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New Year

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New Year

Time at which a new calendar year begins and the calendars year count is incrementedadd

Category: Religion

Activity starting in 1.

Countries: United Kingdom (29%), United States (18%), (18%)

Main connections: Christmas, Patrick Gilmore, Charles Foster Batchelder

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Patrick Gilmore - In 1888 he started the tradition of seeing in the New Year in Times Square


Donald Watson - At the age of 14, he became a vegetarian as a New Year's resolution, and in the 1940s, after learning about milk production, he became a vegan


Charles Foster Batchelder - He originated and hosted the annual New Year party, at least until 1949, when his increasing deafness and loss of eyesight made these too difficult


Lotta Engberg - Lotta Engberg left the band around New Year 1993-1994, and started an own dansband, Lotta Engbergs Orkester, following the couple's divorce


Entertainment - As the clock struck midnight and 1999 became 2000, firework displays and open-air parties greeted the New Year as the time zones changed over to the next century


Cryptic Studios - At a New Year's party in 1999, Lewis and Dakan met Bruce Rogers, Matt Harvey and Cameron Petty, veterans of Atari Games, who had begun trying to found a computer game company but lacked funding


Michael Cuccione - He spent the rest of his stay on a respirator and celebrated his last Christmas, New Year's, and birthday in the hospital before succumbing to respiratory failure on January 13, 2001, 8 days after his 16th birthday


Marcelo Moretto - During the 2005 Christmas and New Year break in Portugal, a lot was spoken in the press about Moretto's possible transfer to Benfica or F.C. Porto


Robert Llewellyn - In November 2010, the "Carpool" series began broadcasting on UKTV channel, Dave, before having a months hiatus for Christmas and New Year, it returned in January 2011


During the New Year celebrations held in Dubai to mark the start of 2014, the world record was broken for the most fireworks set off in a single display add something


Cody Simpson - They got back together in November 2014, and even celebrated New Year together in Dubai


Robert Milsom - On 26 November 2014, Milsom joined Bury on loan until the New Year along with Bristol City defender Adam El-Abd