Alfred Kerr

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Alfred Kerr

Influential German-Jewish theatre critic and essayist, nicknamed the Kulturpapst add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1867.

Countries: Germany (50%), France (25%), Czech Republic (25%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Bertolt Brecht

Linked to: Nazi Party, Jews




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Alfred Kerr was born in 1867 add something


Kerr was born into a prosperous family in Breslau, Silesia, taking the surname Kerr in 1887, and making the change officially in 1909 add something


With the publisher Paul Cassirer he founded the artistic review "Pan" in 1910 add something


In the 1920s he was hostile to Bertolt Brecht, and assailed him with accusations of plagiarism add something


In 1933 Kerr and his family fled Germany for France via Czechoslovakia and Switzerland add something


His books were amongst those burnt in May 1933 by the Nazis when they came to power; Kerr had attacked the Nazi Party publicly, and he had already gone into exile with his family add something


After visiting Prague , Vienna , Switzerland, and France, he came to London in 1935 where he settled, in penury add something


Kerr took British citizenship in 1947 add something


In 1948 he visited Hamburg at the start of a planned tour of several German cities but suffered a stroke, and decided to end his own life add something

Alfred Kerr died in 1948 add something


The "Alfred-Kerr-Preis für Literaturkritik "was established in 1977 add something


After the publication of Wo liegt Berlin in 1997 his works are more widely read in Germany and an edition is in progress add something


Hart Publishing, Oxford and Portland/Oregon 2002, Michael Kerr add something