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Andrew Rawnsley

British political journalist and broadcaster add

Category: Politics

Born in 1962.

Countries: United Kingdom (84%), United States (11%), Ireland (5%)

Main connections: Gordon Brown, Carolyn Quinn, The Observer

Linked to: The Observer, Rugby School, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, University of Cambridge




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Andrew Rawnsley was born in 1962 add something


Rawnsley began his career at the BBC, working there for two years from 1983, but joined "The Guardian" in 1985 add something


He was editor of "Stop Press" the Cambridge University newspaper of the day, and won the Guardian Student Journalist of the year award in 1984 add something


From 1987 he was the newspaper's parliamentary sketch writer add something


In 1990 he married Jane Hall in Cambridge add something


Ed Miliband - In 1992, after graduating from Oxford, Miliband began his working career in the media as a researcher to Andrew Rawnsley in the Channel 4 show "A Week in Politics"


In 1993 he moved to "The Observer" as Chief Political Commentator and Associate Editor, a position he retains add something


He made "Bye Bye Blues", a three part series about John Major's Government, in 1997 add something


He was the founding and sole presenter of BBC Radio Four's "The Westminster Hour" from 1998 to September 2006 add something


Rawnsley became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2001 add something


An expanded paperback edition, including coverage of the 2001 general election, was published on 16 July 2001 add something


David Miliband - Political commentator Andrew Rawnsley of "The Observer" wrote in 2002 that "He is on the Left of the New Labour spectrum


He was succeeded by Carolyn Quinn when he moved to the ITV network for a new programme, "The Sunday Edition", with Andrea Catherwood, a series which began on Sunday 17 September 2006 add something


Andrea Catherwood - Catherwood left ITV News in September 2006, to front "The Sunday Edition", ITV's new political show with Andrew Rawnsley


Carolyn Quinn - Quinn became the regular presenter of Radio Four's "The Westminster Hour" from January 2007 following Andrew Rawnsley's departure in September 2006


An expanded paperback edition, taking the story up to the day of Gordon Brown's resignation after the 2010 general election, was published on 30 September 2010 add something


Samantha Cameron - During March 2010, the "Daily Mail" reported that Cameron may have voted for Tony Blair's Labour party, and that she might vote for Gordon Brown in the 2010 general election, following comments made by Shadow Arts Minister, Ed Vaizey to Andrew Rawnsley during the making of a documentary for Channel 4


Since 2011, he has presented BBC Radio Four's "Leader Conference" add something


Rawnsley feels uncomfortable because the electoral system gave the Conservative Party a majority in the 2015 general election despite only a minority of voters supporting them add something


John Kerry - In November 2018, in a "Guardian Live" conversation with Andrew Rawnsley, sponsored by "The Guardian" at London's Central Hall, Kerry discussed several issues which have developed further since his tenure as Secretary of State, including migration into Europe and climate change