Allan Pinkerton

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Allan Pinkerton

Scottish American detective and spy, best known for creating the Pinkerton National Detective Agency add

Category: Politics

Born in 1819.

Countries: United States (44%), Illinois (22%), Maryland (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Aaron Van Camp

Linked to: Union Army, Chartism, Federal Bureau of Investigation, HBO




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Allan Pinkerton was born in 1819 add something


Disillusioned by the failure to win suffrage, Pinkerton emigrated to the United States in 1842, at the age of 23 add something


Pinkerton married Joan Carfrae in Glasgow on 13 March 1842 secretly before moving to America add something


In 1843, Pinkerton heard of Dundee, Illinois, fifty miles northwest of Chicago on the Fox River add something


As early as 1844, Pinkerton worked for Chicago Abolitionist leaders, and his Dundee home was a stop on the Underground Railroad add something


In 1849 Pinkerton was appointed as the first detective in Chicago add something


In the 1850s, he partnered with Chicago attorney Edward Rucker in forming the North-Western Police Agency, later known as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency and is still in existence today as "'Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations"', a subsidiary of Securitas AB add something


Pinkerton's agency solved a series of train robberies during the 1850s, first bringing Pinkerton into contact with George McClellan and Abraham Lincoln add something


Following the outbreak of the Civil War, Pinkerton served as head of the Union Intelligence Service in 1861–1862 and foiled an alleged assassination plot in Baltimore, Maryland, while guarding Abraham Lincoln on his way to his inauguration add something


Aaron Van Camp - He was a member of the Rose O'Neal Greenhow Confederate spy ring, which in 1861 was broken up by Allan Pinkerton, head of the newly formed Secret Service


George H. Sharpe - In January 1863, Sharpe assumed the intelligence role for Hooker that Allan Pinkerton had performed for McClellan


Adam Worth - When Allan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, visited the place in 1873, Worth recognized him


Franklin B. Gowen - Meanwhile, in October 1873, Gowen met in Philadelphia with Allan Pinkerton


If Pinkerton knew this, it directly contradicts statements in his 1883 book "The Spy of the Rebellion", where he professes to be an ardent Abolitionist and hater of slavery add something

Allan Pinkerton died in 1884 add something


Allan Pinkerton died in Chicago on July 1, 1884 add something


Pinkerton's exploits were in part the inspiration of the 1961 NBC western television series, "Whispering Smith", starring Audie Murphy and Guy Mitchell add something


Pinkerton's role in foiling the assassination plot against Abraham Lincoln was dramatized in the 2012 film "Saving Lincoln", which tells President Lincoln's story through the eyes of Ward Hill Lamon, a former law partner of Lincoln who served as his primary bodyguard during the Civil War add something


Pinkerton is a recurring character in the 2014 series "The Pinkertons", where he is played by Angus Macfadyen add something


Pinkerton is an important character in the 2016 novel 'By Gaslight' by Steven Price add something