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Ashley Hutchings

English bassist, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, band leader, writer and record producer add

Category: Music

Born in 1945.

Country: United Kingdom (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Simon Nicol, Nick Drake, BBC

Linked to: Island Records




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Ashley Hutchings was born in 1945 add something


As a teenager he became involved in the skiffle and blues movements and formed several groups, including 'Dr K's Blues Band' in 1964 add something


He met guitarist Simon Nicol in 1966 when they both played in the 'Ethnic Shuffle Orchestra' add something


Simon Nicol - In 1966 he was asked to join local band the Electric Shuffle Orchestra by bass guitarist Ashley Hutchings, and soon left his job at a local cinema to play full-time


They rehearsed on the floor above Nicol's father's medical practice in a house called "Fairport" and lent its name to the group they formed together as Fairport Convention in 1967 with Richard Thompson, which soon included Martin Lamble, Judy Dyble and Iain Matthews add something


Nick Drake - He began performing in local clubs and coffee houses around London, and in February 1968, while playing support to Country Joe and the Fish at the Roundhouse in Camden Town, made an impression on Ashley Hutchings, bass player with Fairport Convention


As a result in 1969 he left to focus on more traditional projects add something


John Tams - John Tams was a member of Derbyshire folk group Muckram Wakes in the 1970s, worked with Ashley Hutchings as singer and melodeon-player on albums including "Son of Morris On", and as a member of the electric folk group Albion Band


Sandy Denny - "Melody Maker" readers twice voted her the "Best British Female Singer" in 1970 and 1971 and, together with contemporaries including Richard Thompson and Ashley Hutchings, she participated in a one-off project called The Bunch to record a collection of rock and roll era standards released under the title of "Rock On"


Hutchings married the British folksinger Shirley Collins in 1971 add something


Simon Nicol - In 1972 Simon Nicol was part of the by now reduced six-piece-line up of the Albion Country Band featuring vocalists Royston Wood and Steve Ashley, Sue Draheim on fiddle, Ashley Hutchings on bass guitar and Dave Mattacks on drums


Simon Nicol - Along with Dave Mattacks, Ashley Hutchings, singer Royston Wood andsinger and multi-instrumentalist Steve Ashley and American fiddler Sue Draheim Nicol teamed up with Richard Thompson and Linda Peters to form the trio Hokey Pokey in 1973


Simon Nicol - In 1976 Nicol was the main guitarist on Ashley Hutchings' second Morris dance revival project, Son of Morris On


When this dissolved without releasing a record he returned to the Albion Band in 1977, which, with many bewildering line-up changes, continued to record and tour regularly until 2002 add something


In the late 1980s he toured with the Ashley Hutchings All Stars, leading to a live album, "As You Like It" add something


In 1984, Hutchings wrote and toured with a one-man show about folk song collector Cecil Sharp, which resulted in the album "An Hour with Cecil Sharp and Ashley Hutchings", add something


From this point he often combined writing and narration with his music, as in "By Gloucester Docks I Sat Down and Wept: A Love Story" , which was produced as a live show and album in 1990 add something


In the 1990s he returned to his own musical roots of skiffle and rock and roll, touring and recording with the Ashley Hutchings Big Beat Combo, which resulted in the album "Twangin' and a Traddin"' add something


He and Judy Dunlop have a son, Blair Dunlop, born on 11 February 1992 add something


Nick Drake - On 20 June 1998 BBC Radio 2 broadcast a documentary entitled "Fruit Tree: The Nick Drake Story", featuring interviews with Joe Boyd, John Wood, Gabrielle and Molly Drake, Paul Wheeler, Robert Kirby and Ashley Hutchings, and narrated by Danny Thompson


After the suspension of the Albion Band as a full time group in 2002 Hutchings put together another small group of up and coming folk musicians under the title Rainbow Chasers resulting in three albums, "Some Colours Fly" , "A Brilliant Light" and "Fortune Never Sleeps" add something


In 2006 Hutchings received the prestigious Good Tradition trophy at the BBC Radio 2 Folk awards in recognition of his contributions to the genre and in 2007 he shared the special award for 'Most influential Folk Album of all time' for "Liege and Lief" add something


In 2008 he formed The Lark Rise Band to perform and record music from his most successful show, resulting in the album, "Lark Rise Revisited" add something


On 12 December 2013 Hutchings was presented with the Gold Badge award of the English Folk Dance and Song Society at an Albion Christmas Band concert held at Kings Place, London add something