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American hard rock band, sometimes referred to as The Bad Boys from Boston and America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band add

Category: Music

Founded in 1977.

Countries: United States (52%), United Kingdom (13%), (7%)

Main connections: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry (musician), Jimmy Crespo

Linked to: Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, Cheap Trick, Metallica




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Aerosmith's next album was 1977's "Draw the Line" add something


Two additional albums followed in 1977 and 1979 add something


The stand-alone single "Chip Away the Stone" was released in 1978 and charted at number 77 add something


Heart (band) - Heart performed at the first Texxas Jam on July 4 weekend in 1978 in Dallas, Texas, at the Cotton Bowl in front of 100,000 people, along with Aerosmith, Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Journey, Frank Marino, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Head East, and Walter Egan


Jimmy Crespo - He was the lead guitarist & member for the hard rock band Aerosmith from 1979 until 1984


Mia Tyler - In 1979, Steven Tyler wrote a song named after Mia, which was released on the Aerosmith album "Night in the Ruts"


Jimmy Crespo - Returning to session work following the breakup of Flame, Crespo attracted the attention of Aerosmith's management following the departure of Joe Perry from the band in 1979


Other than a period from July 1979 to April 1984, the line-up of Tyler, Perry, Hamilton, Kramer, and Whitford has stayed the same add something


On July 28, 1979, at a stadium concert in Cleveland during a break in recording their sixth studio album, "Night in the Ruts", Joe Perry left the band and formed The Joe Perry Project add something


Steven Tyler - On July 28, 1979, after a huge fight at a World Series of Rock concert in Cleveland, Perry left Aerosmith to begin his own band, The Joe Perry Project


Jimmy Crespo - Invited to audition for the vacant lead guitarist position, Crespo was asked to join Aerosmith in October 1979


"Night in the Ruts" was finally released in November 1979 add something


Also in 1980, Aerosmith released its "Greatest Hits" album add something


In the fall of 1980, Tyler was injured in a serious motorcycle accident, which left him hospitalized for two months, and unable to tour or record well into 1981 add something


Later, when the band resurrected itself in the late 1980s and 1990s, Aerosmith made further appearances, including the "Wayne's World" sketch on "Saturday Night Live" in 1990, the "Flaming Moe's" episode of "The Simpsons" in 1991, and the film "Wayne's World 2" in 1993 add something


Steven Tyler's drug abuse continued to affect concerts and he collapsed onstage during a performance in Portland, Maine in early 1980 add something


The band continued to tour in support of "Night in the Ruts" with new guitarist Jimmy Crespo on board, but through the early 1980s, the band's popularity waned add something


The band did not fare well between 1980 and 1984, releasing a lone album, "Rock in a Hard Place", which went gold but failed to match their previous successes add something


Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, the band scored several hits and won numerous awards for music from the multi-platinum albums "Pump" , "Get a Grip" , and "Nine Lives" , and embarked on their most extensive concert tours to date add something


Steven Tyler - After Aerosmith launched a remarkable comeback in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the albums "Permanent Vacation", "Pump", and "Get a Grip", Tyler became a household name and has remained a relevant rock icon


Steven Tyler - After Tyler had successfully completed rehab, every other member of Aerosmith eventually followed suit; all had successfully exited their respective programs at various times in the mid-late 1980s


Cyrinda Foxe - Foxe and Tyler divorced shortly before Aerosmith made a comeback in the late 1980s


Jim Vallance - In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Vallance helped to write several songs with the band, including some of the hit singles "Rag Doll" , "Hangman Jury" , "The Other Side" , "Eat the Rich" , and "Deuces are Wild" , in addition to several other Aerosmith songs


MTV - MTV played some classic rock acts from the 1980s and earlier decades, including David Bowie, Dire Straits , Journey, Rush, Aerosmith, The Moody Blues, John Mellencamp, Billy Joel, Genesis, Billy Squier, Robert Palmer, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, The Who and &ZZ_Top; newly solo acts such as Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, David Lee Roth and Pete_Townshend; supergroup acts such as Asia, Power Station, The Firm and Traveling Wilburys, as well as forgotten acts such as Michael Stanley Band, Shoes, Blotto and Taxxi


MTV - Subsequently, grunge and alternative rock had a rise in mainstream tastes, while 1980s-style hair bands and traditional rockers were phased out, with some exceptions such as Aerosmith and Tom Petty


