Aleksandar Tsankov

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Aleksandar Tsankov

Leading Bulgarian right wing politician between the two World Wars add

Category: Politics

Born in 1879.

Countries: Bulgaria (67%), Germany (33%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Dimitar Stanchov

Linked to: Bulgarian Communist Party, Nazi Party, Sofia University, League of Nations




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Aleksandar Tsankov was born in 1879 add something


Philip Rees, "Biographical Dictionary of the Extreme Right Since 1890" he took a leading role in the overthrow of the government of Aleksandar Stamboliyski in 1923 and was chosen to head the coalition that succeeded the deposed Premier add something


Dimitar Stanchov - He resigned from his diplomatic positions in 1924 due to disagreements with the right-wing policies of Aleksandar Tsankov's cabinet


His Premiership was marked by deep internal struggles with the Bulgarian Communist Party, which Tsankov repressed mercilessly, declaring martial law and outlawing the Communists in 1925 following an attempt on Tsar Boris's life and a bomb attack on the St Nedelya Cathedral add something


He became Prime Minister of Bulgaria on 9 June that same year and continued in the role until 4 January 1926 add something


In 1932 he set up his own National Social Movement largely in imitation of the Nazi Party add something


Nonetheless, Tsankov was appointed by the Nazis in 1944 as Prime Minister of the Bulgarian Government in Exile set up in Germany in response to Kimon Georgiev's Fatherland Front government add something

Aleksandar Tsankov died in 1959 add something