Aleksey Arakcheyev

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Aleksey Arakcheyev

Russian general and statesman under the reign of Alexander I. He served under Paul I and Alexander I as army leader and artillery inspector respectively add

Category: Politics

Born in 1769.

Countries: Russia (83%), France (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Alexander I of Russia, Paul I of Russia, Joseph Stalin




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Aleksey Arakcheyev was born in 1769 add something


From 1790 and onward Arakcheyev was rapidly promoted in the army and in September 1792, Melissino recommended him as a senior adjutant to the inspector of artillery under Pavel Petrovich add something


By 1794, he was Gatchina's artillery inspector and two years later, was the infantry inspector under the Empress Catherine II. All his ascensions in the army were attributed to his ruthless manners and his zealousness add something


After Paul I's coronation, on November 7, 1796, Arakcheyev was appointed as the commandant of Saint-Petersburg's garrison and received other army functions during the months of November and December add something


In April 1797, he was promoted to general-quartermaster and thus leader of the army, and at the same time he received the title of baron from the Tsar add something


In 1799 he was brought back to his former Inspector of the Artillery position, reinstated to his general-quartermaster's functions and given the title of count add something


In May 1803, his services were requested by the new Tsar Alexander I, restoring his position as Inspector of the Artillery add something


Battle of Austerlitz - After the lessons learned at the Battle of Austerlitz, where Russian artillery had performed poorly, Arakcheyev devised the "System of 1805" add something


During the campaign of 1805 against France, Arakcheyev worked on supplying the army with enough artillery ammunition add something


He had a violent temper, but was otherwise a competent artillerist, and is known for his reforms of tzarist artillery known as the "System of 1805" add something


Alexander I of Russia - Militarily Mikhail Speransky had managed to improve the standard of the Russian land forces above that before the start of the 1807 campaign, and on the advice, primarily from his sister and Count Aleksey Arakcheyev, unlike 1807 Alexander did not take operational control but delegated it to his generals, Prince Michael Barclay de Tolly, Prince Pyotr Bagration and Mikhail Kutuzov


In 1808 he created a publication called the "artillery periodical" add something


Promoted in January 1808 to Defense Minister and inspector-general of the entire infantry and artillery, he once more reorganized the army and the grading of the army staff add something


By 1810, Arakcheev had resigned from his Defense Minister's post and was sitting on the board of the Council of State as chairman in military science add something


Patriotic War of 1812 - During the Patriotic War of 1812, he oversaw recruitment and management of army supplies add something


He introduced several useful military reforms, which proved themselves during the wars of 1812-1814 add something


From 1815 to the tsar's death, Arakcheyev continued to be present around the emperor as member of the state council and an influential voice in the leader's entourage add something


Starting in 1816, he organized military-agricultural colonies, an idea initially conceived by Alexander I. At first Arakcheyev tried to oppose them, but when he agreed, he did so with unrelenting rigor add something


After the death of Tsar Alexander I on December 1, 1825, and the coronation of Nicholas I, Arakcheyev lost all his positions in the government, such as member of the State Council and inspector of the army artillery and infantry add something


There he lived until his death in 1834, when he was interred in a local church add something

Aleksey Arakcheyev died in 1834 add something


For instance, Joseph Stalin used the term "Arakcheevschina" to describe the sway held by Ivan Meshchaninov in the Soviet Institute of Language and Thought in 1950 add something