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Allen West (prisoner)

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Allen West (prisoner)

Convicted criminal add

Category: Justice-Crime

Born in 1929.

Countries: United States (50%), Florida (29%), Georgia (21%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: John Anglin, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Florida

Linked to: Shands at the University of Florida, Delft University, Columbia Savings Bank Building




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Allen West was born in 1929 add something


He was sent to Alcatraz in 1957, charged with attempting escape, and became prisoner AZ1335 add something


Morris and the Anglin brothers were sent to Alcatraz in 1960 and 1961, and by September 1961, the four were planning their escape add something


John Anglin - By September 1961, prisoners Frank Morris, Allen West, and the Anglin brothers were planning an elaborate escape attempt


He is known as one of the conspirators involved in planning and preparing for the June 1962 Alcatraz escape add something


In 1963, J. Campbell Bruce published his book "Escape from Alcatraz" about escapes from Alcatraz Island, including that of Morris and the Anglin brothers add something


West left Alcatraz on February 18, 1963, was transferred to McNeil Island, Washington and later Atlanta, Georgia add something


After his release from federal prison on January 7, 1965, West was sent to serve prison sentences in Georgia and Florida add something


He was released in 1967, but was later arrested in Florida on charges of grand larceny, robbery and attempted escape add something


Receiving multiple sentences, including life imprisonment, West was sent to Florida state prison in January 1969 add something


On October 30, 1972, he fatally stabbed another prisoner in what may have been a racially-motivated incident add something

Allen West died in 1978 add something


In December 1978, suffering severe abdominal pains, West was sent to the Shands Teaching Hospital, where he died of acute peritonitis on December 21, 1978, at the age of 49 add something


The 1979 film "Escape from Alcatraz" starred Clint Eastwood, Fred Ward, and Jack Thibeau as Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin respectively add something


The FBI closed its file on December 31, 1979, after a 17-year investigation add something


In 1993 a former Alcatraz inmate named Thomas Kent told the television program "America's Most Wanted" that he had helped plan the escape, and provided "significant new leads" to investigators add something


As Deputy U.S. Marshal Michael Dyke told NPR in 2009, "There's an active warrant, and the Marshals Service doesn't give up looking for people add something


Other evidence included the deathbed confession of another Anglin brother, Robert, who told family members in 2010 that he had been in contact with John and Clarence from 1963 until approximately 1987 add something


A 2011 program on the National Geographic Channel disclosed that footprints had been found on an Angel Island beach leading away from the raft wreckage, and that contrary to the official FBI report, a car had been stolen nearby on the night of the escape add something


In 2011 an 89-year-old man named Bud Morris, who said he was a cousin of Frank Morris, claimed that on "eight or nine" occasions prior to the escape he delivered envelopes of money to Alcatraz guards, presumably as bribes add something


In 2014 researchers at Delft University, using a computer model, concluded that if the men set off approximately at midnight, when the currents might have worked in their favor, they could have made landfall; but if they left during the hours before or after, the currents would have been too strong to overcome and they very likely died add something


A 2015 History Channel documentary presented further circumstantial evidence gathered over the years by the Anglin brothers' family, including Christmas cards allegedly sent by the brothers for three years after their escape add something


In 2018, the FBI confirmed the existence of a letter, allegedly written by escapee John Anglin, had forced them to reopen the investigation into the case add something


In 2019, Christof Putzel, award-winning journalist and correspondent for Al Jazeera America, investigated the escape on his show "Mission Declassified" add something