Andrew Dominik

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Andrew Dominik

New Zealand-born Australian film director and screenwriter add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1967.

Countries: United States (50%), Australia (18%), France (9%)

Main connections: Nick Cave, Eric Bana, The Night of the Hunter (film)

Linked to: Australian Film Institute Awards, The Weinstein Company, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros.




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Andrew Dominik was born in 1967 add something


Dominik has lived in Australia since he was 2 years old and graduated from Melbourne 's Swinburne Film School in 1988 add something


Eric Bana - In 1997, in spite of his lack of experience in dramatic roles, Bana was approached by director Andrew Dominik to appear in the film "Chopper" , a biopic based on the life of infamous Australian criminal Chopper Read


His career in films began in 2000 when he directed "Chopper" based on notorious Australian criminal Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read, starring Eric Bana and Simon Lyndon add something


Nick Cave - In 2000 Andrew Dominik used "Release the Bats" in his film "Chopper"


The Killer Inside Me (2010 film) - In 2003, Andrew Dominik wrote a highly stylized screenplay, and was at one point to direct it


Principal shooting in Canada was completed in 2005, though "The Assassination"'s 2006 release was delayed to a fall 2007 release, largely due to studio interference with the film's editing process add something


Dominik penned a script for an American remake of the 2006 French thriller "Tell No One" add something


Nick Cave - In 2006, Cave and Ellis composed the music for Andrew Dominik's adaptation of Ron Hansen's "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"


Ron Hansen (novelist) - In 2006, "The Assassination of Jesse James" was adapted for the screen in a film written and directed by Andrew Dominik and starring Brad Pitt as James


Mary-Louise Parker - Her next role, Zerelda Mimms, in the Andrew Dominik film "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford", opened in cinemas in September 2007


One of Dominik's next projects is "Blonde", based on Joyce Carol Oates's fictional Marilyn Monroe memoir of the same name, which was scheduled to start shooting in January 2011 but the project was put on hold when he announced his "Cogan's Trade" adaptation add something


Shooting began in January 2011 and wrapped in May 2011 add something


In the 2012 Sight & Sound Poll of the greatest films of all time Dominik chose "Apocalypse Now", "Badlands", "Barry Lyndon", "Blue Velvet", "Marnie", "Mulholland Drive", "The Night of the Hunter", "Raging Bull", "Sunset Boulevard " and "The Tenant" as his top ten add something


Marnie (film) - In the 2012 "Sight & Sound" poll, "Marnie" featured in the Top Tens of the following nine people: Richard Brody, Andrew Dominik, Robert Beeson, Haden Guest, David Meeker, Girish Shambu, Fritz Göttler, Raphael Nadjari, Pia Marais


In 2016, Dominik completed "One More Time with Feeling", a documentary about his friend Nick Cave and the emotional consequences of the tragic death of Cave's son add something


The film premiered at the 2016 Venice Film Festival add something


He became engaged to actress Bella Heathcote in 2017 add something


Next, Dominick is joining David Fincher for season 2 of TV-series Mindhunter, which will debut in early 2019 on Netflix add something