Bob Mayo - In 1981, Mayo was asked by Joey Kramer of Aerosmith to play keyboards in his band Renegade fronted by vocalist Marge Raymond


After recording guitar parts for the song "Lightning Strikes", Whitford was replaced by Rick Dufay and the band recorded their seventh album "Rock in a Hard Place" in 1982 add something


Jimmy Crespo - Crespo co-wrote six of the songs on Aerosmith's 1982 album "Rock in a Hard Place" with Tyler


Rick Dufay - Dufay can be heard on parts of Aerosmith's 1982 album "Rock in a Hard Place" as well being seen in the video for "Lightning Strikes"


Heavy metal music - For example, the 1983 "Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll" includes this passage: "known for its aggressive blues-based hard-rock style, Aerosmith was the top American heavy-metal band of the mid-Seventies


Bob Mayo - In 1983, Mayo played keyboards live with Aerosmith


In 1984, Aerosmith embarked on a reunion tour called the "Back in the Saddle Tour", which led to the live album "Classics Live II" add something


Perry and Whitford returned in 1984 and the band signed a new deal with Geffen Records add something


Jimmy Crespo - Commercial difficulties during pre-production of the band's next album coupled with singer Tyler's desire to reconvene with guitarist Perry saw Crespo exit the band in mid 1984, as the "classic" 1971-1979 Aerosmith lineup re-formed


Joe Perry (musician) - In 1984, Aerosmith embarked on the successful comeback tour, the "Back in the Saddle Tour"


Barry Goudreau - The band added keyboardist and backing vocalist Brian Maes and toured in support of Aerosmith in 1984 but ultimately broke up in 1985


Joe Perry (musician) - In February 1984, both Perry and Whitford met up with their old bandmates in Aerosmith, which led to them re-joining the band two months later


On February 14, 1984, Perry and Whitford saw Aerosmith perform at Boston's Orpheum Theater, which in turn led to their official re-induction into the ranks of the band two months later add something


Steven Tyler - On February 14, 1984, Perry and Whitford, who left the band in 1979 and 1981 respectively, showed up at an Aerosmith show


In 1985, the band released the album "Done with Mirrors", their first studio album since reuniting add something


In 1986, Tyler completed a successful drug rehabilitation program, after an intervention by his fellow band members, a doctor, and manager Tim Collins, who believed that the band's future would not be bright if Tyler did not get treated add something


Nevertheless, the band became a popular concert attraction once again, touring in support of "Done With Mirrors", well into 1986 add something


Jim Vallance - In 1986, Aerosmith was a band in turmoil


Joe Perry (musician) - In 1986, Perry and Tyler collaborated with Run-D.M.C. in a remake of & Aerosmith's 1975 hit "Walk This Way", which helped break rap into mainstream popularity and brought Aerosmith renewed mainstream attention as well


Rick Rubin - In 1986, he worked with Aerosmith again on demos for their forthcoming album, but their collaboration ended early and resulted in only rough studio jams


Rick Rubin - This 1986 production is often credited with both introducing rap-hard rock to mainstream ears and revitalizing Aerosmith


According to the band's tell-all autobiography, Collins pledged in September 1986 he could make Aerosmith the biggest band in the world by 1990 if they all completed drug rehab add something


Kristin Dattilo - Dattilo is remembered for her role as the titular song character in the music video of Aerosmith's 1989 record "Janie's Got a Gun"


Tommy Aldridge - Tommy appeared on Whitesnake's "Slip Of The Tongue", released in 1989, which was considerably less successful ; Whitesnake nevertheless remained massively successful and toured the world to support the album, co-headlining the 1990 Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Park with Aerosmith


"Pump", released in September 1989, featured three Top Ten singles: "What It Takes", "Janie's Got a Gun", and "Love in an Elevator", as well as the Top 30 "The Other Side", re-establishing the band as a serious musical force add something


However, this led to accusations of selling out that would continue throughout the 1990s add something


In 1990, Aerosmith won their first Grammy award, for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, and went on to win a total of four such awards for "Janie's Got a Gun", "Livin' on the Edge", "Crazy", and "Pink" add something


In addition, Aerosmith's music videos won numerous awards throughout the 1990s add something


In support of "Pump", the band embarked on the 12-month Pump Tour, which lasted for most of 1990 add something


Some of the high accolades Aerosmith have achieved include induction into Hollywood's Rock Walk in 1990, a declaration of "Aerosmith Day" in the state of Massachusetts by then-Governor William Weld on April 13, 1993, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, and being honored with the mtvICON award in 2002 add something


