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Amelia Earhart

American aviation pioneer and author add

Category: Technology

Born in 1897.

Countries: United States (37%), California (14%), (8%)

Main connections: Phoenix Islands, California, Pacific Ocean

Linked to: Central High School, Kissel Motor Car Company, Lockheed Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology




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Amelia Earhart was born in 1897 add something


Although there had been some missteps in his career up to that point, in 1907 Edwin Earhart's job as a claims officer for the Rock Island Railroad led to a transfer to Des Moines, Iowa , Iowa add something


In 1909, when the family was finally reunited in Des Moines, Iowa , the Earhart children were enrolled in public school for the first time with Amelia Earhart entering the seventh grade at the age of 12 years add something


Edwin applied for a transfer to Springfield, Missouri , Missouri, in 1915 but the current claims officer reconsidered his retirement and demanded his job back, leaving the elder Earhart with nowhere to go add something


In 1915, after a long search, Earhart's father found work as a clerk at the Great Northern Railway in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Earhart entered Central High School as a junior add something


Earhart graduated from Hyde Park High School in 1916 add something


During Christmas vacation in 1917, Earhart visited her sister in Toronto add something


When the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic reached Toronto, Earhart was engaged in arduous nursing duties including night shifts at the Spadina Military Hospital add something


She was hospitalized in early November 1918 owing to pneumonia and discharged in December 1918, about two months after the illness had started add something


By 1919 Earhart prepared to enter Smith College but changed her mind and enrolled at Columbia University signing up for a course in medical studies among other programs add something


In Long Beach, California, on December 28, 1920, Earhart and her father visited an airfield where Frank Hawks gave her a ride that would forever change Earhart's life add something


Bert Kinner - Kinner Field's most famous student, Amelia Earhart arrived in December 1920


Earhart had her first lessons, beginning on January 3, 1921, at Kinner Field near Long Beach, California, but to reach the airfield Earhart took a bus to the end of the line, walked four miles add something


Neta Snook - On January 3, 1921, Amelia Earhart, along with her father, walked onto the airfield and asked Neta, "I want to fly


On October 22, 1922, Earhart flew the Airster to an altitude of , setting a world record for female pilots add something


Following her parents' divorce in 1924, she drove her mother in the "Yellow Peril" on a transcontinental trip from California with stops throughout the West and even a jaunt up to Calgary, Alberta add something


Simultaneously, Earhart experienced an exacerbation of her old sinus problem as her pain worsened and in early 1924, she was hospitalized for another sinus operation, which was again unsuccessful add something


Soon after, she found employment first as a teacher, as a social worker in 1925 at Denison House, living in Medford, Massachusetts add something


Earhart flew the first official flight out of Dennison Airport in 1927 add something


Dr. Carlene Mendieta flew an original Avro Avian, the same type that was used in 1928 add something


Earhart was a successful and heavily promoted writer who served as aviation editor for "Cosmopolitan" magazine from 1928 to 1930 add something


Her first choice as navigator was Captain Harry Manning, who had been the captain of the , the ship that had brought Earhart back from Europe in 1928 add something


While at work one afternoon in April 1928, Earhart got a phone call from Capt add something


While in England, Earhart is reported as receiving a rousing welcome on June 19, 1928, when landing at Woolston in Southampton, England add something


By making the trip in August 1928, Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the North American continent and back add something


For a while Earhart was engaged to Samuel Chapman, a chemical engineer from Boston , breaking off her engagement on November 23, 1928 add something


Wilmer Stultz - Stultz was the pilot of the Fokker Trimotor "Freindship" on June 18, 1928 when Amelia Earhart became the first woman passenger to cross the Atlantic Ocean


Earhart subsequently made her first attempt at competitive air racing in 1929 during the first Santa Monica-to-Cleveland Women's Air Derby add something


George P. Putnam, who was known as GP, was divorced in 1929 and sought out Earhart, proposing to her six times before she finally agreed add something


