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André Téchiné

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Andre Techine

French screenwriter and film director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1943.

Countries: France (70%), United States (5%), Italy (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Catherine Deneuve, Wild Reeds, Gael Morel

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André Téchiné was born in 1943 add something


From 1952 to 1959 he went to a Catholic boarding school in Montauban add something


From 1959 he attended a secular state school, which exposed him to a different culture, with Marxist teachers, a cine club and a film magazine, "La Plume et l'écran", to which he contributed add something


Initially conceived as a short, the film was shot in two periods, over one week in 1967 and two weeks in 1969 add something


It is a highly compressed history of a small-town family from early in the century through the Resistance and on to May 1968 add something


Venice Film Festival - The film, shown at that year's Venice Film Festival, disconcerted audiences and was not actually released until 1975 add something


"Les Témoins", starring Emmanuelle Béart, Michel Blanc, Sami Bouajila and Julie Depardieu, dealt with a group of friends and lovers confronting the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s; it was released in spring 2007 add something


"Wild Reeds" was a hit at the 1994 César award ceremony, winning four out of eight nominations add something


Elodie Bouchez - Bouchez is best known for her César Award's Most Promising Actress winning film Wild Reeds by André Téchiné, and the Best Actress Award for the film "La Vie rêvée des anges" at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival


Gael Morel - There he met acclaimed French director André Téchiné who cast him in the lead role of François in the multi César-winning 1994 film "Les Roseaux sauvages" which brought him to wider fame, earning much critical praise for his performance, and a 1995 $César (César_Award) nomination for Most Promising Young Actor


Further acclaim greeted the director in 1996 with "Les voleurs" , an ambitious and complex crime drama add something


"The Girl on the Train" , centers on a naive girl who fabricates a story about being attacked on a suburban Paris train by black and Arab youths who supposedly mistook her for a Jew. The story is based on a real event that took place in France in 2004 add something


Changing Times (film) - "'Changing Times"' is a 2004 French drama film directed by André Téchiné, starring Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu


It opened in the U.S. spring 2008 under the title "The Witnesses" add something


Emilie Dequenne - In 2009 she played the lead in André Téchiné's "La Fille du RER" alongside Catherine Deneuve


Ronit Elkabetz - In 2009 she starred alongside Catherine Deneuve in André Téchiné's "La Fille du Rer"


Mathieu Demy - In 2009, he starred in André Téchiné's "La Fille du RER" and in the television drama "Mes chères études", directed by Emmanuelle Bercot and dealing with a students' prostitution


Celine Sciamma - She was sought after by André Téchiné, whose work Sciamma admired as a youth, to co-write the screenplay for his 2016 film "Being 17"