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A. O. Scott

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A. O. Scott

American journalist and critic add

Category: Journalism

Born in 1966.

Countries: United States (83%), (17%)

Main connections: Chicago Tribune, Roger Ebert, Ben Mankiewicz

Linked to: Classical High School, Institute for Advanced Study, Chicago Tribune, Newsday




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A. O. Scott was born in 1966 add something


He graduated "magna cum laude" from Harvard in 1988 with a degree in literature add something


He joined the "New York Times"' Arts section in January 2000, following Janet Maslin's retirement from film criticism add something


He and Roeper counted down their selections for the top ten films of 2006 and again for 2007 add something


In 2006 and 2007, Scott served repeatedly as guest critic on "Ebert & Roeper" with Richard Roeper in Roger Ebert's absence due to illness add something


Although Scott did not appear on the show for most of 2008, he continued to release his own list through the "New York Times" add something


On August 5, 2009 it was announced that Scott, along with "Chicago Tribune" critic Michael Phillips, would take over hosting duties on "At the Movies" from Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz who would no longer be involved in the show add something


Scott and Phillips began their duties when the show started its new season on September 5, 2009, but ratings were low and the show aired for only one season add something


On October 24, 2009, Scott began counting down his "Best of the Decade" list on "At the Movies" add something


"Who Runs New York", "New York" magazine, September 26, 2010 He served as book critic for "Newsday", and as a contributor to "The New York Review of Books" and "Slate magazine" add something


Dead Man - In July 2010, "New York Times" chief film critic A. O. Scott capped a laudatory "Critics' Picks" video review of the film by calling it "One of the very best movies of the 1990s


In 2011, along with Dargis, he published a list with 20 movies and in alphabetical order add something


This Is Not a Film - Critic A. O. Scott of "The New York Times" rated "This Is Not a Film" the fourth best documentary of 2012