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Ameriprise Financial

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Ameriprise Financial

One of the leading diversified financial services companies in the U.S. Ameriprise Financial engages in business through its add

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Founded in 1894.

Countries: (38%), United States (23%), U.S. (23%)

Main connections: American Express, RiverSource, Investment

Linked to: Morningstar, Inc., American Express, Public company, Retirement Income Industry Association




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Ameriprise Financial began life as Investors Syndicate in 1894 add something


Securities America Advisors Inc., an SEC-registered Investment Advisory firm, was founded in 1993 to offer investment management, financial advice and financial planning through a national network of independent financial advisors add something


In 1998, Securities America was acquired by American Express add something


RiverSource - William Truscott, Ameriprise Financial chief investment officer and a former executive with Zurich Scudder Investments in Boston, joined what was American Express Financial Advisors in 2001


Though acquired by Ameriprise Financial in 2003, Threadneedle operates as an independent international asset manager, under its own brand name, management organization and operating, compliance and technology infrastructure add something


In 2005, American Express spun off AEFC as an independent company add something


RiverSource - In 2005, American Express spins off "American Express Financial Corporation" and it becomes an independent company named Ameriprise Financial


AEFC's new name, "Ameriprise Financial, Inc." came into effect August 1, 2005, and the spin-off transaction closed on September 30, 2005 add something


American Express - On September 30, 2005, American Express spun off its American Express Financial Advisors unit as a publicly traded company, Ameriprise Financial, Inc.


In October 2005, after Ameriprise Financial's spin-off from American Express, Securities America became a wholly owned subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, but continued to operate independently as a Nebraska-based broker/dealer and serving independent financial advisers across the country add something


NASDAQ OMX Group - It received a bid in March 2006 for £2,4 billion from $ NASDAQ, which was rejected by the LSE. NASDAQ later pulled its bid, and less than two weeks later on April 11, 2006, struck a deal with LSE's largest shareholder, Ameriprise Financial's Threadneedle Asset Management unit, to acquire all of that firm's stake, consisting of 35,4 million shares, at £11,75 per share


London Stock Exchange - NASDAQ later pulled its bid, and less than two weeks later on 11 April 2006, struck a deal with LSE's largest shareholder, Ameriprise Financial's Threadneedle Asset Management unit, to acquire all of that firm's stake, consisting of 35,4 million shares, at £11,75 per share


Following the completion of the acquisition of the long-term asset management business of the Columbia Management Group from Bank of America in April 2010, the company combined RiverSource Investments, its legacy U.S. asset management business, with Columbia Management, under the Columbia Management brand add something


It is ranked 246 in the 2011 Fortune 500 add something


On April 25, 2011, Ameriprise announced that it is trying to find an "appropriate buyer" for Securities America Financial Corporation and its subsidiaries add something


Ameriprise Financial is credited with moving faster than most other full-service wealth management firms to develop social media for its advisors and investors; the company has empowered its consumers to use LinkedIn to find connections who can provide references on prospective advisors since November 2011 add something


As of December 31, 2011, Ameriprise Financial reported as having more than 9,700 branded advisors, the fifth largest branded advisor force in the U.S. Ameriprise Financial advisors recommend actions and a broad range of products consisting of investment, annuity, insurance, banking and other financial products to clients based on an appropriate range and level of risk add something


In early 2012, Ameriprise announced that it had begun offering retail financial planning and distribution services in India through its subsidiary, "Ameriprise India Private Limited" add something


In January 2013, Ameriprise Financial completed the conversion of its federal savings bank subsidiary, Ameriprise Bank, FSB, to a limited powers national trust bank, which conversion included changing the name of this subsidiary to Ameriprise National Trust Bank add something


As of May 2014, Ameriprise has shut down the nascent financial planning division in India citing poor prospects for fee-based advisory services add something


Following a 2015 merger of "Columbia Management" and "Threadneedle Asset Management", "Columbia Threadneedle Investments", is Ameriprise Financial's global asset management brand, and a provider of investments to institutional and retail clients add something


It merged the brand with Threadneedle Asset Management to create Columbia Threadneedle Investments in 2015 add something


Since 2015 it has been merged with Columbia Management to create the combined Columbia Threadneedle Investments brand add something