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Allen Lane

British publisher who founded Penguin Books, bringing high quality paperback fiction and non-fiction to the mass market add

Category: Literature

Born in 1902.

Countries: United Kingdom (67%), Ireland (17%), Australia (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Penguin Books, Agatha Christie, James Joyce

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Allen Lane was born in 1902 add something


In 1919 he joined the publishing company Bodley Head as an apprentice to his uncle and founder of the company John Lane add something


He rose quickly in the business becoming managing editor in 1925 following the death of his uncle add something


The legend goes that on a train journey back from visiting Agatha Christie in 1934, Lane found himself on an Exeter station platform with nothing available worth reading add something


Penguin Books - "'Penguin Books"' was founded in 1935 by Sir Allen Lane, as a line of publishers The Bodley Head, only becoming a separate company the following year


After conflict with the board of directors who were wary at first for fear of being prosecuted of publishing James Joyce's controversial book "Ulysses", Lane left in 1936 to set up Penguin Books add something


The paperback venture was extremely successful, and he expanded into other areas such as Puffin Books in 1940 and the Penguin Classics series in 1945 add something


Lane married Lettice Lucy Orr on 28 June 1941 and had three daughters, the older two of whom were Clare and Christine add something


Lane was responsible for the decision to publish an unexpurgated edition of D. H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" as a means of testing the Obscene Publications Act 1959 add something


Penguin Books - On 20 April 1961, Penguin became a publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange; consequently, Allen Lane had a diminished role at the firm though he was to continue as Managing Director


In 1965, during an attempt by chief editor Tony Godwin and the board of directors to remove him, Lane stole a book's entire print run and burnt it add something


He died in 1970 at Northwood, Middlesex add something

Allen Lane died in 1970 add something


Penguin Books - Sir Allen Lane died on 7 July, and six weeks later, Penguin was acquired by Pearson PLC on 21 August 1970


John Bryson (author) - In 1985, "Evil Angels" was *awarded winner of Penguin Books' first Allen Lane *award, the Victorian Premiers *award for non-fiction, the British Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger and the ANA *award


Andrew Roberts (historian) - Published by Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books UK, in 2014, the book attempts to give a fair-minded contemporary assessment of the life of Napoleon as well as his legacy for France