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Alan Ayckbourn

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Alan Ayckbourn

Prolific English playwright add

Category: Literature

Born in 1939.

Countries: United Kingdom (87%), United States (4%), Australia (4%)

Main connections: Stephen Joseph, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jenny Seagrove

Linked to: London Symphony Orchestra, BBC, University of Keele




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Alan Ayckbourn was born in 1939 add something


His parents, who separated shortly after World War II, never married, and Ayckbourn's mother divorced her "first" husband to marry again in 1948 add something


In 1957, Ayckbourn was employed by the director Stephen Joseph at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, the predecessor to the modern Stephen Joseph Theatre add something


This employment led to Ayckbourn's first professional script commission, in 1958 add something


Scarborough premières of Ayckbourn plays between 1959 and 1976 were at the original venue of the Library Theatre, and premières between 1977 and 1995 were at the intermediate venue of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round at Westwood add something


The result was "The Square Cat", written under the pseudonym Roland Allen and first performed in 1959 add something


Alan Ayckbourn began directing at the Scarborough Library Theatre in 1961, with a production of "Gas Light" by Patrick Hamilton add something


His fortunes began to revive in 1963 with "Mr add something


It was not until 1963 that Ayckbourn directed a play of his own , 1967 that Ayckbourn directed a première of his own add something


He left the Stoke company in 1964, officially to commit his time to the London production of "Mr add something


Relatively Speaking - Then, in 1965, back at the Scarborough Library Theatre, "Meet my Father" was produced, later retitled "Relatively Speaking" add something


After the death of Stephen Joseph in 1967, the position of Director of Productions was appointed on an annual basis add something


More than 40 have subsequently been produced in the West End, at the Royal National Theatre or by the Royal Shakespeare Company since his first hit "Relatively Speaking" opened at the Duke of York's Theatre in 1967 add something


Stephen Joseph - He refounded the theatre in Scarborough as the Scarborough Theatre Trust, which by 1967 was beginning to be successful with the assistance of new playwrights such as Alan Ayckbourn


Alan Ayckbourn was offered this position in 1969 and 1970, succeeding Rodney Wood, but he handed the position over to Caroline Smith in 1971 add something


However, the marriage had difficulties which eventually led to their separation in 1971 add something


Tom Courtenay - Courtenay's television and radio appearances have been relatively few, but have included "She Stoops to Conquer" in 1971 on BBC and several Ayckbourn plays


He became Director of Productions again in 1972, and this time, on 12 November that same year, he was made the permanent artistic director of the theatre add something


He has written and produced more than seventy full-length plays in Scarborough and London and was, between 1972 and 2009, the artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, where all but four of his plays have received their first performance add something


Michael Gambon - His rise to stardom began in 1974 when Eric Thompson cast him as the melancholy vet in Alan Ayckbourn's "The Norman Conquests" at Greenwich


Fenella Fielding - In the theatre, she was in, among other things, Alan Ayckbourn's "Absurd Person Singular" at the Criterion Theatre, London , directed by Sam Walters, in 1974, and "Fallen Angels" at Watford, directed by Kim_Grant (K_M_Grant)


The only failure during this period was 1975 musical with Andrew Lloyd-Webber, "Jeeves", and even this did little to dent Ayckbourn's popularity add something


David Wood (actor) - He appeared as the character Bingo Little in the original London cast of the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Alan Ayckbourn musical "Jeeves" in 1975


Michael Aldridge - In 1975 Aldridge appeared in the title role of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Alan Ayckbourn's musical "Jeeves", based on the stories by P. G. Wodehouse


Gabrielle Drake - In 1975, she appeared as Madeline Bassett in the original London cast of the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Alan Ayckbourn musical "Jeeves"


The London premières remained in the hands of other directors for longer, with the first play of his both written and directed by him in London waiting until 1977 add something


From the 1980s, Ayckbourn began to move away from the recurring themes of marriage and explore other contemporary themes, one example being "Woman in Mind", a play performed entirely from the perspective of a Woman going through a nervous breakdown add something


Denise Welch - She performed on stage in London in "Yakkety-Yak" with the McGann brothers at the Astoria Theatre in 1983, and later joined the Live Theatre Company, Newcastle, where she featured in many productions, including "There's a Girl in My Soup", and an Alan Ayckbourn quartet of plays including "Bedroom Farce"


Alan Ayckbourn received the CBE in 1987 and was knighted in 1997 add something


Robyn Nevin - They met when they starred in Alan Ayckbourn's "Woman in Mind" at the STC in 1987


Stockard Channing - The Alan Ayckbourn play "Woman in Mind" received its American premiere Off-Broadway in February 1988 at the Manhattan Theatre Club


Jenna Russell - She appeared in the RSC production of Alan Ayckbourn's "Wildest Dreams" at the Barbican in December 1993


Brenda Pye - Her second husband, with whom she was to live for the next 33 years, until he died in 1994, was Cecil Pye, the stepfather of the playwright Sir Alan Ayckbourn and nephew of the founder of the Pye radio and television manufacturing business


Premières from 1996 were at the current Stephen Joseph Theatre, in the Round unless otherwise stated add something


"Jeeves" is a musical collaboration with Andrew Lloyd-Webber, re-written 1996 as "By Jeeves" add something


Diana Morrison - Diana played Madeline Bassett in the 1996 revival cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Alan Ayckbourn's musical "By Jeeves" directed by


