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Aleksandra Sokolovskaya

Russian Marxist revolutionary and Leon Trotsky's first wife add

Category: Politics

Born in 1872.

Countries: Russia (40%), Ukraine (20%), France (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Leon Trotsky, Siberia, Nadezhda Joffe




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Aleksandra Sokolovskaya was born in 1872 add something


Sokolovskaya, was a Marxist revolutionary in Nikolaev, Ukraine in the 1890s add something


She was Leon Trotsky's first wife in 1899-1902, while the two of them were in prison and in Siberian exile together add something


After Trotsky met Natalia Sedova, his future second wife, in Paris in late 1902, his first marriage disintegrated, although the two maintained a friendly relationship until the end add something


When Trotsky considered escaping from Siberia in the summer of 1902, Sokolovskaya fully endorsed his plan add something


According to the family, Sokolovskaya was an educator and was close to Lenin's widow, Nadezhda Krupskaya, in the early 1930s add something


Sokolovskaya raised her granddaughter Aleksandra in 1932-1935 after the latter's mother, Zinaida Volkova, was allowed to leave the country in 1931 and her father, Zakhar Moglin, was arrested in 1932 add something


Sokolovskaya was arrested and exiled in 1935 add something


She perished in the Great Purges no earlier than 1938 add something


Nadezhda Joffe - She was the last person to see Leon Trotsky's first wife, Aleksandra Sokolovskaya, alive in Kolyma in 1938