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Adjoa Andoh

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Adjoa Andoh

British film, television, stage and radio actress of Ghanaian descent add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1962.

Countries: United States (35%), United Kingdom (35%), South Africa (10%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Neil Dudgeon, Jeff Rawle, Sam Kelly

Linked to: Royal Shakespeare Company, Reduced Shakespeare Company, BBC, Radio Drama Company




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Adjoa Andoh was born in 1962 add something


The film tells of how Mandela brought the Afrikaner population on side for Project Rainbow Nation through his support and inspiration for the World Cup-winning 1995 South African Springbok Team, and his moving relationship with Team Captain Francois Pienaar, played by Matt Damon add something


In 2001 Andoh married Howard Cunnell, an author and university lecturer add something


In 2004, she was cast in the video game "Fable" add something


In 2007, she appeared in several episodes of the third series as Francine Jones, the mother of Martha Jones add something


She made her Hollywood debut in Autumn 2009 starring as Nelson Mandela's Chief of Staff Brenda Mazikubo alongside Morgan Freeman as Mandela in Clint Eastwood's "Invictus" add something


In October 2009 Andoh was licensed as a Reader in the Church of England add something


Louise Brealey - In March 2012 Brealey produced, co-wrote and co-starred in "The Charles Dickens Show", a children's comedy drama for BBC 2 starring Jeff Rawle, Rupert Graves, Neil Dudgeon, Nathaniel Parker, Lynda Baron, Honeysuckle Weeks, Rupert Young, Adjoa Andoh, Sam_Kelly, Geoffrey Streatfeild, Fiona Button and Mariah Gale