In 1929, Earhart was among the first aviators to promote commercial air travel through the development of a passenger airline service; along with Charles Lindbergh, she represented Transcontinental Air Transport and invested time and money in setting up the first regional shuttle service between New York and Washington, DC. add something


She had called a meeting of female pilots in 1929 following the Women's Air Derby add something


Ila Loetscher - At the invitation of her friend Amelia Earhart, Loetscher was one of the 99 charter members of the Ninety-Nines, an organization founded in 1929 to promote fellowship and support for female pilots


Ruth Rowland Nichols - In 1929, she was a founding member, with Amelia Earhart and others, of the Ninety-Nines, an organization of licensed women pilots


William Edmund Scripps - Scripps invited Amelia Earhart to Lake Orion in 1929, where she successfully tested an experimental glider


Artifacts discovered by TIGHAR on Nikumaroro have included improvised tools, an aluminum panel , an oddly cut piece of clear Plexiglas the same thickness and curvature of an Electra window and a size 9 Cat's Paw heel dating from the 1930s which resembles Earhart's footwear in world flight photos add something


In 1930, Earhart became an official of the National Aeronautic Association where she actively promoted the establishment of separate women's records and was instrumental in the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale accepting a similar international standard add something


She suggested the name based on the number of the charter members; she later became the organization's first president in 1930 add something


Pancho Barnes - She broke Amelia Earhart's air speed record in 1930


In 1931, flying a Pitcairn PCA-2 autogyro, she set a world altitude record of 18,415 feet in a borrowed company machine add something


After substantial hesitation on her part, they married on February 7, 1931, in Putnam's mother's house in Noank, Connecticut add something


Bernt Balchen - Due to his reputation as a polar, transatlantic and aviation expert, Balchen was hired in 1931 by Amelia Earhart as a technical adviser for a planned solo transatlantic flight


At the age of 34, on the morning of May 20, 1932, Earhart set off from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland with the latest copy of a local newspaper add something


Earhart was a vigorous advocate for female pilots and when the 1934 Bendix Trophy Race banned women, she openly refused to fly screen actress Mary Pickford to Cleveland to open the races add something


While speaking in California in late 1934, Earhart had contacted Hollywood "stunt" pilot Paul Mantz in order to improve her flying focusing especially on long distance flying in her Vega and wanted to move closer to him add something


While Earhart was away on a speaking tour in late November 1934, a fire broke out at the Putnam residence in Rye destroying many family treasures and Earhart's personal mementos add something


By 1935, recognizing the limitations of her "lovely red Vega" in long, transoceanic flights, Earhart contemplated, in her own words, a new "prize add something


Earhart again participated in long-distance air racing, placing fifth in the 1935 Bendix Trophy Race, the best result she could manage considering that her stock Lockheed Vega topping out at was outclassed by purpose-built air racers which reached more than add something


Earhart joined the faculty of Purdue University in 1935 as a visiting faculty member to counsel women on careers and as a technical advisor to the Department of Aeronautics add something


Earhart joined the faculty of the Purdue University aviation department in 1935 as a visiting faculty member to counsel women on careers and help inspire others with her love for aviation add something


On January 11, 1935, Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Honolulu , Hawaii to Oakland, California, California add something


At Earhart's urging, Putnam purchased a small house in June 1935 adjacent to the clubhouse of the Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca Lake, a San Fernando Valley celebrity enclave community nestled between the Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures studio complexes where they had earlier rented a temporary residence add something


In September 1935, Earhart and Mantz formally established a business partnership they had been considering since late 1934 by creating the short-lived Earhart-Mantz Flying School which Mantz controlled and operated through his aviation company, United Air Services, located at the Burbank, California Airport about five miles from Earhart's Toluca Lake home add something


Early in 1936, Earhart started to plan a round-the-world flight add something


During an attempt to make a circumnavigational flight of the globe in 1937 in a Purdue-funded Lockheed Model 10 Electra, Earhart disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island add something