"Pump" ranked as the fourth-bestselling album of 1990 add something


Jeff Lynne - Lynne's work in the 1990s includes production of a 1993 album for singer/songwriter Julianna Raye entitled "Something Peculiar" and production or songwriting contributions to albums by Roger McGuinn , Joe Cocker , Aerosmith , Tom Jones , Bonnie Tyler , the film "Still Crazy", Hank Marvin , Et Moi , and the Tandy Morgan Band


On February 21, 1990, the band appeared in a "Wayne's World" sketch on "Saturday Night Live," debating the fall of communism and the Soviet Union, and performed their recent hits "Janie's Got a Gun" and "Monkey on My Back" add something


On August 11, 1990, the band's performance on MTV's "Unplugged" aired add something


In October 1990, the Pump Tour ended, with the band's first ever performances in Australia add something


Also in 1991, the band performed their 1973 single "Dream On" with Michael Kamen's orchestra for MTV's 10th Anniversary special; this performance was used as the official music video for the song add something


Between 1991 and 1996, they released two more albums with Geffen , which meant they now had five albums with Geffen under their belt , which meant they could now begin recording for their new contract with Columbia add something


Steven Tyler - In 1991, Aerosmith was one of the first bands to be featured on "The Simpsons"


In 1992, Tyler and Perry appeared live as guests of Guns N' Roses during the latter's 1992 worldwide pay-per-view show in Paris, performing a medley of "Mama Kin" and "Train Kept-A Rollin" add something


The band took a brief break before recording their follow-up to "Pump" in 1992 add something


Edward Furlong - In 1993, Furlong was featured in Aerosmith's music video for "Livin' on the Edge"


Crazy (Aerosmith song) - It was the final single from Aerosmith's massively successful 1993 album "Get a Grip"


Liv Tyler - They have worked together professionally, once when she appeared in Aerosmith's music video for "Crazy" in 1993, and again when Aerosmith performed many of the songs in the film "Armageddon" in which Liv Tyler starred


Liv Tyler - Tyler first became known to television audiences when she starred alongside Alicia Silverstone in the music video for Aerosmith's 1993 song "Crazy"


Harbour Station - The arena opened in October 1993 to a gala and a concert by Aerosmith which was attended by over 7,000 people, a record that was broken in 2008 by Elton John who brought in 8,100 fans


In 1994, Aerosmith released the song "Head First" on the CompuServe online service, which is considered to be the first full-length commercial product available online add something


The band won two Grammy awards for songs from this album in the category of Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal: for "Livin' on the Edge" in 1994 and "Crazy" in 1995 add something


Led Zeppelin - In 1995, Led Zeppelin were inducted into the United States Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith


Eva Mendes - Mendes appeared in Will Smith's video "Miami" and the Pet Shop Boys' music video for "Se a vida é " in 1996 and Aerosmith's video "Hole in My Soul" in 1997


Joe Perry (musician) - While grateful for all he had done to help resurrect their careers, Aerosmith fired Collins in 1996 and carried on with new management


Diane Warren - "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" is a song performed by American rock band Aerosmith for the 1998 film "Armageddon"


Diane Warren - In the United Kingdom, the song peaked at number four in November 1998, becoming Aerosmith's highest charting song in the UK to date


In 1999, Aerosmith was featured in the Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World ride, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, providing the ride's soundtrack and theme add something


Joe Perry (musician) - In 1999, the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith opened at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida


In the fall of 2000, they started work on their next album add something


The band toured throughout the 2000s, touring every year except 2008 add something


Additional albums followed in 2001 and 2004 add something


They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, and were included among both "Rolling Stone"'s and VH1's lists of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time add something


Joe Perry (musician) - In 2001, Aerosmith performed at the Super Bowl XXXV half-time show and released the platinum-certified "Just Push Play", which included the Top 10 single "Jaded"


Steven Tyler - In 2001, Aerosmith played at the Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Joe Perry (musician) - In 2001, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of Aerosmith, and in 2013, Perry and his songwriting partner Steven Tyler will be recipients of the ASCAP Founders *award and will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame


Kid Rock - In early 2001, Rock inducted Aerosmith into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and performed "Sweet Emotion" at the induction ceremony


