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Aleksandr Kuprin

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Aleksandr Kuprin

Russian writer, pilot, explorer and adventurer add

Category: Literature

Born in 1870.

Country: Russia (100%)

Education: undef.

Linked to: Soviet Union, Tatars, Izvestia




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Aleksandr Kuprin was born in 1870 add something


Kuprin was a son of Ivan Ivanovich Kuprin, a minor government official who died of cholera during 1871 at the age of thirty-seven years add something


Kuprin attended the Razumovsky boarding school during 1876, and during 1880 finished his education in the Second Moscow Military High School and Alexander Military School, spending a total of ten years in these elite military institutions add something


His first short story, "The Last Debut", was published during 1889 in a satirical periodical add something


Kuprin ended military service during 1894, after which he tried many types of job, including provincial journalism, dental care, land surveying, acting, circus performer, church singer, doctor, hunter, fisher, etc add something


Although the 1896 short story "Moloch" first made his name known as a writer, it was his novel "The Duel" which made him famous add something


"In February 1902, Kuprin and Maria Karlovna Davydova were married, their daughter Lidia born in 1903 add something


During spring 1919, from Gatchina near Petrograd, Kuprin left the country for France add something


He eventually returned to Moscow on May 31, 1937, just a year before his death, at the height of the Great Purge add something


Kuprin died during the spring of 1938 in Leningrad and is interred near his fellow writers at the Literaturskiye Mostki in the Volkovo Cemetery in Leningrad add something

Aleksandr Kuprin died in 1938 add something


January 1938 brought a deterioration in Kuprin's health add something


Alexander Kuprin died on August 25, 1938, and was interred near his fellow writers at the Literaturskiye Mostki in the Volkovo Cemetery in Leningrad two days later add something


She committed suicide in 1942, during the Siege of Leningrad add something


After her return to the U.S. in 1958, she worked as stage actress, translator, author and script-writer add something