ABC Afterschool Special

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ABC Afterschool Special

American television anthology series that aired on ABC from 1972 to 1997, usually in the late afternoon on week days add

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Launched in 1968.

Country: United States (100%)

Main connections: Wendie Jo Sperber, Kate Burton (actress), Reed Diamond

Linked to: American Broadcasting Company, Kids Incorporated, The Electric Company, Democratic Party




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The "'ABC Afterschool Special"' is an American television anthology series that aired on ABC from 1972 to 1997, usually in the late afternoon on week days add something


Reed Diamond - As a child, Diamond had small parts in the 1974 ABC Afterschool Special "Sara's Summer of the Swans" and in the 1976 film "Two Minute Warning"


Followed in 1975 by the sequel "Santiago's America" add something


Anthony Kiedis - His early credits include "F.I.S.T." and the 1978 ABC Afterschool Special "It's a Mile from Here to Glory"


Butterfly McQueen - In 1979 McQueen won a Daytime Emmy *award for her performance as Aunt Thelma, a fairy godmother in the "ABC Afterschool Special" episode "The Seven Wishes of Joanna Peabody


Cynthia Nixon - She began acting at age 12 as the object of a wealthy schoolmate's crush in "The Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid", a 1979 ABC Afterschool Special


Marijane Meaker - The novel would later be turned into a "ABC Afterschool Special" " in 1979 with Wendie Jo Sperber in the title role


Ira Elliot - He appeared in "Stoned", a 1980 "ABC Afterschool Special" starring Scott Baio


Karin Argoud - Argoud, who made her first Hollywood acting appearance in the "ABC Afterschool Special" program "Tough Girl" appeared in the film "The Stonecutter" in 2000


Danny Aiello - In 1981 Danny Aiello won a Daytime Emmy *award for his appearance in an ABC Afterschool Special called "A Family of Strangers"


Alexa Kenin - She was featured in several episodes of the "ABC Afterschool Special" and in the 1982 TV film "A Piano for Mrs. Cimino" opposite Bette Davis


Helen Slater - Slater made her acting debut in the ABC Afterschool Special "Amy & the Angel", aired in 1982, alongside James Earl Jones, Meg Ryan, and Matthew Modine


Tracey Gold - The actress chosen for the pilot was Elizabeth Ward, who had starred alongside Gold in "The Hand-Me-Down Kid", a 1983 "ABC Afterschool Special"


Luke Edwards - He began taking acting lessons for fun on his mother's suggestion and landed his first television role in 1988 on an "ABC Afterschool Special" episode


Robyn Lively - At the age of 19, Lively was nominated for an Emmy *award for her performance as an insecure teen in the 1991 "ABC Afterschool Special" episode "Less Than Perfect Daughter"


In 1993, "TV Guide" named the series the best kids' show of the 1980s add something


Kate Burton (actress) - In 1996, Burton won a Daytime Emmy *award for her performance as a mother dying of breast cancer in the "ABC Afterschool Special", 'Notes For My Daughter'


In 2004 and 2005, BCI Eclipse and Sunset Home Visual Entertainment issued six DVD collections of episodes from the series that had been produced by Martin Tahse, each collection containing four episodes add something