Alan Duncan

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Alan Duncan

British Conservative Party politician add

Category: Politics

Born in 1957.

Countries: United Kingdom (54%), United States (9%), UK (6%)

Main connections: John Major, Michael Howard, House of Commons of the United Kingdom

Linked to: Conservative Party, Beechwood Park School, Chairman of the Conservative Party, College Green




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Alan Duncan was born in 1957 add something


Whilst coming from a Liberal family, and running as a Liberal at a school mock election in 1970, Duncan joined the Young Conservatives in 1972 add something


Duncan attended St John's College at the University of Oxford, where he coxed the college first eight, and was elected President of the Oxford Union in 1979 add something


Duncan was an active member of the Battersea Conservative Association from 1979 until 1984, when he moved to live in Singapore, from which he returned in 1986 add something


Duncan and Hague had both been at Oxford, both been Presidents of the Oxford Union, and had been close friends since at least the early 1980s add something


He went on to win a Kennedy Scholarship to study at Harvard University between 1981 and 1982 add something


Duncan first stood for Parliament as a Conservative candidate in the 1987 general election, unsuccessfully contesting the safe Labour seat of Barnsley West and Penistone add something


From 1988 to 1992, Duncan was self-employed, acting as a consultant and adviser to foreign governments on oil supplies, shipping and refining add something


In 1989, Duncan set up the independent Harcourt Consultants, which advises on oil and gas matters add something


After Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher resigned in November 1990, he offered his home in Westminster as the headquarters of John Major's leadership campaign add something


Duncan began his career in the oil industry with Royal Dutch Shell, and was first elected to the House of Commons in the 1992 general election add something


From 1993 to 1995, Duncan sat on the Social Security Select Committee add something


His first governmental position was as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of Health, a position he obtained in December 1993 add something


He returned to government in July 1995, when he was again appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chairman of the Conservative Party, Brian Mawhinney add something


In November 1995, Duncan performed a citizen's arrest on an Asylum Bill protester who threw paint and flour at Mawhinney on College Green add something


After several minor positions in the government of John Major, he played a key role in William Hague's successful bid for the Conservative leadership in 1997 add something


Duncan was a key player in the 1997 leadership contest, being the right-hand man of William Hague, the eventual winner add something


As a reward for his loyalty to Hague during the leadership contest, in June 1997, Duncan was entrusted with the positions of Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party and Parliamentary Political Secretary to the Party Leader add something


Conservative Party (UK) - Since 1997, a debate has continued within the party between 'modernisers' such as Alan Duncan, who believe that the Conservatives should modify their public stances on social issues, and 'traditionalists' such as Liam Fox and Owen Paterson, who believe that the party should remain faithful to its traditional conservative platform


In June 1998 he became Shadow Health Minister add something


In June 1999 he was made Shadow Trade and Industry spokesman add something


In September 2001 he was appointed a Front Bench Spokesman on Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs add something


He is well known as the first openly gay Conservative Member of Parliament, having publicly come out in 2002 add something


Duncan was the first sitting Conservative MP voluntarily to acknowledge that he is gay; he did this in an interview with "The Times" on 29 July 2002, although he has said that this came as no surprise to friends add something


When Michael Howard became Conservative party leader in November 2003, Duncan became Shadow Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, but as Howard had significantly reduced the size of the Shadow Cabinet, Duncan was not promoted to the top table add something


He was responsible for formulating the Conservatives' policy response to the introduction of civil partnership legislation in 2004, which he considered his proudest achievement of the Parliament between 2001 and 2005 add something


In contrast with most members of both CWF and Le Cercle, who hold pro-Republican Atlanticist views, he actively supported John Kerry in the US 2004 presidential election add something


This continued to be the case when he was moved to become Shadow Secretary of State for International Development in September 2004 add something


Before the 2005 general election, Duncan was rumoured to be planning a leadership campaign in the event that then-leader Michael Howard stepped down after a election defeat add something


