Albert Londres

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Albert Londres

French journalist and writer add

Category: Literature

Born in 1884.

Countries: France (43%), Russia (14%), (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Tour de France, Vladimir Lenin, Georges Darien

Linked to: Ministry of Defence




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Albert Londres was born in 1884 add something


After finishing secondary school, he went to Lyon in 1901 to work as a bookkeeper, moved to Paris in 1903 add something


Also in 1904, his daughter Florise was born, but his partner, Marcelle Laforest, died one year later add something


He wrote occasional articles for newspapers from his native region, and published his first poetry in 1904 add something


In 1906 he became parliamentary correspondent for "Le Matin" add something


Ministry of War - When war broke out in 1914, Londres, unfit for military service due to ill health and a weak constitution, became military correspondent for the newspaper at the Ministry of War add something


Londres' first big article told of the fire in the cathedral on 19 September 1914; the report was published two days later add something


In 1915 he went to south-east Europe to report on combat in Serbia, Greece, Turkey and Albania add something


In 1919 he was sacked by "Le Petit Journal" under the orders of the French Prime Minister Clemenceau add something


In 1920, Londres succeeded in entering the USSR, described the nascent Bolshevik regime, profiled Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky and told of the suffering of the Russian people add something


Georges Darien - However, the Gafsa camp remained open until the 1920s, succumbing as a result of a campaign conducted by Albert Londres


From 1922 his articles began to be published as books by Albin Michel through Henri Béraud, literary editor of "Le Petit Parisien" add something


In 1923, he went to the penal colony of Cayenne in Guyana add something


In 1924 he investigated forced labour in North Africa, where military prisons welcomed convicts of courts-martial add something


Doping in sport - In 1924 the journalist Albert Londres followed the Tour de France for the French newspaper "Le Petit Parisien"


Tour de France - In 1924, Henri Pélissier and his brother Charles told the journalist Albert Londres they used strychnine, cocaine, chloroform, aspirin, "horse ointment" and other drugs


In 1928, still with the "Petit Parisien", he travelled to Senegal and French Congo, and discovered that railway construction and exploitation of the forests was causing deaths among African workers add something


In 1929, while anti-Semitism was rife in Europe, he went to Palestine add something

Albert Londres died in 1932 add something