Special edition

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Special edition

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Launched in 1971.

Countries: (67%), United States (33%)

Main connections: Jack DeJohnette, DVD, Snatch (film)




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California became the first state to regulate the sale of limited edition art prints with the "California Print Law" of 1971 add something


However, it was not until 1986 that more comprehensive provisions, still in place today, were enacted with the passage of the "Georgia Print Law" add something


The "'Georgia Print Law"' written by State Representative Chesley V. Morton, became effective July 1, 1986 add something


Jack DeJohnette - DeJohnette continued to work with Special Edition into the 1990s, but did not limit himself to that


The "Doctor Who" television movie "The Five Doctors" was edited, recut, amongst various other changes, to make the "Special Edition" in 1999 for the first DVD release of the episode add something


From the 2000s it has become commonplace for a deluxe edition to be released at the same time as the standard edition add something


Snatch (film) - On 3 July 2001, a two-disc "Special Edition" was released, containing both a full screen and widescreen presentation of the feature