Janusz Kaminski

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Janusz Kaminski

Polish cinematographer and film director who started his career in the United States add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1959.

Country: United States (100%)

Main connections: AFI Conservatory, Steven Spielberg, Holly Hunter

Linked to: American Broadcasting Company, Chicago Film Critics Association, Broadcast Film Critics Association, Los Angeles Film Critics Association




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Janusz Kaminski was born in 1959 add something


He attended Columbia College in Chicago from 1982 to 1987, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, taking up film making as a profession before transferring to the AFI Conservatory, where he graduated with an Master of Fine Arts degree add something


He rose to fame in the 1990s following "Schindler's List" add something


He twice won the Academy award for Best Cinematography in the 1990s, for "Schindler's List" and "Saving Private Ryan" add something


Kami?ski was first discovered by Steven Spielberg in 1991 add something


Kami?ski was married to actress Holly Hunter from 1995 until 2001 add something


He married ABC reporter Rebecca Rankin in 2004 add something


In 2010, he was awarded the Franklin J. Schaffer Alumni Medal by the AFI Conservatory add something


In 2019, the American Society of Cinematographers included "Schindler's List" and "Saving Private Ryan", both shot by Kami?ski, on the list of the best-photographed films of the 20th century add something