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Audrey Tautou

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Audrey Tautou

French film actress, model and eventually singer, perhaps best known outside of France for her roles in Amélie Poulain add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1976.

Countries: France (59%), United States (24%), United Kingdom (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Dan Brown, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Gad Elmaleh

Linked to: Venus Beauty Institute, Montblanc, The Straits Times, Harvard University




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Audrey Tautou was born in 1976. add something


In 2000, she won the Prix Suzanne Bianchetti as her country's most promising young film actress add something


In 2001, Tautou rose to international fame for her performance as the eccentric lead in the romantic comedy "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain" add something


Cinema of France - In 2001, after a brief stint in Hollywood, Jean-Pierre Jeunet returned to France with "Amélie" starring Audrey Tautou


Kelly Reilly - "The Times" called her "theatrical Viagra" In 2002, she starred alongside Audrey Tautou and Romain Duris as Wendy, an English Erasmus student, in the French comedy "L'Auberge espagnole"


In June 2004, she was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences add something


Jean-Pierre Jeunet - World War I - In 2004, Jeunet released "A Very Long Engagement", an adaptation of the novel by Sébastien Japrisot, the film, starring Audrey Tautou and Jodie Foster, chronicled a woman's search for her missing lover after World War I


Gaspard Ulliel - In 2004, he won that *award for his role in "A Very Long Engagement", which co-starred Audrey Tautou


In 2005, Tautou worked in her first full Hollywood production, opposite Tom Hanks, in the film version of Dan Brown's best-selling novel "The Da Vinci Code", directed by Ron Howard and released in May 2006 add something


Paul Bettany - He spent the autumn of 2005 filming "The Da Vinci Code", based on Dan Brown's best-selling novel and starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou


She acted alongside Gad Elmaleh in Pierre Salvadori's "Hors de prix" , released 13 December 2006 add something


Gad Elmaleh - In 2006, he appeared opposite Audrey Tautou in "Hors de prix" , by Pierre Salvadori


Annelise Hesme - She was in the French film 'Hors de Prix' with fellow actress and townswoman Audrey Tautou in 2006


Tautou starred with Guillaume Canet in Claude Berri's "Ensemble, c'est tout" in 2007, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Anna Gavalda add something


Filming began in Paris in September 2008, and released in France on 22 April 2009 add something


The advertisement was released in 2009 to coincide with the film's release add something


Coco Chanel - A film starring Audrey Tautou as the young Coco, titled "Coco avant Chanel" , was released on 22 April 2009


Therese Desqueyroux (novel) - In 2010 it was announced that Claude Miller was to remake the film, with Audrey Tautou as Thérèse


In 2011, she appeared in "Delicacy" a French romantic comedy-drama directed by David and Stéphane Foenkinos based on a novel of the same name by David Foenkinos add something


Jalil Lespert - His second feature as director, "Des vents contraires", featuring Magimel alongside Audrey Tautou and Isabelle Carré, came out in 2011


David Foenkinos - A film based on the book was released in December 2011, with Audrey Tautou as the main character


David was nominated for the 2012 Best Writing César award and the film was nominated as Best Film add something