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Organized into different habitats, from terrestrial to aquatic ecosystems add

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Launched in 1960.

Countries: United States (53%), (12%), Spain (6%)

Main connections: National Wildlife Federation, Eugenius Warming, Harvard University




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Another example is the Hubbard Brook study, which has been in operation since 1960 add something


While the issue of fire in relation to ecology and plants has been recognized for a long time, Charles Cooper brought attention to the issue of forest fires in relation to the ecology of forest fire suppression and management in the 1960s add something


In 1962, marine biologist and ecologist Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring" helped to mobilize the environmental movement by alerting the public to toxic pesticides, such as DDT, bioaccumulating in the environment add something


Francis Raymond Fosberg - In 1966 they joined the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in the tropical biology branch of the Ecology program


For example, the theory of island biogeography, published by the mathematician Robert MacArthur and ecologist Edward O. Wilson in 1967 is considered one of the fundamentals of ecological theory add something


Bernhard Grzimek - After publication in Germany in 1968, Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia was translated into English and published in 1975 in 13 volumes plus three additional volumes on Ecology, Ethology and Evolution


The concept of metapopulations was defined in 1969 as "a population of populations which go extinct locally and recolonize add something


This publication launched a debate between ecological holism and individualism that lasted until the 1970s add something


The "Journal of Biogeography" was established in 1974 add something


K. Ullas Karanth - He obtained his Master's degree in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida in 1988, and a Doctorate in Applied Zoology from Mangalore University in 1993


Edward O. Wilson predicted in 1992 that the 21st century "will be the era of restoration in ecology" add something


The rise of molecular technologies and influx of research questions into this new ecological field resulted in the publication "Molecular Ecology" in 1992 add something


In 1994, John Avise played a leading role in this area of science with the publication of his book, "Molecular Markers, Natural History and Evolution" add something


Eugenius Warming - Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais has organized a series of 'Eugen Warming lectures in Evolutionary Ecology' since 1994


National Wildlife Federation - Since 2000, the Campus Ecology program has awarded over 100 fellowships on more than 65 campuses to undergraduate and graduate students working on sustainability projects


National Wildlife Federation - In 2007, the Campus Ecology program launched the first "Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global Warming" web broadcast


Institute for Social Ecology - The Institute for Social Ecology has held annual summer colloquia since 2007


Mehgan Heaney-Grier - Heaney-Grier is in her third year of college at the &University_of_Colorado_at_Boulder, Colorado in Boulder, Colorado and is set to graduate in 2011 with degrees in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology


Renewable resource - Rubber dandelions are still of interest, as scientists in the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology announced 2013 to have developed a cultivar that is suitable for commercial production of natural rubber


Acterra - Grassroots Ecology became an independent fiscally sponsored project of Acterra on July 1, 2016


Ministry of Economic Affairs (Netherlands) - In 2017 the Ministry was renamed to "Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Environment"