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Alan Ladd

American film actor who was one of the most popular and well-known celebrities of the 1940s and the first half of the 1950s add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1913.

Countries: United States (78%), France (5%), United Kingdom (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Sue Carol, California, James Cagney

Linked to: Jaguar Productions, North Hollywood High School, The Ladd Company, Paramount Pictures




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Alan Ladd was born in 1913 add something


Sue Carol - Carol's film career lasted from the late 1920s into the 1930s, and when it ended she became a talent agent; one of her clients was Alan Ladd to whom she was married from 1942 until his death in 1964


Rodd Redwing - After coming to films for Cecil B. DeMille in 1931's "The Squaw Man", he became gun handling coach to Alan Ladd, Ronald_Reagan, Burt Lancaster, Glenn Ford, Richard Widmark, Anthony Quinn, Charlton Heston, Dean Martin, Fred MacMurray and scores more


The family moved again to North Hollywood, California where Ladd became a high-school swimming and diving champion and participated in high school dramatics at North Hollywood High School, graduating on February 1, 1934 add something


Their only child, a son named Alan Ladd, Jr., was born in 1937 add something


Belber - In the 1940s, to advertise its new collections, the Belber brothers helped invent the concept of product tie-ins and product placement, partnering with Hollywood Stars such as Ray Milland and Alan Ladd


Veronica Lake - She received both popular and critical acclaim, most notably for her role in "Sullivan's Travels" and for her femme fatale roles in film noir with Alan Ladd during the 1940s including "This Gun for Hire"


He first gained some recognition with a featured role in the wartime thriller "Joan of Paris", 1942 add something


In 1942, Ladd married his agent and manager, former movie actress Sue Carol add something


Sue Carol - She married actor Alan Ladd in 1942


Rory Calhoun - In 1943, while riding horseback in the Hollywood Hills, he met actor Alan Ladd, whose wife was an agent


William Bendix - In 1946 he was cast in "The Blue Dahlia", for the second time alongside Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake


Ladd and Robert Preston starred in the 1948 western film, "Whispering Smith", which in 1961 would become a short-lived NBC television series, starring Audie Murphy add something


In the 1949 version of "The Great Gatsby", Ladd had the featured role of Jay Gatsby add something


In 1950 the Hollywood Women's Press Club voted him the easiest male star to deal with in Hollywood add something


Corinne Calvet - In the 1950s, Calvet appeared in a string of films, usually playing French characters, opposite such leading men as Danny Kaye , Joseph Cotten , James Cagney , James Stewart , Alan Ladd , Tony Curtis and Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis


Lewis Allen (director) - The early 1950s brought the biopic "Valentino" and the noir "Appointment with Danger" starring Alan Ladd, in 1954 he directed the tense and claustrophobic Frank Sinatra vehicle "Suddenly" which became, alongside "The Uninvited", his most widely known and highly regarded film


James Bowie - Alan Ladd played Jim Bowie in the 1952 movie "The Iron Mistress"


Ladd played the title role in the 1953 western "Shane" add something


Van Heflin - His best-known film became the 1953 classic western "Shane", in which he co-starred with Alan Ladd


In 1954 exhibitors voted him the most popular star among British film-goers add something


Joseph C. McConnell - The 1955 film "The McConnell Story", starring Alan Ladd and June Allyson, chronicles his life story


James Cagney - Later in 1957, Cagney ventured behind the camera for the first and only time to direct Short Cut to Hell, a remake of the 1941 Alan Ladd film This Gun for Hire, which in turn was based on the Graham Greene novel A Gun for Sale.


Clifton Webb - In 1957's "Boy on a Dolphin", second-billed to Alan Ladd, with third-billed Sophia Loren, he portrayed a wealthy sophisticate who enjoyed collecting illegally obtained Greek antiquities


No indisputable evidence has been published in this regard, although a gay historian has speculated that Ladd's alleged 1962 suicide attempt and state of mind on the night of his death could have been influenced by questioning his sexuality add something


In November 1962, he was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood with a bullet wound near his heart, in what might have been an unsuccessful suicide attempt add something


In 1963 Ladd's career looked set to make a comeback when he filmed a supporting role in "The Carpetbaggers", which became one of the most popular films of 1964 add something

Alan Ladd died in 1964 add something


On January 29, 1964 he was found dead in Palm Springs, California, of an acute overdose of "alcohol and three other drugs", at the age of 50; his death was ruled accidental add something


Obituary "Variety", February 5, 1964, page 63 add something


Not until June 28, 1964 did "Carpetbaggers" producer Joseph E. Levine hold an elaborate premiere screening in New York City with an afterparty staged by his wife at The Four Seasons Restaurant add something


Sue Carol - They had a son, David Ladd, and a daughter, Alana, and she was the stepmother of Alan Ladd, Jr. She was Alan Ladd's manager until his death by an overdose of drugs and alcohol in 1964


Sue Carol - Carol died in 1982 in Los Angeles , California, from a heart attack and is interred next to Alan Ladd in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California, California


In 1995, a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs, California, Walk of Stars was dedicated to him add something


It was listed at No. 45 on the American Film Institute's 2007 ranking of "100 Years add something