American Cancer Society

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American Cancer Society

Nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer add

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Founded in 1913.

Countries: United States (57%), (19%), United Kingdom (5%)

Main connections: Anal cancer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Minnie Riperton

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Established in 1913, the society is organized into twelve geographical divisions of both medical and lay volunteers operating in more than 900 offices throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico add something


The society was originally founded on May 23, 1913 by 15 physicians and businessmen in New York City under the name "American Society for the Control of Cancer" add something


The sword symbol, adopted by the American Cancer Society in 1928, was designed by George E. Durant of Brooklyn, New York add something


In 1935 there were 15,000 people involved in cancer control in the U.S. By 1938 there was ten times that number add something


Marjorie Illig was an ASCC field representative in 1936 add something


Henry Wilcoxon - The group was recognized by the American Cancer Society in 1956 with a Citation of Merit, *awarded for donations received by attendees of the groups Easter productions


Ernie Kovacs - He served as host on a jazz LP to benefit the American Cancer Society in 1957, "Listening to Jazz with Ernie Kovacs"


Henry Jacobs - With the backing of the American Cancer Society, Jacobs, in collaboration with John Korty, put together an animated short film about quitting smoking, "Breaking the Habit", which was nominated for an Academy Award in 1964


Gregory Peck - Peck served as the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1967, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Film Institute from 1967 to 1969, Chairman of the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund in 1971, and National Chairman of the American Cancer Society in 1966.


Walter Gilbert - In 1972 he was named American Cancer Society Professor of Molecular Biology


Jim Runyon - Runyon's memory was honored at a special Cleveland Indians game at Cleveland Municipal Stadium on May 4, 1973, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society


Amanda Blake - Blake, a one-time two-pack-a-day cigarette smoker, had surgery for oral cancer in 1977, and afterward made appearances throughout the country for the American Cancer Society


Minnie Riperton - In 1977, she became a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society


Minnie Riperton - In 1978, Riperton received the American Cancer Society's Courage *award which was presented to her at the White House by President Jimmy Carter


Benjamin Cruz - Cruz has been involved with other organizations such as Beauty World Guam Ltd., The Guam Beautification Association, and the American Cancer Society, serving as President of the Guam Chapter in 1981


Bernard Kenny - From 1983 to 1987, Mr. Kenny was counsel to the state division of the American Cancer Society


David Fincher - In 1984, he left ILM to direct a commercial for the American Cancer Society, that would show a fetus smoking a cigarette.


Jill Ireland - In 1988, she testified before Congress about medical costs and was given the American Cancer Society's Courage *award by President Ronald Reagan


Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases - The American Cancer Society awarded the Eppley Institute a "Special Institutional Grant in Cancer Cause and Prevention" in 1988


In 1994, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, an industry publication, released the results of the largest study of charitable and non-profit organization popularity and credibility conducted by Nye Lavalle & Associates add something


In 1995, the Arizona chapter of the American Cancer Society was targeted for its extremely high overhead add something


Canadian Cancer Society - In 2000, the Canadian Cancer Society adopted the daffodil as part of its logo, replacing the sword and snakes logo similar to that of the American Cancer Society


American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network - It was founded in December 2001 to directly advocate the goals of the American Cancer Society, which is subject to restrictions on advocacy activities because of its tax classification


Candy O'Terry - She was asked to be the radio spokesperson for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in 2003, a position she still holds


Dana Reeve - In 2005, Reeve received the "Mother of the Year Award" from the American Cancer Society for her dedication and determination in raising her son after the loss of her husband


American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network - In 2006 ACS CAN successfully met with the office of every member of the United States Congress, an unprecedented achievement for a nonprofit health organization


John Wayne - In 2006, friends of Wayne's and his former Arizona business partner, Louis Johnson, inaugurated the "Louie and the Duke Classics" events benefiting the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society


Kimberly Krueger - Krueger is involved with the American Cancer Society serving as one of eight legislative ambassadors for the state as well as the North Dakota spokesperson at Celebration on the Hill, and American Cancer Society event in Washington, DC in 2006


ICanServe Foundation - Ating Dibdibin - the first community based breast cancer screening program in the Philippines; conducted under the auspices of the American Cancer Society and with a grant from Pfizer Foundation and Pfizer Foundation Philippines, Ating Dibdibin was first conducted in Marikina City, Metro Manila from June to December 2008; the project facilitates treatment of all women diagnosed with breast cancer during the screening period and aims to make the early detection program permanently included under the local government's health budget; Instructional videos on breast self-examination were


Marisa Miller - As of 2009, Miller is an ambassador for the American Cancer Society


Francine Fournier - On June 27, 2009, Fournier held an ECW reunion show entitled "Legends of the Arena", and proceeds from the show will be donated to the American Cancer Society


Oenothera biennis - The American Cancer Society said in 2010 that there was very little evidence for its effectiveness as an anti-cancer agent, for which it is sometimes promoted, and "neither GLA nor other GLA-rich supplements have been convincingly shown to be useful in preventing or treating any other health conditions


VIST Financial - The company claims to have donated one of the largest contributions to the American Cancer Society of Southeastern Pennsylvania and, from October through December 2010, sold "Cooking for a Cure" cookbooks, which included recipes from VIST Financial customers and employees, to raise awareness for breast cancer research


Judy Fortin - From 2011-2013, she served as National Director of Media Relations for the American Cancer Society


Sunny Leone - In 2011, Leone along with Monique Alexander and Keni Styles ran in the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Half-Marathon to raise money for the American Cancer Society


Fasting - In 2011, the American Cancer Society recommended that people undergoing chemotherapy increase their intake of protein and calories


American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network - On November 6, 2011, ACS CAN premiered its second-ever national television ad on "Meet the Press" to ask Congress to remember the lives lost to cancer and the 12 million cancer survivors living in America today


In 2013 the American Cancer Society embarked on a nationwide reorganization add something


In the spring of 2013 the American Cancer Society reorganized nationally add something


Anal cancer - The American Cancer Society estimated that in 2014 about 7,060 new cases of anal cancer would be diagnosed in the United States


Anal cancer - The American Cancer Society estimated that in 2014 about 7,060 new cases of anal cancer would be diagnosed in the United States


In 2017, it was announced that the American Cancer Society has integrated Mitek Mobile Deposit and MiSnap technology into its mobile fundraising app for iOS and Android platforms add something


Vulvar cancer - According to the American Cancer Society, in 2018, there were about 6,190 new cases of vulvar cancer and 1,200 estimated deaths from the disease


Electronic cigarette - In 2018 the American Cancer Society released a position statement encouraging support for people who choose to use e-cigarettes over traditional clinical methods of smoking cessation