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Adolfo Tapia

Mexican Luchador enmascarado, or masked professional wrestler add

Category: Wrestling

Born in 1965.

Countries: Mexico (50%), United States (30%), Philippines (15%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: El Hijo del Santo, El Dandy, Cibernetico

Linked to: World Wrestling Association, Récord, YouTube




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Adolfo Tapia was born in 1965 add something


During his time on the independent circuit L.A. Park developed a long running and very intense feud with El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon, Jr., interjecting himself in a storyline that played off the original rivalry between El Santo and Blue Demon creating a feud that headlined various shows all over Mexico and involves three of the most famous masks of the 1980s and 1990s add something


Adolfo Tapia made his professional wrestling debut in 1982 at the age of 16, using his real name add something


As "Principe Island" he won the masks of wrestlers Gran Cóndor, Principe Judas, Guerrero Negra and Bestia Negra I. On November 21, 1987 he lost the "Principe Island" mask to El Hijo del Santo add something


He lost the "Asesino de Tepito" mask in an "Apuesta" match against Astro de Oro at some point in 1988 add something


In 1988 he changed his ring character to "El Asesino de Tepito" , a "rudo" character he used in 1988 add something


The double bookings came to an end on June 26, 1991 when Stuka unmasked the Invasor del Norte character, revealing that Tapia played both characters add something


Following the mask loss Tapia adopted a character called "Principe Island" , a character he would use until 1992 add something


In 1992 Antonio Peña founded a new wrestling promotion called Asistencia Asesoría y Administración , signing Tapia to a contract early on add something


When Tapia signed a contract with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre , AAA's main rival, in 1993 Peña took legal actions against Tapia add something


The title reign lasted until October 23, 1993 when Limark won the title back add something


The feud between the two saw La Parka defeat Lizmark for the WWA title for a second time on June 20, 1994 add something


On September 9, 1994 La Parka won the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship that he had been chasing for over a year when he defeated Lizmark for the title, finishing off the storyline between the two add something


In 1995 he would make an appearance for Extreme Championship Wrestling in the United States, teaming with Psicosis, losing a tag team match against Konnan and Rey Misterio, Jr. add something


La Parka would wear the Mexican National Light Heavyweight championship two further times while working for AAA, in 1995 and in 1996 until he lost the belt to Pimpinela Escarlata on May 13, 1996 add something


While La Parka had been busy working exclusively for WCW for a number of years Peña had given the "La Parka" outfit and character to another wrestler under AAA contract and had him working as La Parka, Jr. from late 1996 and forward, cashing in on La Parka's popularity in the states add something


Cibernetico - World Wrestling Peace Festival - In AAA he began to regularly team up with the experienced "rudo" Pierroth, Jr. On June 6, 1996 the team of Cibernético and Pierroth, Jr. participated in the World Wrestling Peace Festival in Los Angeles , California, where they lost to the team of Perro Aguayo and La Parka


The injury would keep him out of the ring until September 1998 add something


In October 1998, La Parka became part of Eddie Guerrero's Latino World Order , a group that included Psychosis, Juventud Guerrera, Villaño IV, Villaño V, El Dandy, Silver King, Héctor Garza, Damián 666, and a reluctant Rey Mysterio Jr. The group feuded mainly with Konnan and Perry Saturn add something


When Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara took over creative control of WCW in late 1999, they had Ferrara's voice dub English over the intercom while La Parka would be doing interviews in Spanish add something


In January 1999, Guerrero was injured in a car accident and the LWO group was subsequently abandoned add something


Kenny Stasiowski - On the January 9, 1999 episode of "Saturday Night", Kaos and new tag team partner Bobby Eaton defeated La Parka and Silver King in the first round of a tournament to crown the new World Tag Team Champions


He was forced to change his name from "La Parka" to "L.A. Park" in early 2003 when Asistencia Asesoría y Administración owner Antonio Peña asserted his copyright claims to the La Parka character, barring Tapia from using the name as he promoted his own La Parka add something


In 2003 L.A. ParK began working for CMLL, although he was often kept off their television broadcasts due to the ongoing legal battles with Peña and AAA. In January 2004 L.A. Park teamed up with Shocker to defeat "Los Guerreros del Infierno" to win the CMLL World Tag Team Championship add something


In 2004, Tapia made a number of appearances for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling , as both L.A. Park and La Parka add something


L.A. Park won the Xtreme Latin American Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in Friday, April 9, 2004 add something


