Alfred Roberts

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Alfred Roberts

English grocer, lay preacher, alderman and Mayor of Grantham add

Category: Politics

Born in 1892.

Countries: United Kingdom (71%), Europe (14%), (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Conservative Party (UK), Northamptonshire, World War I

Linked to: Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Party, Workers' Educational Association




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Alfred Roberts was born in 1892 add something


He left school at thirteen in order to help support his family and is listed in the 1911 census as living as a boarder Oundle, Northamptonshire, and working as a grocer's assistant add something


When World War I broke out in 1914, Roberts, "a deeply patriotic man", applied to enlist in the army six times but was rejected because of his poor eyesight add something


In 1927 Roberts was elected to the Grantham town council as an independent add something


In the 1935 general election, Roberts helped the local Conservative candidate Victor Warrender to win the seat add something


He soon became Chairman of the Finance and Rating Committee, and in 1943 he was elected by the council as an Alderman and served as the Mayor of Grantham from November 1945 to 1946, in which he presided over the town's victory celebrations add something


Roberts retired and sold his business in 1958 but continued to preach and remained active in the Rotary Club add something


Beatrice died in 1960, Roberts married again to Cecily Miriam Hubbard in 1965 add something


He died in 1970, shortly before the election, and nine years before his daughter became prime minister add something

Alfred Roberts died in 1970 add something


Crick had to put the allegations into the public domain before both the 1987 and 1997 elections in order to harm the Conservative Party's chances, but had been rebuffed by various publications add something


In 1997 the satirical magazine Punch published an article by Professor Bernard Crick featuring allegations, including one from an alleged victim, that Roberts had been involved in several sexual assaults on women add something