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One of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus add

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Countries: (60%), Africa (13%), United States (7%)

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Horse racing - $ Horse racing in Poland can be dated to 1777, when a horse owned by Polish noble Kazimierz Rzewuski beat the horse of the English chargé d'affaires, Sir Charles Whitworth, on the road from Wola to Ujazdów Castle


One of the earliest formal registries was General Stud Book for Thoroughbreds, which began in 1791 and traced back to the foundation bloodstock for the breed add something


The largest horse in recorded history was probably a Shire horse named Mammoth, who was born in 1848 add something


It survived into the historical era, but became extinct in 1909, when the last captive died in a Russian zoo add something


Horse racing - $ Horse races, as well as Thoroughbred horse breeding, is organized by Jockey Club Czech Republic, founded in 1919


Horse racing - The American Quarter $ Horse was not recognized as an official breed until the formation of the American Quarter Horse Association in 1940


The subspecies was presumed extinct in the wild between 1969 and 1992, while a small breeding population survived in zoos around the world add something


In 1992, it was reestablished in the wild due to the conservation efforts of numerous zoos add something


Horse racing - $ Horse racing has left its mark in the naming of roads in Singapore such as Race Course Road in Little India, where horse racing was first held in Singapore, and Turf Club Road in Bukit Timah where Singapore Turf Club used to be situated before moving to its current location in 1999


In a 2004 "poll" conducted by $ Animal Planet, more than 50,000 viewers from 73 countries voted for the horse as the world's 4th favorite animal add something


Mitsubishi Freeca - The vehicle is known as the "'Mitsubishi Kuda"' in Indonesia where "Kuda" means Horse in Indonesian and where it was locally manufactured until 2005, and "'Mitsubishi Jolie"' in Vietnam


In modern times, Sugar Puff, who had been listed in "Guinness World Records" as the world's oldest living pony, died in 2007 at age 56 add something


The horse genome was sequenced in 2007 add something


Jennifer Harman - In 2007, Harman finished as runner up in the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe, where she lost in the HORSE event to Thomas Bihl


The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that in 2008, there were almost 59,000,000 horses in the world, with around 33,500,000 in the Americas, 13,800,000 in Asia and 6,300,000 in Europe and smaller portions in Africa and Oceania add something


Horse racing - In 2008, the China Speed $ Horse Race Open in Wuhan was organized as the qualification round for the speed horse race event at the National Games the next year, but was seen by commentators as a step towards legalizing both horse racing and gambling on the races


Noise impacts the behavior of horses and certain kinds of noise may contribute to stress: A 2013 study in the UK indicated that stabled horses were calmest in a quiet setting, or if listening to country or classical music, but displayed signs of nervousness when listening to jazz or rock music add something