Amelia Earhart died in 1937 add something


The pair departed Miami on June 1 and after numerous stops in South America, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, arrived at Lae, New Guinea, on June 29, 1937 add something


In late July 1937, Putnam chartered two small boats and while he remained in the United States, directed a search of the Phoenix Islands, Christmas Island, Fanning Island, the Gilbert Islands and the Marshall Islands, but no trace of the Electra or its occupants was found add something


On July 2, 1937, midnight GMT, Earhart and Noonan took off from Lae in the heavily loaded Electra add something


The official search efforts lasted until July 19, 1937 add something


Paul Mantz - In 1937, a few months before she vanished over the western Pacific ocean, acting as a technical advisor, Mantz tutored Amelia Earhart in long-distance flying and navigation


Purdue University - In 1937, the Purdue Research Foundation provided the funds for the Lockheed Electra 10-E that Earhart flew on her attempted round-the-world flight


Phoenix Islands - In recent years, Nikumaroro has appeared in media stories due to a theory that Amelia Earhart might have landed her plane at low tide on the edge of the atoll's barrier reef during her fateful around-the-world attempt in 1937


Phoenix Islands - In recent years, Nikumaroro has appeared in media stories due to a theory that Amelia Earhart might have landed her plane at low tide on the edge of the atoll's barrier reef during her fateful around-the-world attempt in 1937


Phoenix Islands - The Phoenix Islands have been surveyed by TIGHAR in an attempt to locate a possible landing site of Amelia Earhart who disappeared in 1937 over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island during an attempt to make a circumnavigational flight of the globe


Phoenix Islands - The Phoenix Islands have been surveyed by TIGHAR in an attempt to locate a possible landing site of Amelia Earhart who disappeared in 1937 over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island during an attempt to make a circumnavigational flight of the globe


Lockheed Model 10 Electra - The aircraft gained considerable fame as it was flown by Amelia Earhart on her ill-fated around-the-world expedition in 1937


Fred Noonan - He was last seen in Lae, New Guinea, on July 2, 1937, and disappeared with Amelia Earhart somewhere over the Central Pacific Ocean during the last leg of their attempted round-the-world flight


As a result, Earhart was declared legally dead on January 5, 1939 add something


By 1940, it had become Northeast Airlines add something


For example, in 1940, Gerald Gallagher, a British colonial officer and licensed pilot, radioed his superiors to inform them that he had found a "skeleton add something


He was ordered to send the remains to Fiji, where in 1941, British colonial authorities took detailed measurements of the bones and concluded they were from a male about 5 ft 5 in tall add something


Former U.S. Marine Earskin J. Nabers claimed that while serving as a wireless operator on Saipan in 1944, he decoded a message from naval officials which said Earhart's aircraft had been found at the airfield in the village of As Lito, that he was later ordered to guard the aircraft, and witnessed its destruction add something


During World War II, US Coast Guard LORAN Unit 92, a radio navigation station built in the summer and fall of 1944, and operational from mid-November 1944 until mid-May 1945, was located on Gardner Island's southeast end add something


By 1949, both the United Press and U.S. Army Intelligence had concluded this rumor was groundless add something


Fay Gillis Wells - During this period she renewed her association with flying and education, beginning with the Amelia Earhart stamp in 1962


In 1966, CBS Correspondent Fred Goerner published a book claiming Earhart and Noonan were captured and executed when their aircraft crashed on the island of Saipan , part of the Mariana Islands archipelago, while it was under Japanese occupation add something


William L. Polhemous, the navigator on Ann Pellegreno's 1967 flight which followed Earhart and Noonan's original flight path, studied navigational tables for July 2, 1937 and thought Noonan may have miscalculated the "single line approach" intended to "hit" Howland add something


