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Adolph Zukor

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Adolph Zukor

Hungarian film mogul and founder of Paramount Pictures add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1889.

Countries: United States (92%), America (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Paramount Pictures, Jesse L. Lasky, Marie Doro

Linked to: Automatic Vaudeville Company, Famous Players Film Company, Paramount Pictures Corporation




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Date of birth is estimated around 1889 add something


In 1889, at the age of 16, he promised Mella Baumoel, a girl almost 4 years older than he, that he would send for her one day and they would be married, and he emigrated to the United States add something


But he was young and adventuresome, and the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, commemorating Columbus's discovery of America, drew him to the Midwest add something


By 1903, he already looked and lived like a wealthy young burgher, and he certainly earned the income of one add something


He became involved in the motion picture industry when in 1903 his cousin, Max Goldstein approached him for a loan add something


James Keteltas Hackett - In 1913, Adolph Zukor lured Hackett from the stage to star in director Edwin Porter's film "The Prisoner of Zenda" , for a role which Hackett had played in the theater numerous times


William S. Hart - In 1915 and 1916 exhibitors voted him the biggest money making star in the US. In 1917 Hart accepted a lucrative offer from Adolph Zukor to join Famous Players-Lasky, which merged into Paramount Pictures


Marie Doro - Marie Doro was born as "'Marie Katherine Steward"' to Richard Henry Stewart and Virginia Weaver in Duncannon, Pennsylvania and began her career as a theater actress under the management of Charles Frohman before progressing to motion pictures in 1915, under contract with film producer Adolph Zukor


Marie Doro - On Frohman's death in the "Lusitania" in 1915, she moved into films, initially under contract to Adolph Zukor, though most of her early movies are lost


Jesse L. Lasky - In 1916, their company merged with Adolph Zukor's Famous Players Film Company to create the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation


Mary Pickford - Pickford first demanded these powers in 1916, when she was under contract to Adolph Zukor's Famous Players In Famous Plays


In 1918, he moved to New City, Rockland County,_New_York (New_City,_New_York), where he purchased three hundred acres of land from Lawrence Abraham, heir to the A&S Department Stores add something


Lewis J. Selznick - Lewis Selznick continued in film on the East Coast until 1920 when he moved to Hollywood, California where he teamed up with Adolph Zukor and Jesse L. Lasky


CBS - In the fall of 1928, he entered into talks with Adolph Zukor of Paramount Pictures who planned to move into radio in response to RCA's forays into motion pictures with the advent of talkies


The studio evolved into Famous Players-Lasky with co-producer Jesse L. Lasky and Paramount Pictures, of which he served as president until 1936 when he was elevated to chairman of the board add something


Clara Bow - Zukor, Adolph and Kramer, Dale "The Public is Never Wrong", New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1953


He retired from Paramount Pictures in 1959 and thereafter assumed Chairman Emeritus status, a position he held up until his death at the age of 103 in Los Angeles add something

Adolph Zukor died in 1976 add something


Through the teens and twenties, he built the Publix Theatres Corporation, a chain of nearly 2000 screens add something