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Ann Robinson

American actress and stunt horse rider, perhaps best known for her work in the film, The War of the Worlds and in the 1947 to 1970 radio and television series, Dragnet, in which she starred opposite Jack Webb add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1935.

Countries: United States (60%), Philippines (20%), California (20%)

Main connections: Jack Webb, Steven Spielberg, Audie Murphy

Linked to: Paramount Pictures, NBC




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Ann Robinson was born in 1935 add something


"'Ann Robinson"' is an American actress and stunt horse rider, perhaps best known for her work in the film, "The War of the Worlds" and in the 1947 to 1970 radio and television series, "Dragnet", in which she starred opposite Jack Webb add something


She had a starring role opposite Jack Webb, in the radio and television series "Dragnet", which was broadcast in multiple versions between 1947 and 1970 add something


As a stunt horse rider, Ann Robinson doubled for Shelly Winters in the 1950 film Frenchie, starring and riding in several westerns during her career such as The Cimarron Kid with Audie Murphy, Gun Brothers , and Gun Duel in Durango add something


Paramount signed her as an actress in the 1950s add something


She attended Hollywood High School in the early 1950s add something


War of the Worlds - Her first leading role was as "Sylvia Van Buren" in that studio's 1953 film, "The War of the Worlds", a role she quasi-reprised in two later films, first as Dr. Van Buren in 1988's "Midnight Movie Massacre" and as Dr. Sylvia Van Buren in 2005's The Naked Monster, before reprising the role again in three episodes of the 1988 "War of the Worlds" television series add something


Her career as a leading woman was effectively ended in 1957, when she eloped to Mexico to marry a matador, Jaime Bravo, with whom she had two sons; Jaime Bravo, Jr., who is a director for ABC Sports, and Estefan A. Bravo, who played the Axl Rose-like character in White Trash Wins Lotto, a musical by Andy Prieboy add something


The couple divorced in 1967 and the same year, Bravo married a Las Vegas showgirl from Les Folies Bergère, named Monica Lind, by whom he had his third and final son, Aleco Jaime Bravo, before he died in an automobile accident in 1970 add something


She did the leading actress' voice in To Begin Again, which won the 1984 Oscar for best foreign film add something


Ann married real estate broker and business manager Joseph Valdez in 1987 and lives with her husband in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles, California add something


In the 2005 Steven Spielberg film, "War of the Worlds", she played the role of Tom Cruise's character's mother in law, the grandmother of Dakota Fanning's character add something


Gene Barry - Much later, Barry made a cameo appearance in Steven Spielberg's remake of "War of the Worlds" , along with his co-star Ann Robinson from the film of 1952