Laurance F. Safford, USN, who was responsible for the interwar Mid Pacific Strategic Direction Finding Net, and the decoding of the Japanese PURPLE cipher messages for the attack on Pearl Harbor, began a lengthy analysis of the Earhart flight during the 1970s add something


Irene Craigmile Bolam - In 1970, a book that was soon widely discredited set forth an allegation that she was Amelia Earhart


Rear Admiral Richard R. Black, USN, who was in administrative charge of the Howland Island airstrip and was present in the radio room on the "Itasca," asserted in 1982 that "the Electra went into the sea about 10 am, July 2, 1937 not far from Howland" add something


In 1990, Donald Angwin, a veteran of the Australian Army's World War II campaign in New Britain, contacted researchers to suggest that a wrecked aircraft he had witnessed in jungle about southwest of Rabaul, on April 17, 1945, may have been Earhart's Electra add something


In 1990, the NBC-TV series "Unsolved Mysteries" broadcast an interview with a Saipanese woman who claimed to have witnessed Earhart and Noonan's execution by Japanese soldiers add something


While the map was located in the possession of another veteran in 1993, subsequent searches of the area indicated failed to find a wreck add something


However, in 1998 an analysis of the measurement data by forensic anthropologists indicated the skeleton had belonged to a "tall white female of northern European ancestry add something


In 2001, another commemorative flight retraced the route undertaken by Earhart in her August 1928 transcontinental record flight add something


While Angwin died in 2001, David Billings, an Australian aircraft engineer, has continued to investigate his theory add something


In 2004, a scientifically supported archaeological dig at the site failed to turn up any bones add something


In November 2006, the National Geographic Channel aired episode two of the "Undiscovered History" series about a claim that Earhart survived the world flight, moved to New Jersey, changed her name, remarried and became Irene Craigmile Bolam add something


Tony Jannus - On December 17, 2006, Jannus was posthumously inducted into the "Paul E. Garber First Flight Shrine" at the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, joining other honorees such as Wilbur and Orville Wright, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and Chuck Yeager, who have shaped the aviation industry


In 2007, a TIGHAR expedition visited Nikumaroro searching for unambiguously identifiable aircraft artifacts and DNA. The group included engineers, technical experts and others add something


In July 2007, an editor at "Avionews" in Rome compared the Gardner Island hypothesis to other non-crash-and-sink theories and called it the "most confirmed" of them add something


In 2009, an Earhart relative stated that the pair died in Japanese custody, citing unnamed witnesses including Japanese troops and Saipan natives add something


The evaluation of the scrap of metal was featured on an episode of "History Detectives" on Season 7 in 2009 add something


Fred Noonan - Fred Noonan is mentioned in the song "Amelia" on Bell X1's 2009 album "Blue Lights on the Runway", which contemplates the last moments and the fates of Amelia Earhart and Noonan


In 2010, the research group said it had found bones that appeared to be part of a human finger add something


In July 2012, an underwater expedition was conducted by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery near Nikumaroro Island in the Republic of Kiribati, using sonar mapping add something


In May 2013, the group announced it had analyzed a anomaly in sonar pictures that showed what it believed to be the aircraft add something


They plan to return to the island in 2014 to better inspect the wreckage found, and perform an archaeological dig on the site in the hopes of finding remains add something


On October 28, 2014, The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, announced that a piece of metal found at Kiribati in 1991, has been identified, with a high degree of certainty, as belonging to Earhart's plane add something


Based on this new evidence, Gillespie stated plans to return to the atoll in June 2015 add something


In 2016 "The Times" reported the TIGHAR story, alleging "compelling evidence" for this theory add something


Published nearly two years before Earhart's disappearance, the book is described as discrediting the central premise of the 2017 History Channel special add something


A 2018 study by American anthropologist Richard Jantz estimated the size of Earhart's skeleton based on photographs and reanalyzed the earlier data using modern forensic techniques add something


As of April 2018, Tighar has not published this new information add something