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Ferrari FF

Ferraris first production four-wheel drive model add

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Launched in 1962.

Countries: Italy (50%), (38%), United States (13%)

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The shooting brake configuration is a departure from the conventional wedge shape of modern Ferraris, and the FF has been likened to the similarly-shaped 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Drogo race car add something


Designed under the direction of Lowie Vermeersch, former Design Director at Pininfarina, work on the shooting brake concept initially started following the creation of the Sintesi show car of 2007 add something


Shooting-brake - In 2011, The New York Times described the newly introduced Ferrari FF as a shooting-brake


Four-wheel drive - The Ferrari FF introduced in 2011 features a unique system called "'4RM"', which does away with the heavy center differential and instead attaches a smaller, second transaxle that draws power from the front of the engine


Ferrari 612 Scaglietti - The & Ferrari 612 was replaced by the Ferrari FF in 2011


Ferrari Mondial - As of 2012, the V12 FF along with the $V8 (V8_engine) California are the company's only 4-seat vehicle offerings, but both of these are front engined, leaving the Mondial t as the most modern 4-seat, mid-engined, Ferrari yet produced


The Ferrari SP FFX, introduced in 2014, is a one-off based on the FF. Its most notable feature is its custom body that features a more traditional coupé rear end in place of the FF's shooting-brake tail add something