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Audi A2

Compact MPV-styled supermini, and a five-door hatchback with four or five seats add

Category: Business (14)

Launched in 1970.

Countries: Germany (62%), (23%), United Kingdom (8%)

Main connections: Audi, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Audi 50

Linked to: Audi, Bose Corporation, Volkswagen Group MQB platform, Getrag




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The A2 was notable for being the first Audi model since the 1970s Audi 50 not to be offered with its 'trademark' quattro four-wheel drive option add something


Hatchback - Audi returned to the hatchback market with the Audi A2 in 1999


Opel Calibra - It remained the most aerodynamic mass production car for the next 10 years, until the Honda Insight, along with the Audi A2, were launched in 1999, with a Cd of "0,25"


Audi 50 - The Audi 50 had no replacement in the supermini class until the launch of the significantly larger Audi A2 in 1999 which was discontinued in 2005


A 2002 model A2 with standard equipment has a mass of add something


Audi released an S-line version in Germany as of late 2002, with 17" 9-spoke "RS4" style wheels , sports seats with large side bolsters and lumbar support, special half-leather seat coverings with Pearl Nappa leather and Sprint cloth, leather handbrake handle, perforated leather gearstick and 3-spoke steering wheel and 10 mm lowered sports suspension add something


The same article quotes the sales figures for 2002 as being 20,000 in Germany against 80,000 for the A-Class and " add something


Very early models have a traditional blade, but starting in model year 2002, newer cars have a "flex" version add something


From Autobild in 2003: "The A2 is not one of the models with the highest return on investment" add something


This version of the Audi A2 won the "Nordic Eco Run" fuel economy race in 2003, with a consumption of add something


The last A2s to be produced were built in August 2005 add something


This was on public show for the first time at the A2-Club of Germany's annual meeting in Amberg, Germany, in August 2005 add something


In October 2010, an A2 converted to electric power by Lekker Energie and DBM Energy completed an early morning drive from Munich to Berlin on a single charge add something


The KBA released numbers on request and after payment to the German A2 club which indicate that around 70,000 A2s are registered in Germany as of end November 2010 add something


At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011, Audi exhibited an entirely electric concept car, the "A2 concept", previewing an expected new A2 production model add something


According to "Auto Express" in August 2012, Audi are planning to release the new A2 during 2014, to compete with the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class add something


The next A2 was predicted to be released during 2014 but, no such thing has happened add something