Armed forces of the Netherlands

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Armed forces of the Netherlands

Chief of the Netherlands Defence Staff, who is usually a four-star officer add

Category: Military

Founded in 1572.

Countries: Afghanistan (48%), U.S. (24%), United States (10%)

Main connections: NATO, Richard Holbrooke, International Security Assistance Force

Linked to: Labour Party, NATO




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This has been the case since the constitution was changed in 1983; before then, supreme command of the armed forces of The Netherlands was held by the King of The Netherlands add something


Since the 1990s, the Dutch military has been involved in four major military campaigns: add something


Conscription in the Netherlands was suspended in 1996 with the exception of Aruba and Curaçao add something


In addition, a second major change in military affairs was made in 2003 add something


Dutch ground and air forces totalled almost 2,000 personnel during 2006, taking part in combat operations alongside British and Canadian forces as part of NATO's ISAF force in the south add something


The Netherlands deployed further troops and helicopters to Afghanistan in 2006 as part of a new security operation in the south of the country add something


The Netherlands announced in December 2007 that it would begin withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, which were mainly in Uruzgan Province, in July 2010 add something


In January 2009, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende reiterated that the 1,600 Dutch troops in Afghanistan would end their mission in 2010, saying "We will stop in Uruzgan in 2010 add something


In December 2009, reacting to three requests received from the side of the U.S. by Vice President Biden, the special American representative to Afghanistan Holbrooke and Secretary of State Clinton and a request by Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen as well, the Dutch government announced that the final decision on the continuation of the mission in Uruzgan would be on its agenda in March 2010 add something


On 10 December 2009, the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf reported that the government was exploring areas elsewhere in Afghanistan to set up a new mission add something


As a result, the NATO request could not be considered and Dutch troops withdrew later in 2010 according to the schedule agreed in 2007 add something


He ruled out the possibility of the Netherlands keeping its troops in Afghanistan past 2010 with any force comparable to its former deployment add something


In early February 2010, the disagreement between the PvdA on the one hand and CDA and ChristenUnie on the other about a request from NATO, by improper channels, for a renewed Dutch commitment in Afghanistan, came to a head add something


On 1 August 2010 the Dutch military formally declared its withdrawal from its four-year mission in Afghanistan; most soldiers are expected to be back in the Netherlands by September, excepting those working on the reset, redistribution and repatriation of materiel and supplies add something


In October 2018 the Dutch Ministry of Defence announced that the submarine service will accept female recruits for positions as officer, NCO and sailor add something