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Alexa Havins

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Alexa Havins

American actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1980.

Countries: United States (83%), Arizona (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Justin Bruening, Alec Baldwin, Katherine Heigl

Linked to: Chandler High School




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Alexa Havins was born in 1980 add something


Another project for Havins was the film "Brooklyn Rules", a mob drama by Michael Corrente set in 1985 Brooklyn, which had a limited release on May 18, 2007, starring Alec Baldwin, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Mena Suvari and Scott Caan add something


She first came to prominence in 2003, when she became the originating actor in the role of Babe Carey Chandler, Arizona on the soap opera "All My Children" add something


While still on contract with "All My Children", Havins appeared in films "Joe Killionaire", the 2004 horror-comedy by writer-director Sean Morton, Tracy Michele Tabb's 26-minute 2005 romantic comedy "First Kiss", Travis Betz's 2006 horror "Joshua", and Ash Christian's original off-beat 2006 comedy feature "Fat Girls" add something


Her role as the flawed but good Babe Carey earned her a Daytime Emmy award nomination in 2005 and recognition as being half of one of the show's most popular soap opera pairings add something


Since June 5, 2005, Havins has been married to her former "All My Children" co-star Justin Bruening add something


In addition, Havins guest-starred in a June 2006 episode of FX's critically praised series "Rescue Me", as well as guest-starred on the pilot episode of "On and Off", though this series was never aired add something


On September 4, 2007, it was confirmed by "Soap Opera Digest" that Havins would be leaving "All My Children" and that actress Amanda Baker would be taking over the role add something


Havins departed the show on October 8, 2007, to pursue other acting ventures add something


In 2008, Havins appeared in the film "27 Dresses", starring Katherine Heigl of "Grey's Anatomy" fame add something


On August 10, 2010, she and Bruening welcomed their first child, daughter Lexington Grace Bruening add something