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Alexis Minotis

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Alexis Minotis

Distinguished Greek actor and director add

Category: Music (650)

Born in 1899.

Countries: United Kingdom (50%), Greece (33%), Sweden (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Katina Paxinou, Claude Rains, Alfred Hitchcock




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Alexis Minotis was born in 1899 add something


From 1925 until 1930, he worked in close collaboration with the famous Greek actress Marika Kotopouli in her own theatre add something


He appeared on Broadway in "Electra" with the Marika Kotopouli company in 1930-31 and in "Oedipus Tyrannus" with the National Theatre of Greece in 1952 add something


In 1940, he married the actress Katina Paxinou and together they appeared in many productions at the Royal Theatre in Athens which they founded add something


Katina Paxinou - In her native Greece, she formed the Royal Theatre of Athens with Alexis Minotis, her principal director and her husband since 1940


In 1946, he went to Hollywood to appear in Sir Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious" with Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains add something


In 1955, he directed Katina Paxinou in Euripides' "Hecuba" for the National Theatre of Greece at The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and starred in "Oedipus Rex" as well as directing add something


In 1956, he made his first appearance in "Oedipus at Colonus" add something


In 1958, Minotis directed Maria Callas in a production of "Medea" presented in Dallas add something


He directed the Greek National Opera production of "Norma" with Callas in Epidaurus in 1961 add something

Alexis Minotis died in 1990 add something