MTV - On the heels of parent company Viacom's purchase of & CBS, MTV was selected to produce the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXV in 2001, airing on CBS (NFL_on_CBS) and featuring Britney Spears, 'N Sync and Aerosmith


Rick Dufay - Perry thanked Dufay for "committing career suicide" during Aerosmith's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech in 2001


Steven Tyler - The band went on tour again in the summer of 2001, and since Aerosmith has toured every year, except 2008


The band entered their next decade by performing at the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXV, in January 2001, along with pop stars 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly add something


They were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soon after their album was released, in late March 2001 add something


In May, Aerosmith covered the "Theme from Spider-Man" for the soundtrack of the 2002 film of the same name add something


The band started 2002 by ending the Just Push Play tour, and simultaneously recording segments for their "Behind the Music" special on VH1, which not only chronicled the band's history but the band's current activities and touring add something


Steven Tyler - In 2002, Aerosmith's two-hour long "Behind the Music" was released, chronicling the band's tumultuous history and current activities and touring


Shakira - At Aerosmith's MTV Icon in April 2002, Shakira performed "Dude "


In 2003, Aerosmith co-headlined with Kiss on the Rocksimus Maximus Tour, in preparation for release of their blues album add something


Steven Adler - With an ever-changing line-up due to members' previous commitments, the band toured the US and Europe throughout 2003 and 2004, playing mostly songs off Guns N' Roses' debut album "Appetite for Destruction", as well as material by Aerosmith, &Led_Zeppelin, and Queen


Smiley Lewis - Blues - Aerosmith included it on their blues album, "Honkin' on Bobo", released in 2004


Steven Tyler - In 2004, Aerosmith released the blues cover album "Honkin' on Bobo" and launched a brief tour with Cheap Trick, focused on smaller markets


Jon Brant - In 2004, when Petersson was unable to tour briefly after the birth of his child, Brant re-joined the band for a month of shows as opening act for Aerosmith


Joe Perry (musician) - The Aerosmith blues cover album "Honkin' on Bobo" was released in 2004


Steven Tyler - The 2004 film "The Polar Express" featured Tyler singing "Rockin' on Top of the World" alongside a group of computer-animated elves resembling Aerosmith


It was followed by a live DVD, "You Gotta Move", in December 2004, culled from performances on the Honkin' on Bobo Tour add something


The band has been featured in the 2005 hit comedy Be Cool, starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Cedric the Entertainer and Vince Vaughn add something


Mick Mars - Despite his precarious health condition, he was able to perform in the Carnival of Sins tour in 2005 and the Route of All Evil Tour with Aerosmith in 2006


Myles Heskett - The band moved to Los Angeles in May 2005 and rented Hollywood recording studio Cherokee, recording home of such artists as Aerosmith, Korn and Lenny Kravitz


In October 2005, Aerosmith released a CD/DVD "Rockin' the Joint" add something


Aerosmith commenced recording a new album on Armed Forces Day 2006 add something


Around this time, the band announced that they would embark on the Route of All Evil Tour with Mötley Crüe in late 2006 add something


At the 2006 Grammy awards, he was nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for the track "Mercy", but lost to Les Paul add something


Tyler and Perry performed with the Boston Pops Orchestra for their annual July 4 concert on the Esplanade in 2006, a milestone as it was the first major event or performance since Steven Tyler's throat surgery add something


Dates were initially canceled one by one until March 22, 2006, when it was announced that lead singer Steven Tyler needed throat surgery, and the remaining dates on the tour were subsequently canceled add something


Steven Tyler - After a few weeks of rest, Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith entered the studio on May 20, 2006 to begin work on their new album


On August 24, 2006 it was announced that Tom Hamilton was undergoing treatment for throat cancer add something


On September 5, 2006, Aerosmith kicked off the Route of All Evil Tour with Mötley Crüe in Columbus, Ohio add something


Ehud Goldwasser - On September 19, 2006, rock band Aerosmith dedicated their hit song "Dream On" to Goldwasser at the request of his wife


After Tyler recovered from falling off stage, the band returned to the stage in mid-October for two shows in Hawaii, one in Maui which was rescheduled from 2007 and finally played as part of a legal settlement, and an additional show which was played in Honolulu add something


In early 2007, the band announced a new World Tour, their first for nearly a decade to include dates outside North America or Japan add something


Steven Tyler - Back in 2007, Aerosmith had to cancel their first concert in Maui, which resulted in a class action lawsuit involving 8,000 plaintiffs