He received several promotions to the Conservative front bench until he eventually joined the Shadow Cabinet after the 2005 general election and stood for the Conservative leadership in 2005 but withdrew early on because of a lack of support add something


However, following the 2005 general election, the Shadow Cabinet was expanded to its original size once more, and Duncan joined it as Shadow Secretary of State for Transport add something


On 10 June 2005, Duncan publicly declared his intention of standing in the 2005 leadership election add something


However, on 18 July 2005, he withdrew from the race, admitting in "The Guardian" that his withdrawal was due to a lack of 'active lieutenants', and urged the party to abandon those that he dubbed the 'Tory Taliban': add something


Eventual winner David Cameron appointed him Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry in December 2005, the title of which was changed to Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform in July 2007, now the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills add something


He held this position for just seven months, becoming Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry on 7 December 2005, after David Cameron's election to the party leadership the previous day add something


In 2006, he won plaudits as a victor in a documentary entitled 'How to beat Jeremy Paxman' add something


The Rutland and Melton Constituency Association has received £12,166,66 in donations since 2006 add something


Brian Blessed - He is known for his football knowledge and appeared as an expert on the British satellite station UKTV G2 during the 2006 World Cup. He appeared on "A Question of Sport" in 2006 and again in 2011 and was a guest host of "Have I Got News for You" in May 2008, alongside guests Alan Duncan and Marcus Brigstocke


In 2007, "Pink News" named him the 15th-most powerful LGBT person in the UK. add something


On 2 July 2007, he was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, as new prime minister Gordon Brown had abolished the Department of Trade and Industry the previous week, replacing it with the aforementioned new department add something


His 2009 appearance sparked controversy due to a badly received ironic joke about murdering the latest Miss California, who stated that she opposed same-sex marriages add something


In January 2009 he became Shadow Leader of the House of Commons add something


On 15 May 2009, the satirical BBC programme Have I Got News For You showed footage of Duncan's previous appearance on the show in which he boasted about his second home allowance, denied that he should pay any of the money back and stated it was "a great system" add something


Despite these assurances, on 7 September 2009, Duncan was "demoted" from the Shadow Cabinet, to become Shadow Minister for Prisons, after he and Cameron came to an agreement that his position was untenable add something


On 28 May 2010 he was appointed to the Privy Council in the 2010 Dissolusion of Parliament Honours List add something


In August 2011 he found himself under pressure to remove a video of himself accusing Israel of a 'land grab' in the occupied territories add something


In August 2011, it was reported that Duncan had played an instrumental role in blocking fuel supplies to Triploli, Libya, during the Libyan conflict add something


Acid Survivors Foundation - June 21, 2011, British Minister of State for the Department of International Development Alan Duncan visits the ASF hospital and interacts with survivors


He was appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George following the Government reshuffle in July 2014 add something


In October 2014 Duncan said that "no endorser of Israeli settlements should be considered fit to stand for election, remain a member of a mainstream political party, or sit in a Parliament add something


A return to front-line politics was signalled when his appointment as a minister of state at the Foreign Office was announced on 17 July 2016 add something


Falkland Islands - The UK minister responsible for the Falkland Islands since 2016, Alan Duncan, administers British foreign policy regarding the islands


In January 2017, AlJazeera aired a four-part series in which it shows how Shai Masot, the senior political officer of the Israeli embassy in London, discusses a plot to take down British politicians, including Duncan add something


On 2 October 2017, Duncan spoke at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs add something


Ramzan Kadyrov - UK Deputy Foreign Secretary Sir Alan Duncan told the UK Parliament he had been informed of alleged plans to eliminate Chechnya's gay community by the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which commenced on 26 May 2017


Duncan resigned as Minister of State on 22 July 2019 citing the increasing possibility of Johnson being the UK's next Prime Minister add something


He is the Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton and was the Minister of State for Europe and the Americas until his resignation on 22 July 2019 add something


Minister of State for Europe - The post of "'Minister of State for Europe and the Americas"' was most recently held by Sir Alan Duncan, who resigned on 22 July 2019