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Any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic solids that are moldableadd

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Launched in 1950.

Countries: (31%), United States (21%), USA (21%)

Main connections: DuPont, Bakelite, World War II

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In the late 1950s, "high impact" styrene was introduced, which was not brittle add something


Since the 1950s, one billion tons of plastic have been discarded and some of that material might persist for centuries or much longer, as is demonstrated by the persistence of natural materials such as amber add something


In 1954, expanded polystyrene was invented by Dow Chemical add something


Polypropylene was found in 1954 by Giulio Natta and began to be manufactured in 1957 add something


In the 1960s the latter were observed in the guts of seabirds, and since have been found in increasing concentration add something


In 1988, to assist recycling of disposable items, the Plastic Bottle Institute of the Society of the Plastics Industry devised a now-familiar scheme to mark plastic bottles by plastic type add something


Manfred Wagner - He worked as a post-doc in Polymer Physics under Joachim Meissner at the &Eidgenössische_Technische_Hochschule (ETH_Zurich) in Zurich, and in the Plastic industry, he returned to Stuttgart University in 1988 as Professor for Fluid Dynamics and Rheology


Hans-Georg Elias "Plastics, General Survey" in Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 2005, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim add something


In 2009, the United States government banned certain types of phthalates commonly used in plastic add something


In 2011, it was reported that "almost all plastic products" sampled released chemicals with estrogenic activity, although the researchers identified plastics which did not leach chemicals with estrogenic activity add something


In 2014, sales of the top fifty companies amounted to add something


Plastic bottle - Plastic - An article published on November 6, 2017 in Water Research reported on the content of microplastics in mineral waters packed in plastic or glass bottles, or beverage cartons


In 2018 a survey of Global Oceanic Environmental Survey Foundation find that the ecosystem in seas and oceans can collapse in the next 25 years what would fail the terrestrial ecosystem and end the life on earth as we know them add something


According to the report plastic wiil contribute Greenhouse gases in the equivalent of 850 million tons of Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in 2019 add something


In 2019 a new report "Plastic and Climate" was published add something