Steven Tyler - In 2007, Tyler kept active in Aerosmith with the band's world tour which saw them perform in 19 countries


Bar Refaeli - She debuted in the 2007 "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue, becoming the first Israeli model to appear in the magazine, posing with rock band Aerosmith


Girls Aloud - Their cover Aerosmith and Run DMC's "Walk This Way", a collaboration with the Sugababes, was the official charity single for Comic Relief in 2007, recorded at Comic Relief co-founder and trustee Richard Curtis' request


The band performed at London's Hard Rock Cafe in February 2007 to promote their European tour which included a night in Hyde Park as part of the Hyde Park Calling festival sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe add something


Tom Jones (singer) - On 1 July 2007 Jones was among the invited artists who performed at Wembley Stadium at the Concert for Diana, joined on stage by guitarist Joe Perry of Aerosmith and British soul singer Joss Stone


Guitar Hero - On September 4, 2007, "Billboard" announced that the band Aerosmith was "working closely with the makers of "Guitar Hero IV", which will be dedicated to the group's music


Joan Jett - In November 2007, Jett and the Blackhearts appeared with Motörhead and Alice Cooper in a UK arena tour; Jett opened eight American shows on Aerosmith's 2007 World Tour


On November 1, 2007, the band entered the studio to work on the final studio album of their current contract with Sony add something


" The group did some recording with producer Brendan O'Brien in 2008 but halted because of Tyler's health problems add something


Freedom Hall Civic Center - Performances there have included the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus who came in 2008 a Jehovah's Witnesses convention in 2010 Elvis Presley, Sir Elton John, Aerosmith, and many more top musical acts


The game was released on June 29, 2008 and contains many of their most popular songs add something


Steven Tyler announced on VH1 Classic Radio on September 4, 2008 that Aerosmith intends to enter the studio at the end of September 2008 to complete the band's 15th studio album add something


Many of the concerts were in locations the band canceled on in 2009 add something


Meanwhile, guitarist Joe Perry toured the United States at the end of 2009, and Japan and the UK early in 2010 add something


Tyler pulled out of a planned South American tour at the end of 2009 and seemed intent on pursuing solo projects, including his autobiography "Does the Noise in My Head Bother You-" add something


While announcing the Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock Tour in 2009, Tyler and Perry said that the next item on the agenda was a new Aerosmith album, the group's first since 2004's "Honkin' on Bobo add something


However, on January 15, 2009, Tyler said the band would be unable to play the gig because of a second knee injury of guitarist Joe Perry add something


This tour was supposed to be preceded by a concert in Venezuela on February 1, 2009 add something


Tyler confirmed that the band plans to begin a new U.S. tour in June 2009, in support of the as-yet-untitled album add something


Steven Tyler - On August 5, 2009, while on the Guitar Hero Aerosmith Tour, Tyler fell off a stage near Sturgis, South Dakota, injuring his head and neck and breaking his shoulder


Perry's solo album was released on October 6, 2009 add something


Joe Perry (musician) - In 2009, while on tour with Aerosmith, Perry announced that he would be releasing a new Joe Perry Project album entitled "Have Guitar, Will Travel", which was released on October 6, 2009


In November 2009, Joe Perry stated that Tyler had not been in contact with the band and could be on the verge of quitting Aerosmith add something


Steven Tyler - On November 9, 2009, it was reported that Steven Tyler had no contact with the other members of Aerosmith and that they were unsure if he was still in the band


However, despite the rumors of him leaving the band, Tyler joined The Joe Perry Project onstage on November 10, 2009 at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza, and Tyler and Perry performed the Aerosmith single "Walk This Way" together add something


Steven Tyler - Despite rumors of leaving the band, and notwithstanding Perry's comment as reported earlier the same day, Tyler joined The Joe Perry Project onstage November 10, 2009, at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza and performed "Walk This Way." According to sources at the event, Tyler assured the crowd that despite rumors to the contrary, he is "not quitting Aerosmith


Steven Tyler - On November 10, 2009, Joe Perry confirmed that Steven Tyler had quit Aerosmith to pursue a solo career and was unsure whether the move was indefinite


Joe Perry (musician) - On November 10, 2009, at a Joe Perry Project concert in New York City, Tyler made a surprise appearance, assuring the crowd he was not quitting Aerosmith and performed "Walk This Way" with the band


