Acclaim Entertainment

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Acclaim Entertainment

American video game developer and publisher add

Category: Business (26)

Founded in 1987.

Countries: United States (46%), (21%), United Kingdom (13%)

Main connections: Acclaim Cheltenham, Sculptured Software, Acclaim Studios Teesside

Linked to: Acclaim Cheltenham, Sculptured Software, Accolade, Chapter 7 bankruptcy




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Founded in 1987 as a Delaware corporation, Acclaim maintained operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Japan add something


Acclaim enjoyed a long relationship with the &World_Wrestling_Federation dating back to 1988's "WWF WrestleMania" add something


In the 1990s, Sunsoft joined forces with Acclaim Entertainment to handle ad sales rights to Sunsoft's video games for game consoles add something


Krusty the Clown - In 1992, Acclaim Entertainment released the video game "Krusty's Fun House" for PC and home consoles


Mortal Kombat - The original "Mortal Kombat" game was released for arcade machines during October 1992, having since been ported to several console and home computer systems by Probe Software and released by Acclaim Entertainment


Sega - In 1993, Sega of America permitted Acclaim to keep the graphic violence and gore in its port of Midway's popular arcade game titled "Mortal Kombat"


In June 1994, the company switched from video gaming to a media conglomerate add something


In 1995, the company acquired Sculptured Software, Iguana Entertainment and Probe Entertainment and the companies switched to the first-party development studio, known as "'Acclaim Studios"' from 1999 to 2004 add something


Acclaim Studios Teesside - Both were acquired by Acclaim Entertainment in 1995


Sculptured Software - Sculptured Software Inc. was acquired by Acclaim Entertainment on October 9, 1995, and renamed "'Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City"'


Acclaim Cheltenham - They were acquired by Acclaim Entertainment on October 10, 1995


Retro Studios - The company was founded in October 1998 by the video game veteran Jeff Spangenberg after leaving Acclaim Entertainment, as an independent studio making games exclusively for Nintendo


However, after failing to match the success of World Championship Wrestling's THQ/AKI games amidst the Monday Night Wars, the WWF unexpectedly defected to THQ in 1999 add something


Valerie D'Orazio - After her two and a half year stint with Acclaim Entertainment under the direction of editors such as Madeleine Robins, Evan Skolnick, and Fabian Nicieza, D'Orazio joined the DC Comics staff in 2000 as Coordinator in their Creative Services department


Acclaim Studios Austin - In 2000, Jason and Darren Falcus left to form Atomic Planet Entertainment Ltd., Acclaim Entertainment made a sharp cut in the number of employees at Acclaim Studios Teesside, which was finally closed in 2002, with many staff being relocated to Acclaim Cheltenham


ECW declared bankruptcy in 2001 while still owing Acclaim money add something


In 2001, Probe Entertainment became Acclaim Cheltenham add something


Crazy Taxi - Subsequently, it was ported to the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube by Acclaim in 2001, and Microsoft Windows in 2002


In May, 2002 Acclaim bought most of the assets of the Software Creations studio and established a new development company, known as Acclaim Studios Manchester add something


In December 2002, Acclaim closed its Salt Lake City studio add something


Acclaim suffered financial problems in 2004, the result of poor sales of their video and video game titles add something


After Acclaim Entertainment's 2004 demise, the Acclaim brand and logotype were purchased by the unrelated company Acclaim Games add something


Acclaim Cheltenham - Due to Its United States-based parent company, Acclaim's financial problems, Acclaim Studios Cheltenham and its sister studio Acclaim Studios Manchester were closed down in Mid 2004, with Acclaim eventually declaring bankruptcy in


Acclaim Studios Austin - When parent company Acclaim Entertainment went bankrupt in September 2004, most employees of Acclaim Studios Austin found out when they showed up for work but the building's manager had locked them out of their offices


An attempt to reopen the Cheltenham and Manchester studios in October 2004 failed due to legal wrangling over IP, with both the US and UK administrators claiming rights add something


Codemasters - The year 2005 saw the appointment of Rod Cousens, formerly of Acclaim, as Managing Director


In the beginning of 2006, Marks formed a new company called Acclaim Games add something


Derek Jeter - Acclaim Entertainment's "All-Star Baseball" series of video games, and Gameloft's wireless phone baseball game, "Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2008"


In July 2010, We Go Interactive Co., Ltd., based in Seoul, Korea, purchased all IP related with "Re-Volt", "RC Revenge Pro", "RC De GO" from Throwback Entertainment add something


In July 2010, "We Go Interactive Co.,Ltd", based in Seoul, Korea, acquired all IP related with "Re-Volt", "RC Revenge Pro", "RC De Go" from "Throwback Entertainment" add something


In 2014, CollectorVision Games acquired the Acclaim brand name/logo add something


In 2015, CollectorVision Games acquired the Acclaim brand name and logo add something