During one of those "off again" periods L.A. Park won the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship for a fourth time when he defeated El Dandy for the title on October 15, 2004 making him one of only two wrestlers to hold the title four times add something


On May 7, 2005, L.A. Park debuted for Detroit's Independent Wrestling Revolution brand "Revolucha", teaming with American Kickboxer in a losing effort to El Hijo del Santo and Konnan add something


In February 2006, L.A. Park began a bitter feud with IWR Champion Conrad Kennedy III add something


In early 2007 La Parka returned to CMLL full-time and began a storyline with Perro Aguayo, Jr., a storyline that saw the two face off in a singles match at the 2007 "Sin Piedad" event where L.A. Park won by disqualification after "Los Perros del Mal" interfered in the match add something


After leaving CMLL in 2008 L.A. Park worked regularly for the newly started "Perros del Mal Producciones", reviving his old rivalry with Perro Aguayo, Jr. Working on the "Perros del Mal" shows allowed Tapia to help his son make his start in the wrestling business add something


In 2008 a wrestler called "Black Spirit" made his professional wrestling debut and in 2010 it was officially acknowledge that he was the son of Adolfo Tapia when he started to work as El Hijo de L.A. Park He has held the IWC World Heavyweight Championship once add something


Silver King (wrestler) - On June 13, 2008, Silver King made his debut with Asistencia Asesoría y Administración , teaming with La Parka and Chessman to face La Legion Extranjera at AAA's Triplemania XVI show


In 2009, X-LAW's owner, Ernesto Ocampo, Super Luchas Magazine publisher, decided to restart his promotion, promoting the return show on August 8, 2009, headlined with Tapia against The Sandman for the title add something


In early 2010 Tapia officially acklwedge that Black Spirit was his son announcing that he would wrestle as El Hijo de L.A. Park from add something


In March 2010 L.A. Park returned to AAA, starting a storyline with AAA's La Parka, pitting the original and the new La Parka against each other add something


On March 12, 2010, during the 2010 "Rey de Reyes" event Dorian Roldan, son of AAA boss Joaquin Roldan announced that he, Dorian, was going to take control of the promotion and that he had some help to do so add something


Tapia hyped the show in Ocampo's magazine and website weeks in advance as a "return to the Hardcore style" of ECW. The next show was on March 20, 2010, with L.A. Park facing Sabu in the main event add something


At an AAA press conference on May 12, 2010 it was announced that the match between the two would be for the rights to the name "La Parka" add something


Adolfo Tapia is part of an extended wrestling family that beyond himself includes his brother Eustacio Jiménez Ibarra, who wrestled as El Hijo de Cien Caras before his death on November 29, 2010, as well as his son who wrestles as El Hijo de L.A. Park add something


In 2011 Tapia was part of Lucha Libre USA as "'LA Park"' add something


On February 28 Park entered the 2011 "Rey de Reyes" tournament in order to solidify his spot as the number one contender, defeating Dr. Wagner, Jr., Halloween and Nicho el Millonario in his semifinal match add something


In February 2011 the next title shot was awarded to Charly Manson to set up a grudge match between him and El Zorro, causing dissension between Park and Konnan add something


The rivalry between Park and Jeff Jarrett continued on On March 18, 2012, at "Rey de Reyes", where Jarrett's interference eliminated Park from the "Rey de Reyes" tournament add something


Cibernetico - On March 18, 2012, at "Rey de Reyes", Cibernético, Billy el Malo and Escoria defeated La Parka, Dark Dragon and Tito Santana in what was billed as the final chapter in the rivalry between Cibernético and Parka


On April 23, 2013 L.A. Park announced that he had left AAA, citing his desire to be free add something


Ricky Banderas - On March 17, 2013, El Mesías defeated Canek and L.A. Park in the finals to win the 2013 Rey de Reyes tournament


On August 19, 2015, Park announced his return to CMLL. On August 28, Park returned to CMLL to team with Volador Jr. and Atlantis to wrestle Dr. Wagner Jr., Rush and La Sombra add something


On June 5, 2018 L.A Park. was revealed as one of the surprise competitors in AAA's "Poker de Ases" match at "Triplemanía XXVI", betting his mask against Psycho Clown, El Hijo del Fantasma and Pentagón Jr in the headline match of the show add something


In January 2019 L.A. Park introduced "L.A. Park Jr."; presented as a son who decided to follow in L.A. Park's footsteps and become a professional wrestler add something