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Arnold Picker

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Arnold Picker

United States film industry executive, mayor of Golden Beach, Florida and the number one enemy on Richard Nixon's list of targets add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1913.

Country: United States (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Columbia Pictures, United Artists

Linked to: American Film Institute, Brandeis University, United Artists




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Arnold Picker was born in 1913 add something


In 1935 he started with Columbia Pictures, where his father had been an executive, and worked his way up the company's ladder to become head of international distribution add something


Although his career in the motion picture industry ended in the 1960s, Picker continued to be an active force in the field add something


He joined United Artists where in the 1960s he was made an executive vice president add something


In 1972, Picker served as the finance chairman of Senator Edmund S. Muskie's Presidential campaign and in 1976 he worked as a top fundraiser for Henry M. Jackson's campaign add something


Mr. Picker was elected mayor of Golden Beach in 1979 add something

Arnold Picker died in 1989 add something