Like his mother, neither he nor Christine sought a divorce for the next thirty years and it was only in 1997 that they formally divorced; Ayckbourn married Heather Stoney add something


He announced in 1999 that he would step back from directing the work of other playwrights, in order to concentrate on his own plays, the last one being Rob Shearman's "Knights in Plastic Armour" in 1999; the exception being in 2002 when he directed the world première of Tim Firth's "The Safari Party" add something


Janie Dee - In 2000 Dee appeared in the lead role Jacie Triplethree in Sir Alan Ayckbourn's new comedy "Comic Potential" at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue


Ian MacNaughton - In 2001 MacNaughton was returning from the first night of a translation of Alan Ayckbourn's play Seasons Greetings at the theatre in Hall, when he was involved in a car accident that led to his final illness


Damsels In Distress - In 2002, following a dispute over the Duchess Theatre's handling of "Damsels in Distress", Ayckbourn sharply criticised both this and the West End's treatment of theatre in general, in particular their casting of celebrities add something


Bryce Dallas Howard - Among these were "House and Garden", a 2002 Alan Ayckbourn production held at the Manhattan Theatre Club, in which she portrayed a disdainful, flirtatious teen


Although Alan Ayckbourn's plays no longer dominate the theatrical scene on the scale of his earlier works, he continues to write, his most recent major success being "Private Fears in Public Places" that had a hugely successful Off-Broadway run, and in 2006 was made into a film "C?urs", directed by Alain Resnais add something


If I Were You - After Ayckbourn suffered a stroke in February 2006, he returned to work in September and premièred his 70th play "If I Were You" at the Stephen Joseph Theatre the following month add something


He announced in June 2007 that he would retire as artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre after the 2008 season add something


Matthew Warchus - Recent projects included a production of Alan Ayckbourn's trilogy of plays "The Norman Conquests" at London 's Old Vic Theatre, "Boeing Boeing" at New York's Broadhurst Theatre , a UK tour of the musical "Our House" and the stage adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings", which played the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane from May 2007 through July 2008


Jenny Seagrove - In December 2007, she played Marion Brewster-Wright in the Garrick Theatre revival of Alan Ayckbourn's dark, three-act comedy "Absurd Person Singular"


Things That Go Bump - In 2008, they were included in the trilogy "Things That Go Bump" with the newly written "Life and Beth" add something


After suffering a stroke, there was uncertainly as to whether he could continue to write , but his first play written afterwards, "Life and Beth", was premièred in the summer of 2008 add something


Ian Hogg (actor) - In the summer of 2008, he played in repertory in Scarborough, North Yorkshire at the Stephen Joseph Theatre under the artistic direction of Alan Ayckbourn


Amanda Root - She won rave reviews in October 2008 for her portrayal of the control freak Sarah in The Old Vic's revival of Alan Ayckbourn's interlinked trilogy "The Norman Conquests", directed in the round by Matthew Warchus


Although he did not explicitly say he would boycott the West End, he did not return to direct in the West End again until 2009 with a revival of "Woman in Mind" add something


Ayckbourn continues to write for the Stephen Joseph Theatre on invitation of his successor as artistic director, Chris Monks, with the first new play under this arrangement, "My Wonderful Day", performed in October 2009 add something


Mathew Bose - In 2009 Bose toured with the Alan Ayckbourn show "Season's Greetings"


Nicky Henson - In 2009 he directed the Jack Shepherd play "Only When I Laugh" at the Arcola Theatre in London and Alan Ayckbourn's "Intimate Exchanges" at Sheringham Little Theatre


Jane Asher - In October 2009, she appeared as Delia in Peter Hall's revival of Alan Ayckbourn's "Bedroom Farce" at the Rose Theatre, Kingston and in her first pantomime, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" at Richmond Theatre in December 2009, receiving enthusiastic reviews for both


In March 2010 he directed an in-the-round revival of his play "Taking Steps" at the Orange Tree Theatre, winning universal press acclaim add something


Mark Gatiss - From December 2010 to March 2011 Gatiss was playing the role of Bernard in Alan Ayckbourn's "Season's Greetings" at the Royal National Theatre in London alongside Catherine Tate


Mathew Bose - In 2011 Bose toured with the Alan Ayckbourn show "Season's Greetings"


Nigel Harman - From September 2012 to January 2013 he will star alongside Rob Brydon and Ashley Jensen in Alan Ayckbourn's "A Chorus of Disapproval" at the Harold Pinter Theatre in the West End


Felicity Kendal - In 2013 she will star in the first London revival of "Relatively Speaking" by Alan Ayckbourn


Melbourne Grammar School - The 2013 production was a surrealist modern update of Alan Ayckbourn's "Ernie's Incredible Illucinations"


Mike Bartlett (playwright) - In October 2013, Mike won Best New Play at The National Theatre *awards for his play Bull, beating plays from both Alan Ayckbourn and Tom Wells


His latest play, "Roundelay" is scheduled to open in September 2014; the order in which each of the five acts is played in each performance is to be left to chance , with members of the audience being invited to extract five coloured ping pong balls from a bag beforehand add something


Andrea Lowe - She starred in Alan Ayckbourn's play "How the Other Half Loves" alongside Jenny Seagrove and Jason Merrells at the Duke of York's Theatre, the West End theatre, on St Martin's Lane, London in 2016


Tamzin Outhwaite - Outhwaite has been cast to play Teresa Phillips in a revival of Alan Ayckbourn How the Other Half Loves at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket in March 2016