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ABC News (Australia)

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ABC News (Australia)

National news service in Australia produced by the News and Current Affairs division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation add

Category: Journalism

Founded in 1997.

Countries: Australia (50%), United States (38%), Peru (13%)

Main connections: ABC News, Daniel Andrews, Ian Henderson (news presenter)

Linked to: Australian Broadcasting Corporation




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In 1997, the set was updated, a new opener featuring a light blue globe and the ABC logo was introduced, and the theme remained the same but was tweaked add something


This theme was used for almost 20 years, even after the refresh in 1997 add something


The theme for ABC News changed on Australia Day 2005, and was written by Martin Armiger and John Gray and for a couple of years bore a resemblance to the original Peter Wall / Tony Ansell work in the opening signature notes add something


The theme from the 2005-2010 era was remixed by Martin Armiger, its composer, giving it a more upbeat, synthesised feel add something


The bulletin was launched in February 2005 to replace the less successful "Midday News and Business", preceded in turn by the long-running World at Noon add something


Abimael Guzman - ABC News, October 14, 2006 At his sentencing, three judges listed the aforementioned charges in a verdict that lasted more than six hours


ABC News - As part of Disney's sale of the ABC Radio division to Citadel Broadcasting in 2007, $ABC_News (ABC_News_(Australia)) entered into an exclusive agreement with Citadel to distribute its radio news service on terrestrial stations


Ian Henderson (news presenter) - From 11 July 2008, Henderson went on long service leave and was absent from presenting "ABC News"


Ian Henderson (news presenter) - In February 2009, Henderson presented "ABC News" live from various locations affected by Black Saturday Victorian bushfires


The graphics have changed to match the "sliding panels" look and are more akin to the feel of ABC News 24 in 2010 add something


The opening notes were removed and the work was re-arranged in 2010 add something


In January 2010, the ABC announced that a dedicated 24-hour digital television news channel, named ABC News 24 would be launched during the year add something


The new channel commenced preliminary broadcasting with a promo loop in early July 2010, with the ABC re-numbering ABC HD channel 20 to logical channel number 24 add something


This package was used until 21 July 2010 add something


The ABC News 24 channel was officially launched at 7,30PM Australian Eastern Standard Time on 22 July 2010 and simulcast its first hour of transmission with ABC1 add something


Campbell Newman - ABC News, 2012-01-28


ABC News - Univision Communications and $ABC_News (ABC_News_(Australia)) have agreed on a joint venture to launch a network for English speaking Latinos in 2013


Chris Hartcher - ABC News, 2014-02-19


Daniel Andrews - ABC News, 2014-11-29


Daniel Andrews - ABC News, 2014-11-29