Steven Tyler - In 2010, Steven Tyler embarked on the Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock Tour with Aerosmith, which saw them perform over 40 concerts in 18 countries


On January 20, 2010, Perry confirmed the band were about to audition for a new singer to replace Tyler add something


On February 15, 2010, it was announced that Aerosmith were to headline Download Festival at Donington Park, England in June 2010 add something


Problems on the band's Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock Tour arose in August 2010, including Steven Tyler accidentally hitting Joe Perry in the head with his microphone stand at a show in Wantagh, New York, New York and Perry bumping into Tyler at the Toronto show, which caused Tyler to tumble off the stage add something


Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton told the "Boston Herald" in September 2010 that Tyler believes he has the time and energy to continue fronting the band while being a judge on "American Idol" add something


Joan Jett - The group was the opening act for Aerosmith's September 2010 Canadian tour


In a November 2010 interview reported at, drummer Joey Kramer confirmed that the band had every intention to finish and release their long-delayed album in 2011, stating, "Really, at this point in time, the only thing that's going to stop us is if someone out-and-out dies add something


On November 5, 2010, Brad Whitford said the recording sessions will probably be in Los Angeles, where "American Idol" is headquartered, and a world tour would follow add something


The show included very candid interviews with the band members, interspersed with live performances from the band's 2011 tour add something


Carrie Underwood - At the 2011 Academy of Country Music *awards, Underwood sang with Steven Tyler both her song "Undo It" and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way"


Hennessey Venom GT - The Venom GT Spyder is an open top version of the Venom GT. Having decided to order a Venom GT, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler approached Hennessey in Autumn 2011 and asked if an open-top version could be created


Steven Tyler - Throughout the summer of 2011, Tyler worked with the other members of Aerosmith on the band's next studio album, scheduled for release in the spring of 2012


What else is there-" On January 18, 2011, Tyler declared that "Joe has got some licks and I've got a bunch of songs that I've written for solo and/or Aerosmith" and the band would start prepping the album that week add something


On May 14, 2011, the band announced a tour of Latin America in the fall of 2011 add something


Steven Tyler - On October 22, 2011, Tyler set off for an 18-date Aerosmith tour across Latin America and Japan


Forsyth Barr Stadium - The stadium hosted four matches of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, and after hosting Elton John in November 2011 hosted more major music events in April 2013, when Aerosmith and Paul Simon performed in New Zealand for the first time


Cheap Trick - In 2012, Cheap Trick opened for Aerosmith on the Global Warming Tour


Matt Sorum - In 2012, Sorum founded a touring project, entitled Kings of Chaos, featuring members of Guns N' Roses, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, &ZZ_Top, Cheap Trick and Slipknot


On March 11, 2012, Aerosmith was featured on an episode of "60 Minutes" add something


Steven Tyler - On March 11, 2012, a special about Aerosmith aired on "60 Minutes", where some of the comments made by the band members highlighted the still-contentious relationships in the band


Steven Tyler - On March 26, 2012, Aerosmith announced their "Global Warming Tour" with dates in many major North American cities from June 16 to August 8, preceded by a performance on May 30 for Walmart shareholders


On August 30, it was announced that the new album will be released around May 2012 add something


Steven Tyler - Tyler visited the "American Idol" judges when they were auditioning contestants in November 2012 in Oklahoma City while Tyler happened to be in town for a concert on Aerosmith's Global Warming Tour


Fred Durst - On December 11, 2012, Durst performed with Camp Freddy covering "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith for the technology expo, Dell world, at the ACL Moody Theater in Austin, Texas


In late April and early May of 2013, Aerosmith extended their Global Warming Tour to Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Indonesia add something


Jon Stevens - The Dead Daisies opened for Aerosmith during the Australasian leg of their 2013 'Global Warming Tour' and, in addition to the original songs on the setlist, performed three cover versions: "All Right Now", by Free, "Stay With Me", by The Faces and "Helter Skelter", by The Beatles


Carrie Underwood - On January 21, 2013, "Can't Stop Lovin' You", a song by rock band Aerosmith with featured vocals by Underwood, was released as a single


Forsyth Barr Stadium - Its future as a music venue is in doubt however after poor ticket sales for the Aerosmith concert in April 2013


In late April and early May 2013, Aerosmith extended their Global Warming Tour to Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore add something


In October 2013 the band announced footage shot on its 2011 'Back On The Road' tour of Japan would be turned into a movie add something


