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Method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipientsadd

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Launched in 1961.

Countries: United States (33%), (33%), U.S. (22%)

Main connections: Internet, Vint Cerf, United States Department of Justice

Linked to: Digital Equipment Corporation, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Novell Groupwise




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There is one report that indicates experimental inter-system email transfers began shortly after its creation in 1969 add something


An email sent in the early 1970s looks quite similar to a basic text message sent on the Internet today add something


For example, several writers in the early 1970s used the term to describe fax document transmission add something


In the early 1970s, Ray Tomlinson updated an existing utility called SNDMSG so that it could copy messages over the network add something


Standards for encoding email messages were proposed as early as 1973 add something


Starting in 1977, the U.S. Postal Service recognized that electronic mail and electronic transactions posed a significant threat to First Class mail volumes and revenue add something


In 1979, a meeting was held at BBN to resolve incompatibility issues add something


Jon Postel recounted the meeting in RFC 808, "Summary of Computer Mail Services Meeting Held at BBN on 10 January 1979" , which includes an appendix listing the varying email systems at the time add something


Conversion from ARPANET to the Internet in the early 1980s produced the core of the current services add something


In the early 1980s, networked personal computers on LANs became increasingly important add something


Network-based email was initially exchanged on the ARPANET in extensions to the File Transfer Protocol , but is now carried by the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol , first published as Internet standard 10 in 1982 add something


Published in 1982, RFC 822 was based on the earlier RFC 733 for the ARPANET add something


In 1988, Vint Cerf arranged for an interconnection of MCI Mail with NSFNET on an experimental basis add something


In the late 1990s, the Federal Trade Commission grew concerned with fraud transpiring in email, and initiated a series of procedures on spam, fraud, and phishing add something


NASA has provided email capabilities to astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station since 1991 when a Macintosh Portable was used aboard Space Shuttle mission STS-43 to send the first email via AppleLink add something


Ashish Gulhati - His articles and columns in PCQuest and Dataquest magazines in 1993 and 1994 were among the first in the mainstream Indian computing press to inform thousands of readers about alternative operating systems, Unix, Linux, open-source software, Email, the Internet and the World Wide Web, years before Internet access was commercially available in India


In the United States, U.S. Congress has passed a law, the Can Spam Act of 2003, attempting to regulate such email add something


In 2004, FTC jurisdiction over spam was codified into law in the form of the CAN SPAM Act. Several other U.S. federal agencies have exercised jurisdiction including the Department of Justice and the Secret Service add something


In October 2010, CNN published an article titled "Happy Information Overload Day" that compiled research on email overload from IT companies and productivity experts add something


Recently in 2014 the major webmail providers like Google, Hotmail or Yahoo have agreed on the decision to require -as a condition for registration- to provide personal information such as mandatory phone numbers, or alternate email address that request a mandatory phone number, to prevent service to users who do not want these companies control their mobile phones, or to prevent service to users who do not have financial means to own a phone add something


International email, with internationalized email addresses using UTF-8, has been standardized, but as of 2016 not widely adopted add something


International email, with internationalized email addresses using UTF-8, has been standardized, but as of 2017 it has not been widely adopted add something