85th birthday for a party to be attended by past and present ministers


Harold Wilson - In 2010 newspaper reports made detailed allegations that the bugging of 10 Downing Street had been omitted from the history for "wider public interest reasons"


Andy Coulson - After David Cameron became Prime Minister in May 2010, he appointed Coulson as Director of Communications for the government at 10 Downing Street


Amy Lame - She is mentioned in Sarah Brown's 2011 memoir "Behind the Black Door", where she details Lamé's hen night celebrations in Downing Street


Guvna B - He was invited to a Downing Street reception in April 2011 along with some of the UK's most noted Christian figures where he met and had opportunity to speak with the Prime Minister David Cameron


Nikki Sinclaire - This was followed by the official delivering of the signatures to Downing Street on 8 September 2011


Gus O'Donnell - On 11 October 2011, it was announced by Downing Street that O'Donnell was to retire at the end of the year


Nikki Sinclaire - A second petition containing 100,000 names was delivered to 10 Downing Street in September 2012


Charlie Hebdo shooting - On 8 February 2015 the Muslim Action Forum organised a mass demonstration outside Downing Street in London


Michelle Mone, Baroness Mone - On 10 August 2015, Downing Street announced that Mone is to lead a government review into entrepreneurship and small businesses, particularly focusing upon setting up small businesses in deprived areas under the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith MP


Michelle Mone, Baroness Mone - On 27 August 2015, Downing Street announced her elevation to the peerage