Slash (musician) - Slash has announced he will touring The USA in the summer of 2014 with Aerosmith


On March 21, 2014, in tweets released by Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, and Slash, it was announced that Aerosmith would be touring the United States with Slash in the summer of 2014 add something


Asked in May 2014 if Aerosmith will release a sixteenth studio album anytime soon, bassist Tom Hamilton replied, "I hope soon add something


Sydney Steel Corporation - Open Hearth Park features a playground and soccer field, and has hosted events such as a concert by international recording stars Aerosmith in September 2014


In the summer of 2015, Aerosmith will embark on the Blue Army Tour, which is expected to send the band to approximately 20 locations in North America from June through August add something


On February 26, 2015, Aerosmith premiered the film "Aerosmith Rocks Donington" in 300 movie theaters across North_America; the concert video is from the band's 2014 performance at Download Festival at Donington Park in Leicestershire, England add something


On March 31, 2015, lead singer Steven Tyler stated that he was working on his first solo country album add something


Steven Tyler - In May 2015, Tyler released the country single "Love is Your Name"; his debut solo album is expected to be released in the latter part of the year after Aerosmith finishes their 17-date Blue Army Tour in August


Joe Perry (musician) - On June 13, 2015, Perry will join Aerosmith on the Blue Army Tour, which will send the band to 17 North American locations through August 7, many of them in smaller venues in secondary markets that the band has either never performed in or hasn't performed in many years


The video is set to be released on DVD/Blu-ray on September 4, 2015 add something


Joey Kramer has been actively involved in his "Rockin' & Roastin'" coffee business, which opened a location in Newry,_Maine in December 2015 add something


Joe Perry (musician) - Since December 2015, in various interviews, Perry and fellow & Aerosmith band members Brad Whitford and Steven Tyler have discussed the possibility of an Aerosmith farewell tour or "wind-down tour" slated to start in 2017


After the tour, Tyler completed work on his solo album, which is expected to be released in 2016 add something


A second single, "Red, White, and You", was released in January 2016 add something


In April 2016 Tyler had recent interviews about his solo carrer and his shows booked this year add something


The Boston based WZLX radio show Karlson and McKenzie produced a segment on April 29, 2016 titled "Meet Aerosmiths Biggest fan: Jay" and stated that Jay Conroy is "probably Aerosmiths biggest fan" add something


On June 22, 2016, the band announced their retirement, with frontman Steven Tyler saying, "It's time," and announcing the band's 2017 farewell tour to RockFeed add something


On July 10, 2016, Perry collapsed onstage at a concert he was performing with the Hollywood Vampires on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York add something


After the tour, Tyler completed work on his solo album, "We're All Somebody from Somewhere", which will be released on July 15, 2016 add something


From September through October 2016, Aerosmith will embark on a 10-date tour of Latin America preceded by a September 16 performance at the Kaaboo Festival in San Diego, California add something


Joe Perry (musician) - From September through October 2016, Perry will rejoin Aerosmith for a 10-date tour of Latin America preceded by a September 16 performance at the Kaaboo Festival in San Diego, California


Steven Tyler - From September through October 2016, Tyler will rejoin Aerosmith for a 10-date tour of Latin America preceded by a September 16 performance at the Kaaboo Festival in San_Diego (San_Diego,_California)


According to Brad Whitford, the tour could end anytime from 2017 to the next five years in 2021 add something


After 46 years of performing, the band continues to tour and record music, but is contemplating a farewell tour, slated to begin in 2017 add something


Steven Tyler - In April 2017, Tyler performed with Aerosmith in Phoenix, Arizona for the NCAA Final Four Men's Basketball Tournament and performed two solo shows with Loving Mary in Japan


The tour launched in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 17, 2017, where approximately 45,000 tickets were sold add something


In early July, the band completed the European leg of the tour; the band will perform in South America in September and October 2017 add something


On 19 January 2018, Perry released a solo disc titled "Sweetzerland Manifesto" add something


On August 15, 2018, Aerosmith appeared on NBC's "Today" show to announce a residency in Las Vegas called Deuces are Wild, a reference to both Las Vegas casino gambling and their 1994 single of the same name add something


After years of performing, the band continues to tour and record music, but is embarking on a farewell tour The band will be performing at a residency in Las Vegas in the spring and summer of 2019 add something


On February 14, 2019, Aerosmith will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame add something


On June 25, 2019, "The New York Times Magazine" listed Aerosmith among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire add something