Anna-Louise Plowman

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Anna-Louise Plowman

Actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1975.

Countries: United Kingdom (83%), United States (17%)

Main connections: Doctor Who, Maggie Smith, Edward Albee




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Anna-Louise Plowman was born in 1975 add something


Plowman attended the Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, NZ between 1982 and 1989, where she graduated from Form 7 add something


Plowman married actor Toby Stephens in London, in 2001 and thus has actress Maggie Smith as her mother-in-law add something


In 2003 she played Melinda Maclean, wife of British communist spy Donald Duart Maclean, and mistress of spy Kim Philby , in the TV mini-series "Cambridge Spies" add something


She played Diana Goddard in the "Doctor Who" story "Dalek" in 2005 add something


Plowman played the role of "C" in a revival of Edward Albee's play, "Three Tall Women", in 2006, at the Oxford Playhouse add something


In May 2007, Plowman and Stephens, had their first child, a son named Eli Alistair add something


Their third child, a daughter named Kura was born in September 2010 add something


Since 2014 she has played chamber maid Mrs. Hudson in her husband's hit Starz show Black Sails add something


From 2016-2017 she played chamber maid Mrs. Hudson in the hit series "Black Sails", which starred Toby Stephens add something